Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

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  • Ash Brown
  • Auburn
  • Blonde
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Brown
  • Ebony
  • Granite
  • Medium Brown
  • Soft Brown
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5 Hasd
Very good product, purchased it a few months ago and still got so much product left however it's started to dry which is expected after so long I guess, just have to mix it. I have the shade soft brown and really love it it's a nice light brown, you don't need much product at all, don't think I could use anything else now
5 Paris
Loveeeee this product. I have brown hair with blonde dip dye and I got the shade medium brown which surprisingly matches and looks nice. I get lots of compliments when I use this product on my brows. But just remember that a little goes a long way.
4 Helle
I love this, I can't imagine using anything else! I use it with an Anastasia brush
5 Rebecca
Great product, nice and smooth. Defines your brows well, it lasts for long time also waterproof. It has a good pigment so you don't have to use a lot of it
5 Zara
This product is unbelievable. You have to try it to really believe it. It has replaced all my brow products forever. I will never use anything but this and have got all my friends hooked on it. It takes time to get used to it but once you do your hooked. Tip: Clean your angled brush with a wipe once finished every time (takes 2 secs). A little goes along way. It's also waterproof even at the beach.
5 Naasunnguaq
Long lasting and water proof, love it!
5 Daniella
so great ! use it everyday , ive had it for more than a few months hasn't run out yet but will deffo be repurchasing.
5 Anastasia
I'm absolutely in love with this pomade!!! I've been using so much brow products, but this one replaced them ALL at once!!! The shade matches me perfectly (I have medium brown), you need a few of product to get the result! I've been waiting for my order for 20 days, but it is absolutely worth it! Don't waste your money on several products like pencils, shadows, cause they all can be replaced with this pomade! Thank you, beauty bay!
5 Emily
This product truly is amazing and so worth the price! It makes doing my brows so much quicker and actually fun in a morning! So quick, easy and simple to get your desired size and shape! Also perfect with any of the Morphe angled brow/liner brushes
5 Danielle
LOVE!!! Makes my brows look perfect! Highly recommend this anyone
5 Michelle
This stuff is amazing worth the price to it lasts soo long and makes you look beautiful bae
5 Alex
Have been using the Dark Brown pigmented pomade for about a year now and never have I found a product so worth its money. As a girl with very sparse eyebrow hair and ashy brown hair, this product is incredible. Takes minutes to apply and perfect with an angled brush. Couldn't recommend it more!!
5 Asia
I absolutely love this product! I bought it about 5 months ago, I use it everyday and there is barely a dent in it. I would definitely recommend this because it glides on super easy, is waterproof, smudge-free, lasts for the whole day without having to reapply it and for the price and all of the above, it is definitely worth it! I have the shade blonde because I have blonde and light brown natural highlights in my hair. If you are not sure which colour to buy, you can type it up into YouTube or google it. I would buy this again in a heartbeat and 100% worth the 5 stars! :)
5 Louise
First time buying after using wunderbrow. Made the mistake of using too much. You only need to just dab your brush lightly on the surface and that'll do lining and filling in your brows!! This product will definitely last a lifetime!
5 Indea Drewitt
I have an amazing makeup group on Facebook, and I've seen them praise this product so I though that I'd buy it and give it a try and it's my holy grail!!!!! Never again will I be using a drugstore eyebrow kit!! Love love love
5 Emily
Very good
5 Line
I love this product. I have the colours blonde and taupe.
5 Jen
As a girl with naturally ashy toned hair and a very cool skin tone, it was always difficult to find a product for my eyebrows that didn't have a red or golden tint to it. I ordered this product in Dark Brown and I already know I won't go back to any other eyebrow kit ever again. It' perfect if you want to go for a nice natural brow or enhance what you have even more. Also if you're looking to save a little for the brush to use this product, try Morphe M160-1/8.
5 Grace
I recently ordered this in medium brown and I love it already! It's a really good colour match for dark brown hair and is the perfect tone (not too warm or reddish toned). The product itself is super creamy, blendable and easy to use. It has amazing pigmentation and can be used on any brows for whatever type of brow you're looking for. The packaging is beautiful and Beauty Bay shipped it in great time. I highly recommend ordering anything off this site (especially this dipbrow pomade) and I have already ordered more products. I can't wait to buy more makeup :)
4 Dung
The longevity of this product beats everything else to dust. I have medium brown to match my Asian brown hair. The consistency of this dipbrow is very nice, it's sort of fluidy, but solid at the same time, imagine a melting bar of chocolate. It blends very well, can give you that gradient brow look, yet also accentuate your brow hairs (?) it somehow makes my brows hairy-er than usual. BUT I had to knock of a star cause it dries up faster than my lawn in summer. I've had two and no matter what you do, it will dry up, BUT you just need to put in a few drops of duraline and it'll soak back to normal.
5 Danielle
Amazing product! Applies so well and it stays on all day. I bought blonde, which was the perfect colour. Also, for a little pot it lasts for ages! Only thing I would say is it does dry up as it is a cream-based product, however, it still works pretty well. Would definitely recommend.
5 Danielle
Amazing product! Applies so well and it stays on all day. I bought blonde, which was the perfect colour. Also, for a little pot it lasts for ages! Only thing I would say is it does dry up as it is a cream-based product, however, it still works pretty well. Would definitely recommend.
5 Gina
This is the best brow product I've ever used! The packaging is absolutely beautiful, the pomade itself is pigmented, creamy and easy to blend and apply. It stays all day (even longer if you don't use makeup remover) and doesn't smudge AT ALL. The only issue I have with this product is it's a little difficult to remove and sets quite fast, but that's not a problem. 10/10 would recommend.
5 Tash Stokes
I ordered the shade medium brown and i'd say it's the perfect shade for any shade of brown hair colour, my fav brow product and so easy to apply!! defo reccomend, worth the money too
5 Gemma
Best thing I've ever bought! Lasts for such a long time as only a little bit is needed and suits my hair and skin tone perfectly, absolutely love it!!
5 Belle
I first bought chocolate but figured it was slightly (barely noticeable) too warm of a brown for me. I now have medium brown which is perfect, the product is best for a bold brow but can be used lightly to create a more natural look. Perfect!
5 Francis
Wow this product is insane! Anastasia Beverly Hills has the absolute best brow products out there. Can't wait to wear this more and I will definitely be buying from this company again :) I am also extremely impressed with Beauty Bay for such speedy delivery
5 Danielle
Really love this product! I always used Sleek's eyebrow kit and the ABH Dipbrow absolutely wipes the floor with it. A little product goes a long way and leaves such clean edges which the Sleek kit really misses. I bought mine in Dark Brown which is a little darker than what I usually go for but the colour really fits well. This product is also really easy to grade your brows with. I use the Morphe M160 brush with the pomade as I find you need an angled brush with stiffer bristles to apply the product. The packaging is really cute and looks high end too!
5 Sapphire
I've tried almost every brand and shape of eyebrow liquids, pencils and powders. This is 100% my favourite, it doesn't smudge or look fake. It blends so well and glides on. I've still got almost a full pot after one month! I would definitely recommend and will be re-purchasing! (Speedy delivery too)xx
5 Samantha
Absolutely fantastic! So easy to blend, best brow product I have ever bought, and I always used to swear by pencils!
