The Best Beauty Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

We all have that friend who relates everything you do to your star sign traits. Tbh, we’re not mad about it, horoscopes are handy for explaining away some questionable behaviour. But if this sounds like your best friend, then you’re going to want to impress them with a Christmas gift perfectly tailored to their assigned personality traits. Sounds like a lot of hassle, but like the Christmas angels we are, we’ve created the ultimate zodiac gift guide so your horoscope loving friend will receive the present they were destined to.


Aries are known for their confidence, passion, optimism, and enthusiasm. But even these born leaders need a release at the end of a long day being the boss. Neom’s Happiness Scented Candle is a perfect buy for the fiery sign; with a neroli, mimosa, and lemon scent, the candle will help uplift Aries when they’re feeling fed up with *people* and help to boost their mood when they need a reset.


If you’re shopping for a Taurus, you’ll already know this sign is all about the home comforts. There is nothing a Taurus loves more than a cosy night with optimum accessories to create said cosiness. By BEAUTY BAY’s Satin Gift Set, with a satin sleep mask, satin pillowcase and two satin scrunchies, has everything a Taurus needs to enhance their love of rest.


Geminis are the most charismatic of the zodiac bunch. Known for their affection, gentleness, and curiosity, Geminis make great friends and are definitely the type to do everyone’s makeup before their own. Treat them to a fresh brush set as a thank you for all their selfless beauty work. We love Spectrum Collections Zodiac 5 Piece Face Brush Set.


Cancerians are the sensitive ones that tend to take on other people’s problems. They are super loyal but super emotional too. If anyone needs Psychic Sisters Sage Ritual Set, it’s the Cancer on your Christmas list. The set includes sage, a smudge bowl, and crystals to help a Cancerian cleanse their space of negative energy and help to protect their own space.


If a Leo is around, you can instantly feel their energy. Leo’s own the big personalities, always stand out, and are into anything that says luxury. The wxy. Zephyr Diffuser is all about the luxury; the ultrasonic diffuser fills any room with the optimum levels of fragrance to create a discreetly boujie vibe that all Leos want you to notice.


If you know a Virgo, you’ll know their whole vibe is organisation. They’re the ones who always remember to clean their brushes and want all their ferrules ordered by colour and size. So, if there is one thing a Virgo will appreciate, it’s a fresh beautyblender. Go one step further and gift them the Virgo Makeup Sponge, it was made for their vibe.


Libras are the social butterflies of the zodiacs who always know what’s trending. They’re best suited to a career as a socialite, Instagram model, or a muse. You get their vibe. The Jade Thirlwall X BEAUTY BAY 42 Colour Palette will be right up their street; it’s trending, it’s full of colour, and it will help them stand out.


Scorpios are super passionate, whether that’s as a friend or when looking after their own wellness. If anyone is going to appreciate Lelo’s Sexual Wellness Bundle, it’s a Scorpio. The three-piece set includes a vanilla scented massage candle, a G-spot vibrator, and a personal massager, all to help Scorpio find their vibe.


Sagittarius’ are born travellers. They’re not happy unless they’re planning or have a trip booked. Sure, you could buy a Sagittarius a travel guide, but you know they already have them all. We’re sure they’d much rather have Origins’ Most-Loved For Hydrated & Healthy-Looking Skin Set. With all the travel friendly skincare they’ll need for their 2022 trips, you’ll be doing them a huge favour.


Capricorns are the most ambitious of all the star signs. They’re super motivate, super responsible and always have their eye on the prize. But even uber-driven Capricorns need to relax once in a while. Cowshed’s Ultimate Sleep Set is thee supreme gift for helping them switch off after a long day of working on their five year plan.


An Aquarius is the bohemian of the friendship group. They’re progressive, original, and super independent. They will cancel plans last minute because they need to more time to focus on their skincare routine, and we respect that energy because we all wish we had the boundaries of this air sign. Mount Lai’s Amethyst Facial Spa Set is the perfect Christmas gift for any Aquarius to help them make the most of their me-time.


Pieces can be seen as the saddest of the zodiac signs. They are gentle and compassionate souls that can be overly trusting and excessively romantic. To help your Pieces friend cleanse and balance their mind, body, and spirit, they need Psychic Sisters’ Rose Quartz Energy Wand. Tell them to keep it close by to help them heal and focus when they’re having a wobble.