The Best Beauty Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

If, like us, you relate and are fully committed to your zodiac sign, then you might want to keep reading. We’ve got together all the best gifts to ask for based on your zodiac sign to make writing your Christmas list that little bit easier. Whether trying out the latest trends is your thing or you much prefer chilling out and having some R&R, this list has got it covered.


The trend-setter of the zodiac bunch, if you’re an Aquarius then you’ll always be on the look-out for the next best thing. We’ve got two of the biggest trends covered with one product – the Suva Beauty UV Taffies Palette is the go-to for nailing graphic liner with a pastel twist.


If you’re a Pisces, the ideal way to spend your weekend is by resting and relaxing, and what better way to really treat yourself than with the FOREO UFO Masking Device. A full eight hours and glowing skin is exactly what we want for Christmas.


In true fire sign style, Aries are full of confidence and exude a bright and vibrant energy, so what better way to match this than with the By BEAUTY BAY Sunset Horizons Palette. Packed full of warm, fiery, and bright tones, this is the palette for you.


The most down-to-earth of the zodiac signs, Taureans are always practically minded and looking for something that they can rely on in their kit. That’s why we love the By BEAUTY BAY Rose Gold Glam Brush Set – featuring 18 face and eye brushes, what else could you possible need?


Geminis are always the sociable one in the group, heading out for drinks with friends or on a big night out. Even during the winter months it’s important to keep your tan topped up, so why not get your hands on the Isle Of Paradise Glow All The Way Set – it’s got all your tanning needs covered.


A key trait if you’re a Cancer is that you’re highly imaginative and always finding new ways to do things. We think the Depixym Cosmetic Emulsions were made for you. Use them as a coloured mascara, eyeshadow, nail polish, or blush, the possibilities are endless. How will you experiment with them?


If you have a Leo in your life, you’ll know exactly how confident, out-there, and vibrant they can be. This naturally means that they’re always nailing the trends and if there’s something 2020 has shown us, it’s that fluffy brows aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. You might want to get your hands on the West Barn Co Soap Brows so you don’t miss out.


Virgos are always reliable, practical, and organised, and when it comes to skincare, there’s no exception. Elemis Gift Sets have got all the bases covered and we love the Superfood Superstars to help give your skin some veggie goodness.


As a Libra, you love spending quality time with your friends. Seeing as our Christmas social lives might be looking a little different this year, why not have a nail art night with your BFFs? Essie have got you covered for all your nail polish needs.


If you’re a Scorpio, you’ll love trying out something new, including experimenting with your sexual wellness. Lelo’s Sona Pink looks a little different to your usual vibrator and is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation.


Sagittarians are known for loving the freedom of the great outdoors. Although travel might be off the agenda right now, we’re staying hopeful for 2021. Get your hands on the Cowshed Travel Set so you’re prepped and ready for your next trip.


As a Capricorn you love a go-to classic look and is there anything more timeless than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette? Packed full of neutral, warm tones, you’ll reach for this palette again and again.