5 Emma
I cannot live without this product! Wear it every day even without any other make up product. The pot lasts absolutely ages too!
5 Bex
Completely in love with this little pot of wonders! It quite easily puts all the brow products I've used in the past to shame. I have quite light eyebrows compared with my dark hair and the 'dark brown' pomade is perfect. With this a little bit goes a long way, it can go on a little thick but a brush out fixes it straight away. It perfectly fills in the sparse areas of my brows, including a small patch where I have almost no eyebrow hair as a result of a scar. Completely in love with this product!
5 Kristine
Lives up to the hype!
5 Robyn
I absolutely love this dipbrow!!! So easy to apply and this small pot lasts ages!!
5 Gab
Brilliant product but.. This is one of the biggest cult classics of our time, but wheni bought it I almost felt a little betrayed. For the price and the hype over it, I expected a lot more pigment. You have to be very gentle so that you can create that sharp edge, but it is quite opaque (I bought the taupe for my darker blonde eyebrows). I definitely have to build it up, unfortunately. Otherwise, it's a creamy, luxurious product, which is definitely worth the buy.
5 Aimee Kidney
This is my absolute favourite product to fill my brows in with. Easy to use, gives a clean look and a little goes a long way! Honestly a great product.
5 Aislinn
LOVE this product. I'm a red head and i find it so difficult to find a shade that actually looks good on me, I use the shade caramel and its beautiful. Not bright orange looking like some of the products I've used or not too dark either, blends really easily and does last a long time as a little goes a long way, brows can also look very natural with this product.
5 Emily
Delivery just came today I tested it out and it's the best eyebrow product I have ever used I have very blonde hair so I works perfectly not to dark.
5 Alexandra
This product is absolutely amazing- so pigmented you barely need a lot of product to apply it! I use the abh number 12 brush and it's honestly a perfect combination! Absolutely perfect product no faults!
5 Linna
I love this product and it's amazing!!
5 Kristine
THE BEST!!! I love this so much. The best brow product out there. So creamy and long lasting. Delivery was so fast as well. I ordered mines on a Friday morning and got it on a Saturday morning the next day !
5 Ella
Best eyebrow product around, very good coverage, good pigment. However, drys out quickly
4 Jay
Good product but mine dried out after about a month! Not as nice to apply anymore and i find this too thick for me and I just can't apply it lightly!! :( but overall great for brows! Especially if you like them well filled in and thick (:
5 Chealsea
The product is okay overall however I think I chose the wrong shade. My hair is a light/ashy brown colour and my eyebrows ended up looking ginger/orange!!! The formula is good however mine dried out after two weeks.
5 Zoe
I bought this pomade almost 2 years ago and it's still going strong! A little goes a long way for this product. It does get dry, so I always make sure my brush is damp with fix+ before I put the product on the brush. This is definitely my go to brow product and I've never used anything since.
5 Chloe
I use this product along with the ABH brow definer and they honestly compliment each other so well. I use the definer for the front of my brow where it needs to be lighter and more blended, as well as using it to line my brows. I use the dip brow to fill the rest of my brow as it appears darker and with a fuller coverage of sparse hairs. I buy this dipbrow from this website every few months and it always comes in fast time and in a good quality condition. Worth the purchase
4 Jess Shakespeare
This is a good brow product but after a couple of weeks it does dry out quickly and gets quite rough.
5 Margo
I've got completely blonde eyebrows with quite dark hair so when I draw mine on I need a full coverage but also for it to look natural - this product is amazing! It goes on so smoothly and it's lasting so long and I highly recommend getting it with the duo brush as it's such good precision! I've tried so many products with my eyebrows and this has been the most natural one I've found I love it!
5 Tilly
Best eyebrow product I've used. You only need a small amount as it goes such a long way, but it's easy to make the product look very natural on your brows and application is easy and doesn't take too long. I love it!
5 Elli
Love it. Such a rich colour, smooth and stays well.
5 Britney
My favourite brow product for thick bold brows! The shipping was a little later than described but still quick. And the customer service was amazing :)
5 Lizzie
I have hunted high and low for my over plucked brows and this product is beyond amazing. I recommend to absoultly anyone, fantastic for the price and Anastasia is amazing quality. Thank you BB xxxxxxx
5 Eden
Repurchased this many times, best eyebrow product!
5 AngelaD
Really like this product. I have tried the actual HD Brow kit and it's not bad not quite as good as this, and the HD brow kit is very limited in shades. I have medium brown hair with blonde highlights and purchased the Chocolate pot but it's actually a little too dark so will try the Medium Brown or soft brown shade. Really impressed though!
5 Luisa
This is hands down my favourite brow product ever! It lasts so long and is such good value for money.
5 Valeria
I love it!
5 Kayleigh
Easy to use and looks amazing on! Blendable and worth the money. Delivery was fast! Within 2 days i received the product. Love it!
5 Stephanie
This product is incredible. I have the medium brown and I have highlighted blonde hair and this is the perfect shade. The overall effect is very natural and it applies perfectly with the matching number 12 brow brush. One pot will last a very long time so the price is excellent. I'm so glad that this brand was recommended to me as I have purchased many brow kits and expensive pencils but this product outperforms by miles. Don't hesitate you won't be disappointed! Also my item arrived the very next day; highly recommend Beauty Bay too- brilliant service!
5 Luna
5 Emily Ng
Repurchase this product today. It glides on very smooth and once it sets, it stays on forever. Definitely my favourite product!
5 Sophia Morton
So impressed with the service of this company. It was delivered near enough straight away and the product is amazing! By far my favourite brow product I have tried, I will definitely be purchasing from Beauty Bay again!
5 Alice
I have been quite apprehensive about buying this product however I must say it's amazing! Really smooth/easy application! 100% buy again! Worth the money.
5 Eve
Amazing product, perfect colour match to my hair and lasts for ages. Delivery was fast and the product arrived in perfect condition. Only suggestion is that perhaps there could be less packaging used on the parcel, as the box was massive in comparison to the makeup i ordered inside
5 Lucy
Love this product! Use every time I'm out, the colour is a perfect match and does not wear off during the day. Delivery was very fast and got the product within a day! Another amazing delivery from beauty bay!
5 Jean
Love this product. It was a choice between this and mac..after research i chose this. Compared to nyx, which is an aparent dupe! This wins! the colour is pigmented and glides well, blends easy, and your brush does not clog up half as much as using nyx. I use chocolate as it has more red in it to match my hair, as dark brown was more ashy.
5 seren
Such a good product, could never swap this for anything now. Definitely going to be purchased again.
5 Izzy
Best brow product there is hands down. Great range of colours and so easy to use!
5 Abi
This products is a staple in my makeup bag! Can't live without my dipbrow!
5 Emily
I got the shade taupe as I have fair blonde hair however like some colour to my eyebrows I would recommend this shade it is more cooler toned. The product is amazing and so easy to work with don't need to use much product at all I like to add a little more just to get a more darker and defined brow but I love this product so much I will definitely repurchase. Delivery was brilliant too.
