How it works!
  • What is TRIBE?

    TRIBE is a loyalty scheme to reward our customers with discounts, goodies and exclusives that you won't find anywhere else.

    Points = perks, so the more points you accumulate, the better the perks you can claim! Points can only be earned on full priced items. Sale or discounted items are excluded.

    Remember… Points = Perks!

  • How does TRIBE work?

    You can accumulate points on orders that include full-priced items. Points will be totaled based on the final value of your basket, excluding delivery, sale items and previously redeemed perks (e.g. £5 off).

    Full terms and conditions can be found here.

  • How are points calculated?

    Points are calculated on all full-priced items in your basket and the TRIBE level you are in. For example, in TRIBE level 1, for every £1 that you spend you'll receive 5 points, so a £100 haul = 500 points. The higher the TRIBE level, the more points you will earn for your £1. Different currencies apply, see My Account.


    It’s simple, earn more points to level up your account. The more points you earn in a rolling 12 month period, the higher the TRIBE level you will be. To gain access to level 2 you will need to earn 1250 points and to gain access to level 3 you will need to earn 3250 points. Check out your TRIBE account to see how many points you are away from levelling up. Tribe matrix


    Get ready to earn even more points for your haul!

    Reached level 2? You’ll now earn 8 points for every £1 you spend.

    Level 3? You will now earn 10 points for every £1 you spend.

    To avoid dropping down a Level, you’ll need to earn a certain amount of points in a 12 month rolling period. To keep at Level 2, you’ll need to earn 2000 points, and for Level 3 you’ll need to score 5000. If you don’t meet these goals, then you could drop down a Level or two, so best to keep haulin’.


    Don’t worry, you won’t lose any points that you have available in your balance. It’s a fresh start, begin racking up the points to level up.

  • Can I still accumulate points on discounted/sale items in my basket?

    No, you can only earn points on full-priced items. If you have a sale/discounted item in your basket, it won't count towards your points total. If your basket only contains sale/discounted items, you won't be eligible to earn any points.

  • How / When do I get my vouchers?

    You can choose which perk you would like to claim in your TRIBE account area. When you're done shopping, you'll be able to confirm which claimed perk you'd like to use on your order at the checkout.

  • Can I use multiple perks on the same order?

    Sure, you just won't earn points on the perk value.

  • How are international points calculated?

    Qualifying purchases made in any currency other than the Great British Pound (GBP) will be converted into GBP after you have made your purchase. This will be made according to the BEAUTY BAY conversion rates at the time ( and your points will be accrued based on the total GBP amount and the TRIBE level you are in.

  • How long do I have to spend my Perk?

    All Perks have differing expiry dates, please check in My Account to see the specific expiry date.

  • Can points expire?

    Points can't expire, however, if your account is not used for 18 months you will automatically opt out of TRIBE and your points will reset to 0.

  • Are there any exclusions?

    You can't use points to purchase a gift card or earn points on a purchase made with a gift card.

    If you have multiple BEAUTY BAY accounts, you can't transfer points between accounts or merge your accounts.

    You can't swap or share points with other people.

  • How do I opt in to TRIBE?

    To opt-in to TRIBE, simply follow this link.

    Before signing up to TRIBE, please read the terms and conditions.

  • How do I opt out of TRIBE?

    To opt-out of TRIBE please contact our customer services team and they will remove you from the TRIBE loyalty scheme. If you do opt out, any claimed Perks will remain within the Perks section of your Account until they hit their expiry date.

  • Can I redeem points from my previous orders?

    No, you will only earn points from any orders placed after opting in to TRIBE.

  • Is there a maximum points limit?

    There isn't a points limit within TRIBE, so feel free to spend as much as you want and gain points. Points = Perks. The more points you have the better the Perks you're able to claim.

  • Where can I view my points and points history?

    You can view your points in your TRIBE account area, along with the points earned from each of your recent purchases and your redeemed perks history.

    You won't be able to view this within the BEAUTY BAY app, so please check your desktop account to view this information.

  • My points balance is incorrect, what do I do?

    Please re-read the FAQs regarding eligibility on points. If you still think there is an issue with your points balance, please contact our customer services team and they'll investigate this for you.

  • I've returned an item. How does this affect my points?

    If you return an item, before or after redeeming a perk, you'll have points deducted from your total points balance. In some instances, this may result in your points balance being negative.

  • How does TRIBE Delivery work?

    TRIBE Delivery gives you access to Free Next Day Delivery on your hauls for 12 months from activation.

    This will be automatically applied to your order at checkout once you have signed into your account.

    Sometimes we may have to suspend TRIBE Delivery at busy times of the year or during major events like bad weather. We will always aim to keep these times to a minimum.

    Next day delivery is available to UK mainland addresses, unfortunately this may not be available to parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, IOM and the Channel Islands. Please check here for more details.

    The full terms and conditions of TRIBE Delivery can be read at Our standard deliveries terms apply.