Zodiac-Inspired Beauty Tips & Trends For Capricorns

We mine our regular horoscopes for clues and guidance when it comes to love, life, career, and health questions, so who’s to say we can’t translate the traits of our zodiac signs into beauty – something which features heavily in our day-to-day lives?     

It’s Capricorn season, so if you’re born between 22nd December and 21st January, here’s how you can boost your beauty routine with a little astrology know-how. 

You like practical products

You’re practical by nature in all aspects of life, so you’re sceptical of marketing claims and beauty jargon. Instead, you prefer to stick to simple, hardworking products that address your specific concerns. Check out The Ordinary’s line of single-ingredient skin solutions – the Hyaluronic Acid increases moisture absorption to the skin and will suit all skin types. 

You're logical

You don’t let your heart rule your head, so when it comes to purchasing products that you haven’t used before, you typically go for those that come highly recommended rather than opting for the new and unknown. This logic pays off, because you usually end up discovering a new favourite. Looking for a new concealer? LA Girl’s HD Concealer has over 400 4 and 5 star reviews. 

You're disciplined and like routine

As a stickler for routine, you’re drawn to products like Mario Badescu’s Day To Night Kit, which makes it clear which products to use and when. By splitting products into two categories – hydration for day and nourish for night – it simplifies the premise of having separate routines for morning and evening. 

You're patient and will wait for results

It can take up to six weeks to see visible results after introducing a new product to your skincare routine. Others get impatient (we’re looking at you, Sagittarius), but as a Capricorn, you’re one of the most patient signs and you’re happy to wait for results. You’ll love Peter Thomas Roth’s Retinol Fusion PM, because the wait will be well worth it… Use nightly and expect, smooth, bright, clear, skin. 

You're cautious

Capricorns are extremely cautious and rarely experiment with the unconventional. So, when it comes to colour, you prefer to keep it safe. Bright and bold eyeshadow may be ‘in’ but you prefer to stick to what you know suits you. You can’t go wrong with Melt Cosmetics’ Rust Stack – five warm, earthy matte eyeshadows. 

You're a minimalist

As a minimalist in all areas of life, it only makes sense that when it comes to makeup, you prefer a minimal colour palette of subtle, neutral shades. Stila Liquid Lips in Caramello is the perfect cool, pink-toned nude to flatter all skintones. 

You're not driven by trends

While others jump on the bandwagons of the latest trends and product launches, you prefer to stick to true, tried, and tested favourites that come well recommended. A case in point? Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance Palette… It’s nearly three years old but continues to sell out and rack up the five-star reviews. 

You appreciate hardworking products

You’re hardworking, so it only makes sense that you’re drawn to products that work equally as hard – especially when it comes to skincare. Alpha-H’s Triple Action Cleanser does exactly what it says on the tin – cleansing on three levels – minimising excess oil, reducing breakouts, and removing makeup. It leaves skin calm and balanced. 

You're detail oriented

For a Capricorn, making your body lotion double up as a foot lotion just isn’t an option. You’re focused on the details which means you like to address every concern with a perfectly suited product. You’re also too detail-oriented to let any skin problem get in the way. E.g. dry feet – Lowengrip’s Foot Balm is the ultimate beauty indulgence – a deeply hydrating foot balm which absorbs instantly, rehydrating and exfoliating to allieviate hardened skin and leave feet soft and smooth. 

You like learning new skills

You’re open-minded and eager to learn, and once you’re immersed in the beauty industry you’ll never run out of tricks and techniques to learn – there are new ones every week. If you’re yet to truly master contouring, there are plenty of products out there that will help you get a hang of it. One of our favourites is Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Cream Contour Kit – it teaches you the basics and contains everything you need to learn how to create a fully sculpted look.