5 Ola
Such an amazing product! Stays on for an unbelievable amount of time, doesn't budge or smudge! Really easy to apply and you need the tiniest bit of it.
5 Hannah
Amazing product, I apply daily as I like the fresh look however can be kept on for a couple of days! I use the Dark Brown and I have black hair. Extremely fast delivery also ordered on Sunday received the following Monday!
5 Christine
Wow!! This is the best eyebrow product I've ever tried. This product has changed my brow game for sure. I ordered this together with the Zoeva 322 brow line= brush which turned out being a perfect match. Delivery was around 7 work days, as promised.
5 Holly
Cannot praise this product enough! I had heard so many amazing reviews on the product but was unsure of what shade to purchase. I have dark golden blonde hair with ashy tones amd I purchased the shade taupe which is perfect! I did not purchase the abh brush as my MAC 208 brush works perfectly! Very easy to work with leaves brows looking carved and precise however being natural and pretty at the same time. If you are debating whether to purchase the pomade, click that add to bag button ASAP !
5 Linh
Best product ever! I've repurchased twice now. I have very sparse eyebrow hair, and this product gives me complete control for a natural looking brows, and the product lays for ages.
5 Yinzhu
I love this product so much. It's very easy to use and you only need a very small amount of this. A little goes a long way!! I have thin black eyebrow hair, so I couldn't decide which shade to pick (Medium Brown or Taupe) but finally I chose Taupe because Taupe is a little bit lighter than Medium Brown and it has this ashy undertone which doesn't make my brows look that dark and intense. I would say that this product is a must-have for people who wants their brows to be on fleek :) Additionally in comparison with other beauty online shops Beauty Bay sells ABH Dipbrow for a very good price. I will definitely repurchase this!
5 Rosie
Love this so much! I have dark blonde hair and it's really hard to find brow products that are not orange or to dark. I got the colour taupe and it's a perfect and stays on all day. Would definitely recommend!
5 Charlie Addison
I'm blonde and I got medium brown, it was darker than expected and this product only took a day or two to get used too I have used this every day since purchased it is easily buildable and blends very smooth and easy . although I'm blonde my eyebrows do not look too bold for my hair colour and I love this product too much and for only 15 pound it's worth it I can tell it's going to last a long time I will and have continued to buy multiple products from this website for around 8 month and have never been happier.
5 Maria
I love this product. It's easy to use and stays on for hours!
5 Kirsten
Delivery was extremely fast. I have very blonde eyebrows that are hard to see, this is the only product that really works well. Goes on smooth and is simple to use. Also lasts long.
5 Ellie
Taupe is such a good colour for ashy blonde hair. Works so well for eyebrows that aren't that thick and are sparse. Definitely will repurchase if it ever runs out!
5 khadeejah
This is soo easy to use and looks great! Amazing service, got it delivered the next day after choosing standard delivery..
5 Kia
I have used this every day, sometimes twice a day as I like to sometimes re do my make up if I'm going out after work. And I have barely made a dent in this product. I ordered it October 2015, such good value for money. I have medium brown as my hair colour always changes between blonde and brown. Such a versatile colour. Love it!!! Works like a dream.
5 Alina
I absolutely love this product...Nature gave me horrible brows, but with this little pot of miracle I can make wonders...just bought my 2nd pot.
5 Francesca
THE BEST!!!! Worth every penny! Best purchase ever!!
5 elizabeth
I've used this every day since June 2015 and I'm still only half way through the pot. I have medium brown hair, which is dyed blonde and buy soft brown. I pair this with the matching Brow Wiz for more precision. I used to use Soap and Glory Archary which I swore by (and still do!) but this give a much more natural effect! Worth the money ladies.
5 emma
This Is my third time buying this. I wouldn't use anything else now. :) as long as you put the lid on properly it won't dry out.
5 Siu Ki
I love this product for correcting my irregular brows. It's creamy when it goes on and dries down and stays put all day. It doesn't budge or smudge. I bought ebony as I have black brown hair, but I have to use it sparingly as I think it is a tad too dark for me. I will be buying the dark brown to get a softer look and also to shade. All in all, this is a must have. Beauty bay, thank you for bringing ABH here and for such quick delivery.
5 Nicole
Amazing, bought soft brown and i am so glad i did! A little goes a long way.
5 Simmy
I have this in Dark Brown and love it for my dark brows. only thing is it does dry up after a few months but i just had to mix it up a bit. I also bought the ABH brow brush and it perfectly matches. There are many colours to choose from so was worried getting the wrong colour but you can easily research online so therefore my choice was perfect! I am thinking of buying
5 Danijela
The best eyebrow product that I ever bought. Delivery was super fast, great service, love it.
5 Emma Stewart
An amazing brow product! Easy to use and lasts for very long, highly recommend!!
5 Kira
Purchased the colour Ash Brown looks great and easy to apply love it!
5 Poppy
Had this for months and months now, it just keeps going and going! This product is absolutely worth the money because it seriously lasts so long for me. I use taupe as it is the most neutral colour and it works great compared to my dark brow hair. This product goes on so slick and is very easily blended out with a spoolie to create the ultimate brows. Unfortunately it can be hard though to create precise lines if you dont have the right brushes.
5 Laura
Love dip brow! It's so easy to apply (with the right brush) and in my opinion is so much better than using a pencil as it keeps your brow in place and doesn't smudge. Only thing is the colours are darker than you think so maybe go a shade lighter than you think you need. I will definitely buy again!
5 Emily
TIP: When you're applying the dipbrow to your eyebrow don't just leave the pot on the side, turn it upside down when applying to avoid the product loosing it's moisture! It's my favourite eyebrow product by far and lasts so long (both the product and the amount if time it physically stays on the skin!) Definitely would recommend!!!
5 Billie
This is such a good and easy product to use! Love this with the Mac 208 brush, such a good product only a small amount needed to use.
5 Chelsey
After months of debating to buy this and in between times trying cheaper products. I wish I had of bought it sooner. Amazing !! Only have it a while but would say it will deffs last very long. Value for money. Happy customer
5 Joselyn
The best product for eyebrows! I don't change this for nothing! The pigmentation is amazing but at the same time you can build the intensity very easily. I have medium skin and very black hair and eyebrows so I choose the shade Granite and can look maybe too dark in the pictures but when I apply it was just perfect. Worth the money and I highly recommend it!!
5 samantha
Once you go anastasia you never go back.
5 Taylor
Absolutely amazing product! So easy to create so many different looks for your eyebrows, definitely going to stick to this product!! Free and fast delivery too which is a bonus.
3 mia
good! but I got the medium brown and its very dark, but the product stays in place and spreads nicely.
5 Jasmine
Perfect, always use this and never have a problem with it, nothing compares to it.
5 Taylor
The best brow product I've used! I've used pomades before by other brands and really liked them but this is defo fav by far! Would 100% recommend!
