ZOEVA’s Strobe Spectrum Palettes Are Seriously Good, Here’s Why

This is for those who like to get the most out of their makeup.

Even though there’s NOTHING wrong with having stacks of palettes, highlighters and blushers that you only get out to share a longing look with, it’s always satisfying to be able to wear a product to the pan. A product that I’ve managed to do this with (for all three variants may I add) is ZOEVA’s Strobe Spectrum Palettes. 


Big on the seasons, the names made me NEED them all and I had visions of drinking hot chocolate in my Winter palette, sitting by the pool with my Summer shades and strolling through the park with a Spring strobe of colour. As idyllic as this may sound however, I couldn’t leave certain colours in certain months and they have all seen every single one since. 

Perfect for all occasions, these four-colour highlighting palettes are so lightweight, smooth and buildable that I’ve been trialling them all over. As a flyer of the fair flag, my porcelain skin tone means I’m always more inclined to try a pink-toned highlighter and so the blues, purples and deep bronzes needed a bit more of my imagination. 

Enhancing all my makeup looks, the 12 versatile shades can be used all over the face, so if you want to stray away from the standard shimmer along the cheekbone, try a few of these top tips…

Quick, safe and pain-free, I add a touch of highlight to the highest part of the eyebrow bone and above the upper lip to create an instant eye lift and the illusion that I have a much fuller pout than I really possess. 

For my seriously dark circles I now always pop a touch of highlighter under my concealer. Creating a real natural glow, it’s the perfect way to instantly brighten without adding extra thickness to my well covered bags.

One of my favourite looks with this collection uses the bronze tones of the Summer Strobe Palette. Just quickly refer back to my porcelain skin tone and imagine me on holiday…the same colour. Dusting a touch of this over my collar bones gives an ever so slight bronzed glow that I definitely couldn’t get on my own! 

Working wonders all over the eyes, I’ve used every colour as a liner, shadow or delicate highlight. Added to the tip of a fine, damp makeup brush, the shimmering powders glide seamlessly along the lash line to add subtle definition and create a helpful wide-awake look when patted into the inner corners. 

Mixing up the classic, I sometimes prefer a natural, dewy finish over structured and defined. Perfect for day wear, a touch of your favourite skin-flattering shade looks delicately beautiful applied over the apples of the cheeks as opposed to chiselled on the cheekbones. 

100% cruelty free and made without parabens, mineral oils or perfume, be creative and feel free to use all over the face. Weather not permitting.