5 Mirren
Literally the best thing ever!! it's so mousey and light, really don't need a lot of product to do the job. I've had it for months now and I haven't even used all of the smooth top layer yet. taupe is very cool/ash toned which is perfect as other taupes I've tried from other brands have been very red toned. Overall 10/10 such great value for money!
5 lara webber
such a good product!! so good for eyebrows you need the tiniest bit and a little goes a long way, it lasts all day & night, would 100% recommend it! also my order came quickly and with free delivery which was great!
5 Claudia
I was recommended this product by a friend, decided to purchase it and I am totally amazed by it. My eyebrows look perfect, the product stays on for the whole day and it is indeed waterproof.
5 Rachel
Amazing product, perfect for shaping or just filling in brows. I ordered medium brown and was worried it wouldn't be the same shade but it was. I don't usually use brow products but I wanted to try this after reading the reviews and was so pleased I did. Perfect and cheap
5 Farah
Long wearing and long lasting! You just need the right brush with a spoolie and your brows will always be on fleek!
5 Gabby
Amazing! One of my favourite brow products, goes on so smooth and stays on all day! Also lasts for months! So much quicker to do my brows, and already used a whole one, definitely repurchasing!!
5 Lydia
Absolutely love this stuff! Blonde is a lot darker than it looks glad I got blonde! Will not use anything else now!
5 Sarah
Best brow product ever ! Easy to apply , lasts ages on the brow. Highly recommend.
5 Tam
Like literally when beautybay says 2 days tracked delivery.. They really do mean it! This product is the BOMB.COM Like you literally just need there angled brush to apply it your brows and you're good to go. - and the fact that they have the dip brow in a wide range of colours is superb. I purchased the dark brown and it really reflects the colour of my natural brows. Will defo being trying over colours; x
5 Jodie
I'm so in love with this product, you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. Has a lovely cream texture and very easy to use. Lasts all day and doesn't smudge I definitely recommend this product to anyone.
5 Georgia
Absolutely love this product! So easy to apply, you don't need lots on your brush therefore it lasts ages and it stays on all day. Definitely going to buy more when I've ran out! Fast delivery too!
5 Olivia Jackson
I LOVE the Anastasia dip brow pot! I was worried I would order the wrong colour as there are so many to choose from, but if you look on Anastasia's Instagram they post plenty of pictures of people wearing different colours. I chose soft brown as I have blond/ light brown hair but I like my brows a little darker.. It was the perfect colour for me! When people said it was smudge resistant I was a little sceptical, but they were right! Absolutely fab product and would definitely recommend!!
Love it, best brow product ever !
5 Anisa
Love it!!!!!!
5 Vicky
This product is an actual game changer, I have always suffered with terribly pencil thin blonde eyebrows even though my hair is thick and dark, I have tried near enough all the eyebrow products out there and I struggle so much. However, even if you aren't good at doing your eyebrows using this pot makes it so easy and they look fabulous afterwards. I just use this with the ABH makeup brush (number 12) for eyebrows and it goes on perfectly with the smallest amount ever. It stays put all day and is so easy to get fabulous looking brows using it. Can achieve many brow looks using it and one I am now able to do due to this product is the faded brow look. It's brilliant this will be the only eyebrow product I will be using!
5 Anjum
I absolutely looove this product, so amazing and worth every penny makes my eyebrows look amazing! My first time shopping online, and I loved the service! And it came within 2 days! Will definitely be ordering more products from this sight!x
3 xavierkat
I ordered the Anastasia Dipbrow pomade in Dark Brown - together with the company's brow brush - and once it arrived, it was love at first try. I have thin brows, but extremely thick, unruly brow hairs, and this product was perfect for both filling them in and keeping them in order. It is also incredibly easy to use, which is a big deal for someone like me who doesn't have much experience with brow grooming. However, there is also a major downside to it, which is that it dries out very fast after opening, which is a real shame, especially since it is both a wonderful product to use and a not too cheap one.
5 Rizzy
Love it! Stays put all day, does not budge! A little goes a long way, I think this pot is going to last me ages.
5 Nicole
I have 2 of these I just love them so much! Amazing and blend so well together!
5 Kate
BEST eyebrow product I've ever used! It gives a natural look, depending on how much product you apply to the brush. I used medium brown with my brunette hair, applied it at 1pm, stayed on till 2am (after work) This product was very easy to apply, it did not smudge at all, so happy with this product! Also very fast delivery (From Wales)
5 Maria
I love this brow pomade as it lasts all day and very pigmented, also the product goes on really easy and makes my brows look amazing always.
5 Mirella !! Jai utilis le Brow Zings de chez Benefit, pendant 2 ans et je lai laiss pour cette pure merveille :)
5 Sanju
Easy to apply. Glides on easily. Use with an angled brush so you can line out your brows with ease. Hardly need to use a lot. Little goes a long way. What more can I say it's 100%.
5 Alice
Oh my god! I love this product, it's beautiful, I ordered the auburn and it is perfect with my ginger hair. I've spent my entire life eyebrow-less and this totally frames my face, doesn't smudge or budge LOVE IT!! Really recommend it. I am one very happy customer.
5 Katie
Love this! I'm a brow novice and slowly learning how to perfect my eyebrows and saw this on Instagram so thought I'd give it a try. Amazing product!!!! Doesn't smudge at all and it';s so easy to use. Beautiful colour, I got it in taupe and I'm naturally a darker blonde with fair skin as I've found with other brow colours they can be too orange-y, but not this! It's a perfect colour match. You really only need a teeny tiny amount so it'll definitely last for ages, just make sure you invest in a super sharp brush to get the ultra clean lines. Great service from BeautyBay too - I'm so happy that there is somewhere to get US brands in the UK for decent prices :) this was my second purchase from BeautyBay and I'll definitely be back!!
4 JennyLee
I got this in medium brown and while it stays put all day/night long, the brown colour looks a bit of a filthy dirty mucky brown, plus it's too dark for me and I'm very brunette. I am certainly not mid-brown, I have dark brown hair. Most of the time the colour looks fine on me but then when it's smudged that's when it looks a mucky colour. But it has amazing staying power! It also takes some applications to get used to and therefore apply it so the result is natural.
5 nicole
Amazing product, changed my eyebrows! colour selection is great too.
5 Candiece
Absolutely amazing! Ordered Sunday arrived 10 am Monday morning! Love this was hard to get used to at first but with practice this is amazing!
5 Hannah
Really amazing, so worth the money. I got the colour taupe (I have mousey blonde hair) and use it to colour in my brows and gradient the front of them for a natural look, going in with my dark brown brow wiz for the tail. The colour is amazing! Everything I had tried was too orange and warm, whereas this is completely cool toned. So easy to apply with an angled brush and stays on forever, even in the bath. Its lasted forever as well, I have had my first pot nearly a year with daily, generous wear. When it dries out a bit I just put in a drop of argan oil and it's as good as new.
5 Beth
I finally caved and got this product, and I'm so glad I did! The formula is so creamy and workable, and a little really goes a long way! My eyebrows look so defined but natural at the same time, its an amazing product - I got mine in the shade medium brown, which is a great cool colour for my brows.
5 Lauren
This product is simply perfect! I love it! The colour, the fact you only have to use a tinie tiny amount of product and the fact it is such good quality for the amount you pay. Definitely worth it! I purchased this is Dark Brown and love it! My only recommendation it to get a really good brow brush. I use the RT brush and it's good, but a bit big so I will be purchasing the ABH brush in my next order
5 Sophie
Better than MAC brow gel creme, much smoother and easier to apply. Have this in 2 shades and they're amazing!
5 Kayla
I have tried all of the Anastasia eyebrow products but the pomade is by far my favorite words can't describe how good it is .. It covers sparse areas so well but still makes the eyebrows look natural ... I recommend buying the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow brush to go along with the pomade .. Perfect match.
5 noelleplay
this product is amazing, and a little goes a very long way definitely worth the money!!!
5 Jasmine
Lasts so long, easy to apply, colour matches perfect, best brow product I have ever used!
5 Tiny
It's cheaper here than anywhere else! Great product, great price!
5 Catherine
Very high end product glides on perfectly creating brilliant instant eyebrows. The pomade is very pigmented which means only a very small amount is needed. The only negative thing about is was the medium brown shade I picked was very dark and more of a very dark brown so I wouldn't go by the colour guides completely. However a holy grail product for such a reasonable price.
5 Tiegan
Love this product!! First time used and I highly recommend it, best eyebrow product out there
5 S.
I have the shade Caramel which is the perfect shade for my strawberry blonde hair. Finally a product that matches my hair colour perfectly. You can build up the product really well and it sticks around all day. Definitely would recommend!
5 Sanda
I adore this product, and I am super happy that I finally gave it a try. Easy to apply, recommend with Anastasia brush that I have also buy from Beauty Bay and it looks awesome on the face... Really natural and beautiful... Thank you Anastasia and Beauty Bay for making all this super products and selling them :)
5 Kat
I have always sucked at doing my brows..always the wrong shade or too thick and messy looking. I thought I'd give this a try. I brought it in Medium Brown and I also brought the 322 Zoeva brow brush and Oh My GOSH they are literally a godsend! They work so well together, my eyebrows look amazing. Natural and not drawn on and the colour is a perfect match for me! And it is so easy to do!!!! I ordered these products Friday afternoon and they arrived Sunday morning in a gorgeous Beauty Bay box which I am going to use to store some of my make up in. Would definitely recommend this product, the brush and Beauty Bay. I will definitely be ordering from you again!!! AMAZING!!!
5 anna
Best eyebrow product I have ever used, so easy to apply and its smooth, you only need a little bit so it lasts for ages. I bought the number 12 brush to apply it with and my eyebrows look flawless! It stays on all day and i would highly recommend it
5 Lynne
I absolutely swear by this! It's the best eyebrow product I have ever used brows are now on fleet thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Beauty Bay.
5 Lucie
I use the dark brow dipbrow and it's the perfect colour for me! Since using this my eyebrows are constantly how I want them and so precise! I use the Mac angled brow brush and I find it is perfect with the product. It took a few days to get used to but I wouldn't go back to anything else ever. I even ordered the normal delivery which is usually about 3/4 days and it came the next day! I love love love this website!
5 christine rowles
It arrived today so i had to experiment,got the medium brown,was unsure which color to get but this seems perfect,Fed up buying different brands and costing a fortune,First attempt was quite good as other views have said needs a bit of practice and put on sparingly.Well pleased with my first attempt
5 Chloe
Easy to use and a good range of colours
5 Kate
A friend told me about beauty bay so I gave it a go and I am amazed at how quickly the product has come! I ordered it last night and have it this morning!!! It's perfect quality and I will be recommending to all my friends! Thank you!
5 Anne
Amazing product, easy to use once you find a good technique. Ordered with the Zoeva 322 Brow line brush to get a precise shape. Warning: the pictures aren't 100% accurate as to what the shade will look like on you. I'd recommend searching some swatches to get a better idea.
5 Megan
Have been wanting to try it for ages and finally give it a shot and in love with it, delivery was A+ ! Amazing product for a great price as well, and is long lasting!
5 Erin
Just received my dipbrow and I already love it! Thought the medium brown would be the wrong colour but it was my ideal colour match, shipping was also amazing ordered last night for next day and it came just after 9 am I would totally order from beauty bay again :)
5 rose
hands down the best brow product!
5 Leah
I've heard about this for sooooo long so I finally gave in and tried it. I am over the moon; my brow game is so good now it's unreal. It is so easy to use once you learn how to use it properly. It does exactly what it claims to. I use the sigma e65 small angled brush for precision with this product and it works extremely well. The colour is great too, I find with a lot of brow products they have a warm undertone to them, however with the colour I have (dark brown) it has a nice ash undertone which I much prefer! Also, I can tell this is going to last me for ages as a little bit of this goes such a long way. Plus the price is good if you think of how long it's going to last too. If any of you are stuck on getting this I would say 100% get this, you won't regret it.
5 Clare
This product is so amazing, really smooth to apply and easy to use! It doesn't rub off and it stays in place all day! I would 100% recommend.
5 Sarrah
This product is amazing! It has transformed my brow game!
5 Jenna
Absolutely in love with this product, my eyebrows have never looked good until I used this, it doesn't smudge what so ever, never going to change to anything else. Also the delivery was amazing, packaged really well and came fast! Beauty bay is by far my favourite site.
5 Jasmine
So creamy and easy to use! By far one of the best brow products with so many colours as well!
5 Ashleigh
Love this product! I read some reviews before purchasing and I definitely agree that a little goes a long way and has lasted me ages! Got the shade in Dark brown and was a little worried while waiting for it to be delivered that it would be too light and that I should have went for Ebony but Dark Brown was the perfect color and I am very happy with my purchase! Great product and worth the money.
5 Faiza
BUY IT,BUY IT, BUY IT!!! Now my eyebrows on fleek!!
5 Kaylee
Ordered from Beauty Bay as always, never used this product before, and I love it! So easy to use even though I'm not a eyebrow pro, and as always the product came SUPER quick like normal, would recommend!
5 Ellen
Brilliant product and it arrived on time !!
5 Linda
I have tried so many different eyebrow products and pomades from lots of different brands but I always go back to this one again and again and I always get so many compliments when I wear this. A little bit goes a long way with this product so you're definitely getting your moneys worth.
5 Keeva Byrne
The BEST brow product! It's been nearly a year since I bought mine and I use it on myself everyday (I use quite a bit too), and in my kit! Buying another one to stock up, amazing product and would 100% recommend to a friend.
5 Annalisa
They are amazing! They last all day and they're so smooth! Highly recommended.
5 Phoebe
This is the best brow product I've ever used and I've tried gels and powders but this is the best thing I have ever come across! Super fast delivery (arrived 11am Sunday having been ordered at 5 the night before with free delivery! amazing)
5 Trinity Charnock
The most amazing brow product I've ever used really worth the price the quality is so good.
5 Amy
This is the best brow product I have used! It is matte and waterproof so lasts ages and easily comes off with make up remover. The colour I order (dark brown) really matches my hair colour so looks very natural but is buildable for a more dramatic look! I would definitely recommend this product, it is definitely worth spending a little extra for such a good quality product!
5 Kristy
I adore this. You really don't have to use much product for this too look good and natural. I have naturally thick eyebrows so too much product just makes them look as though they are stuck on, this product can be as subtle or bold as you like which is why I love it.
5 Rachel Armstrong
Absolutely amazing product! 100% recommend to anyone who's wanting to buy this, the brush #12 is fab too! As promised, the product came within two days of placing my order and the fact it's free is a bonus. Was neatly packaged and very safe, extremely happy!!
5 Emily
The best brow product by far! You can go natural if you use a little and you can go very strong if you use a lot as it is very pigmented. A little goes a long way with this product, so it lasts really long. I thought the shade blonde would be too light, but when I received it was the perfect shade. Extremely impressed.
5 Kirsti
This arrived this morning and I'm already in love. Really highly pigmented product, really easy application and feels/looks wonderful. Far superior and less hassle than so many other brow products I've tried from everywhere from MAC to Urban Decay's brow boxes. The packaging has an air of elegance to it as well, it feels like a quality item and the black/rosegold scheme is really lovely. Arrived really quickly and with an estimated time so I could be in to sign for it, highly recommend the product and service
5 Imogen
Only brow brand I use! The best product by a mile! Someone tried selling me this for 30 pounds on depop so I am so thankful for this website!!!!!!
5 Hollie
Holy Guacamoley, this product is amazing!! Why I have never purchased this product previous is beyond me! I have terrible eyebrows and I've neglected them by using drug store powders to fill in the gaps as best as possible. I ordered this on a whim because I'd seen the reviews and all the top beauty bloggers using it so I thought I'd give it a go. I used it this morning for the first time and I will never go back to any other product! I don't tend to wear foundation most days or product on my face other than my eyebrows and mascara, I was having issues with the powders I used to fill in my eyebrows because it wouldn't take to my skin with there being no product to cling onto, but this has changed my world! I mean the price is great, the consistency is great, the staying power is great... I'm amazed! For those who want to know, I applied it using the Zoeva 322 Brow line brush which works perfect!
5 Anna
This is by far my favourite! So smooth to apply and easy to use! It doesn't rub off and it stays in place and the product will last you for a long time! 10/10 would recommend!
5 Charlotte
Id seen this product on Instagram and thought it looked amazing but was put off by the price tag! But after reading the reviews I thought I should try it out, as I was fed up of my current eyebrow pencil which rubbed off really easily. It was definitely worth it!!! This pomade DOES NOT BUDGE not even after washing my hair, my eyebrows still looked perfect! I have dyed blonde hair but my eyebrows are naturally very pale almost non existent so I'd been pencilling them in, and I wasn't sure whether to get Blonde or Taupe, I eventually decided to go for Taupe because that's what most people recommended and it definitely does look better, it's less of a gingery tone which is what I wanted and it looks pretty natural with my hair so if you're blonde I would say go for that shade! Delivery was next day I would recommend Beauty Bay to everyone :)
5 Iida
This product took my browgame to the whole new level! This is the only product I need for my brows. It lasts for so long because the jar has so much product in it. The color range is very wide so everyone will be able to get the perfect color to match their brows. It was a bit tricky to apply this at first but after you start mastering it your brows will never be the same! Love it!
5 Olivia
This is an amazing product, I'm obsessed with it! When I bought it I didn't know what shade to get but I'm so happy I got medium brown. The delivery was very fast and efficient. I recommend this to everyone! X
5 Geanina
Great product, long lasting and the colours are very nice.
5 Rioghnagh
Would 100% recommend this product to everyone!! The best brow products I have ever tried/used! If you don't already have it GET!
5 Amy Davies
Definitely the best product I have used on my eyebrows!! So easy to blend and nice to put onto my skin, I suffer with oily skin but this product still goes on perfect ! I brought this product last April and it has only just run out 9 months later after me using it everyday ! Good value for money, don't be scared by the size of the product because it goes a long way!
5 Lauren
Hands down the best product for your eye brows. So many colors available it's perfect. Every person I have used this on loved their brows afterwards.
5 Megan
Most amazing product I Have used !!! Just a warning that it is very pigmented so be carful , I use it with the zoeva brow line brush in rose gold ! Perfect match x
5 Amy Curtis
Favourite product!! A smooth application which is amazing due to the well matched colour selection although colour can vary depending on application. I love this product!!
5 Sophia
This product is amazing! it's good value for money, easily applies and you need next to nothing on your brush each time you use it. it slides smoothly across the brow and skin and the colours match perfectly. I will definitely be purchasing again when my current one runs out!!
5 Christina
Best brow product I've used! I have quite sparse eyebrows and this fills them in perfectly! I originally ordered taupe but since my hair has darkened I've also ordered dark brown, I got this in august and use it every single time I've done my eyebrows since and I still have about 3/4 left! I use my zoeva 322 brush with this but Beauty Bay's own angled liner brush works great too!
5 Georgie
Made by angels!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love this product. Will definitely buy again and again! 10/10.
5 Lucia
The product does not look at all look waxy when applied (it’s quite satin actually), and it dries completely matte for a thoroughly natural effect. It is completely waterproof, (so yes you are able to go swimming without having to worry about whether or not your eyebrows have decided to slip away. LOVE ABH.
5 Summer
I love this brow pomade! It lasts all day and it's really pigmented, also the product goes on really easy and makes my brows look amazing.
5 Cassidy
I thank Beauty Bay for having this product on their website! It's cheaper than any site I've come across and with all the lovely reviews I made the decision to purchase this and it has forever changed my brows! I've never had better looking brows before the pomade! Easy to work with once you get the hang of it and I can't go a day without it. I always look forward to doing my brows.
5 Stuart
This is one of the best products I have ever had for my brows, although it was a Wee bit tricky to use at the start it is now so easy to use and long lasting! Definitely worth the money.
5 Leah
Bought this because I had read great reviews on the product, definitely lived up to the expectations! I use with the Zoeva Brow brush, which gives great definition. The product blends beautifully and I like how you don't need to use a lot, literally a dab will spread so far. Recommend this product highly!
5 Ashleigh butler
Brilliant product! Lasts ages, will definitely buy again!
5 Giulia
No other brow product compares, 10/10. A little goes a long way with the pomade - I've had mine for nearly a year and only now am I beginning to run low. Easily buildable from a natural look to a slightly more defined appearance and either way is very long lasting. I have very dark eyebrows and opted for Ash Brown so would recommend this shade if you're the same. Brilliant results especially when paired with the ABH synthetic double-ended brow brush. Will definitely be repurchasing.
5 Rebecca
Love the colour I got! I mix it a little bit with my brow definer (only at the end of my brow) and it made a huge difference to when I compared my brow to my previous eyebrow product. This would definitely last a very long time. Thanks ABH!
4 Helen
This product is such good value for money! A small amount goes a very long way. It takes time to get the knack of using this, I bought the #12 brush as advised but also use a Zoeva 322. I had a hard time trying to choose a shade, as I have naturally dark hair, very pale skin and the swatches I found for the shades recommended for my hair colour seemed far too dark for my complexion. In the end I opted for soft brown and it was the wrong choice for me as it is too red toned. After a lot of experimenting I found using more of the product darkened it enough to work for me, but when I replace it I will buy medium brown. I have been using the product for several months and have had no issues with drying out or otherwise, but I take a small amount and replace the cap immediately and use the lid to blend the product into my brush. It is a great product, value for money with the amount you get and it doesn't budge all day, but comes straight off with make up remover. The only drawback for me is that it takes so much time to apply right so it's not brilliant when I'm in a rush!
5 Charlotte
I would recommend this over any cream eyebrow product. It is so easy to apply as it glides on, and has brilliant staying power once dried (in seconds). A little goes a long way with this product. I bought this in medium brown, and it is not as reddish/light as it appears on the pictures, it is the perfect shade and would go brilliantly with anyone with medium to dark brown hair. Would definitely buy again and again!
5 Saba
Great product & fantastic service by Beauty Bay. I ordered on a Saturday morning & the item was with me by Sunday morning. Never known service like it! Glad I finally ordered this as I had been putting it off because of the price. You get a decent amount of product & need very little to get a natural look. Dark brown is a cool toned shade & is perfect for me. It literally takes me a couple of minutes- if even that- to do my eyebrows.
5 Ellie
This product lasts all day and little goes a really long way, the undertones in the production are very natural! Completely different way of doing your eyebrows but definitely won't go back to anything else!
5 Katt
Really good product, it's quite difficult for a beginner to master it, takes a while to perfect. The number 12 Anastasia brush is advised to use with the dip brow promade for blending and precision. Would defo buy again however this one will last for a while!
5 Laters, baby
Thank you beauty bay for stocking Anastasia's products, cause it very difficult to find it in the UK! The pomade is truly amazing, and the colour medium brown is perfect for my eyebrows. I can see why this is a holy grail product, as a little goes a long way and it is very long lasting as well. I use this every day with the no.12 brush (also from Anastasia and purchased here) and my brows look perfect!
5 Lauren r
Absolutely love this product,so pigmented,order came so quickly and also free delivery!
5 Sophie
Ordered this I medium brown and the #12 brush to go with it and love both.The shade isn't too warm or dark and a little goes a long way so the product lasts ages before it runs out and also lasts ages on your brows.
5 Jess
I would definitely recommend this. I bought this along with the ABH #12 brush which was designed for this product and together they're perfect. I switched from a budget Rimmel brow pencil and hated it, but the first day I used this I was complemented on my eyebrows by 3 people!! It definitely lives up to the description of being smudge/water proof and creamy. It is now a holy grail product for me!!
5 Emily
Used my Taupe dipbrow today for the first time and loved it. My brows are looking 100 times better already. I had platinum blonde hair when purchasing dipbrow so was really unsure on which shade to choose, I have recently dyed my hair a more ashy tone of blonde for winter and it suits both hair colours perfectly. Glad I choose Taupe over Blonde! Would defo recommend.
5 Jenny
I've used this for over a year now and I have still a lot more than half of the product left. Very easy to apply and blend beautifully. You can get a really bold look to very natural, as you desire. I prefer using a dense and thin angled brush. Then will it not move until you take it of at night (or day for that matter). When I look back before I started to use the Anastasia dip brow pomade my eyebrows looked awful, imagine a 13 year old with too dark, too sharp and too big eyebrows... yeah... Anyway, enough of sad stories, know am I 15 and kinda of a pro (soon at least;)) thanks to this baby. THANK YOU ANASTASIA!
5 Anita
This brow pomade is a must have. It's waterproof and goes on smooth (although a little goes a long way), would buy again. Thanks Beauty Bay!
5 Yasmin
Really love this would really recommend I love that I can fill in my brows and they can still look natural !
5 Lynzey Francey
This product is amazing, easy to apply and lasts all day. The little pot is the perfect size as only a little bit is needed to make a big effect. Wouldn't use anything else on my brows 10/10.
4 Leanne
This has become a holy grail product and the only brow product I reach for as a base due to how easily it glides on and once set it doesn't smudge or budge. It's easy to clean up even if you do make a mistake so don't worry. It's so easy to fill in your brows and give shape in no time at all. I personally use the ABH 12 large synthetic duo brow brush as it's the perfect tool for the perfect brow. I would recommend using a spooly to blend out the product as you go as it can make the brow look a little bit harsh, especially if you're quite heavy handed with it. The only fault I've found with this product is that it can form a rubber film over the top, not quite drying out but just getting a strange texture that you can't really apply to the brow, so you need to dig through it a bit to get to the fresh product underneath but other than that it's a fantastic product.
5 Amy
So amazing and natural looking, when you first use a lot of product is on brush so dab it on the back of your hand and use that rather than keep dipping it in.
5 Stacey
This is literally the best eyebrow product I have tried. Has lasted me over 6 months and still have half a pot left! Worth the money!
5 Llinos
Holy Grail product! This is seriously a game changer I couldn't be with out this now that I've started using it. It's a must have for any make up and beauty lover.
5 Sophie Cracknell
Wow well what can I say! Amazing product, never have I felt the need to do my brows everyday, they look so good with just this product, would defo recommend the #12 brush by Anastasia, it';s the perfect pair with the brow gel! Well done to whoever made this product! Only Brow product I will ever buy now!
5 Adrianna
This is my favourite product for eyebrows. I used so many already, but this one totally change my brow game. Highly pigmented, I would recommend it to everyone.
5 India
Such a good product! I have platinum blonde hair and have the pomade in the colour in 'taupe' which is such a good match! Will defo be bought again!
5 Kimberley
Absolutely fabulous stuff! I can see why it gets rave reviews. I chose soft brown as I have brown/blonde hair. The colour is great, just dark enough to properly define my brow but light enough to give a natural look.
5 Maria
Love this!! Have my mummy and sisters hooked on It too!! Very easy to use and cool product to have!!
4 Baso
I ordered ash brown the names a bit deceptive because the colour is more or a grey than a brown but the product is still lovely and long lasting.
5 Amy
A product my brows now cannot live without! The waxy consistency is perfect as it creates a perfectly defined brow whilst allowing for mistakes and touch-ups. The colours shown on the website are also very accurate which allows you to make a very good colour judgement, matching well to your natural brow colour - overall great service and an amazing product!
5 Lauren
This is perfect! After being very sceptical about buying the product at first am I so glad that I did, it glides through your eyebrow so easily and leaves a colour that I have found lasts all day - I will be repurchasing.
5 Amy
Good product. Once on the brows it will not move which makes a change from my usual brow powder fading after a few hours. Make sure to barely dab your brush in the product as it's really easy to overdo it.
5 Ruby
Life changing product! A must buy if you have little eyebrows. in minutes you will have completely transformed brows! I will never use anything else, it comes very quickly in the post too which is always a plus. I constantly order from Beauty Bay and I'm never disappointed. Great product.
5 Isabelle
This is the BEST product I have ever used on my brows, so easy to apply and yet stays on all day, minimal effort required! Great!
5 Emma
Love this brow product! I have very fine brows so anything liquid makes them stick together but dipbrow goes on so smooth and dries like a powder/pencil finish. I have medium/dark brown hair and ordered the shade medium brown. My eyebrows are naturally black and very sparse so this gives them a natural yet defined look. Also, when the product is on your skin (if your creating a bigger brow or arch etc.), it blends beautifully and doesn't look as if you've exaggerated your brow what so ever. 10/10
5 E Delgado-Holland
I was so impressed by the speed of delivery for this product. I'd ordered it on Saturday morning and it was delivered the next day on Sunday morning! The product is perfect and better than described!
5 Courtney
Great product, would definitely recommend. The pigment is really good and is so easy to apply, will be buying again :)
5 Maria Gordon
I loooove this products! I have been using these dipbrows for about 2 years now, and I have NO IDEA how I would survive without it. Its very pigmented, blendable and lasts ALL DAY.
5 Kerry
This is amazing give you high defined eyebrows that are natural looking mine has lasted nearly a whole year... only issue is that it drys out toward the end.
5 Joanne
Have wanted to try this for ages and finally got around to buying it. Wish had of got sooner. So happy with this product. when it goes on it stays on. very easy to apply. Would def buy again!
5 Kate
This product goes on like silk! I used to use the too faced bulletproof brows but this is SO much better! I have light blonde hair and got the shade taupe; but feel like I could have gone one shade darker. Would defo recommend.
5 Lucy
This is the best eyebrow product I have ever used in my life. I used to swear by Brow Cake by Illamasqua, but this is so much better and goes on so much neater. So glad they brought out the shade ash brown it is almost exactly the same shade as gaze by Illamasqua. Best used with Urban Decay small angled brush. Highly recommend to anyone.
5 Dana
Amazing product, I'm so so happy! Received my order today!
5 Olivia
I'm blonde, so finding the right colour brow product can be quite difficult, I chose taupe which is the perfect colour for me. I love using this with a MAC 266 angled brush, together with this product creates naturally amazing looking eyebrows which is almost impossible as a blonde! Definitely my favourite eyebrow product! I recommend it to everyone I know!
5 Malin
A must have!!!
5 Ellen
I have purchased this item three times and it has never failed to disappoint me!!! once you've used it multiple times it does tend to go a little dry, but putting a drop of coconut oil in solves it and its back to normal again, glides onto your brow perfectly and shaping/defining it is super easy!! I am a huge fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills and this product is perfect. 101% recommend to anyone!
5 Ellen
Delivery was super quick for this absolutely brilliant product! Have been using brow powder for as long as I remember and decided to give this dipbrow a whirl and I am a converted woman! it makes such a difference to your brows and keeps them in place so well, I am quite fair skin toned and chose the shade chocolate which is perfect! Definitely my new brow product and will be buying again!!
5 Kelly Holmes
For anyone new to using eyebrow products and are debating buying this, I 100% recommend choosing dipbrow. It is one of the best products I have in my makeup kit. I use it with a cheap angled eyeliner brush & It is super easy to use and stays put all day, I have even worn it in the gym and it doesn't budge! Definitely a lifelong product for me & the only eyebrow product I'll use from now on!
5 Katlyn
Absolutely love this product use it on all my clients, need to order more shades, also really fast delivery and delivery updates to tell you when your parcel will arrive.
5 Courtney
Bought this product only a few days ago and the delivery was super quick! I have the shade soft brown which matches my eyebrows perfectly and looks so natural! Will never go back to an eyebrow pencil ever again!!
5 Lucy
Before I used this I was regularly using benefit brow zings and I can honestly say this product is so much better and cheaper. It doesn't budge, the shade range is great and application is so easy with the Anastasia #12 brush. I am now nearly finished my 3rd little pot of this and I'll be reordering a new one when I run out! Must have product.
5 Sarah
AMAZING! My brows have never looked better! This product defines and makes my brows perfect would definitely repurchase in future! I purchased medium brown and my brows don't budge all day long.
5 Rachel
I ordered the dark brown dip brow pomade and it is honestly amazing!! When you apply, it does not come off the brush too thick and glides on your brows perfectly, making them look very natural, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants their eyebrows to look good, but also natural. Will be buying this product again when I run out, best product I have used on my brows!!
5 Madelaine Ogle
This is so easy to use and stays on all day, it glides on easily and is so easy to apply with the right brush. I purchased the dark brown colour and at first it was a little darker than the previous eyebrow products I've used but the product itself is amazing.
5 Dana
Fell in love with this product immediately!! Could not recommend it enough. Great for adding depth to brows and application is very easy with the right brush. Extremely durable and the shade I got which was medium brown matched my brows perfectly. Always get brow complements when I wear it!!
5 Ashley Paige
I've had this product for over 6 months now and I'm not even half way through it. I haven't used a pencil since the dip brow. It's my holy grail.
5 Alicia
OMG!! This Anastasia brow dip is literally my life!! My eyebrows are naturally quite boring but with this baby my life goals are completed I have bold flawless on fleek eyebrows where I get comments 24/7 on them, this is the best thing I have ever used and a little sure does go a long way! The price is totally worth every single little penny. Girls if you have blonde hair and having a struggle with what colour to choose either blonde or taupe, taupe is the perfect colour trust me on it! So if you are looking to achieve goals in life to have gorgeous fleekish eyebrows well, well done you have found the correct thing !!
5 Tayler
The best brow product there is, the tiniest amount goes a long way, been using it daily for a while now and my brush hasn't even left a dent in the surface, just streaks!
5 Charlotte
What an amazing product! The delivery was so quick and I'm super pleased with the product. Don't be put off by the price, as only a little bit was needed to be applied to my eyebrows for them to be filled in so from this I know it will last long. It is so easily applied and lasted all day long. I will definitely be purchasing this when a run out. Thank you Beauty Bay!
5 Louise
Absolutely love this product, I got the shade Ebony. I used to dread doing my brows as they never turned out well but now it is so easy and not much product is needed at all for a beautiful natural look! Would definitely repurchase this product again and am interested in looking at some other products in the Anatasia Beverly Hills range! Happy customer.
5 Ninna
This product is so amazing! Definitely a holy grail product for me!
5 Selina
I have to say, the chocolate colour of this product is amazing, it does the job and makes your eyebrows stand out and lasts a very long time. I would buy this product everytime it runs out.
5 Daisy
Amazing product, gives really precise brows.. Best eyebrow product I've ever used!! Creamy and easily spread your eyebrows stay perfect all day. Highly recommend, also the product will last you forever.
5 Grace
Fast delivery, no false advertising and it looks the same as on image.
5 Nicole
Love Love, ordered yesterday & came this morning. Amazing product lasts a long time & well worth the price.
5 Ansa
LOVE!!!!!! This website is my favourite website so far!! The delivery is amazing and always on time. Love love love it.
5 Mai
Perfect! I used to use 'chocolate', but this taupe is much better for girls with light brown to medium brown hair.
5 Miriam
Anastasia Beverly Hills - the Queen of brows. DipBrow Pomade is all the rage on instagram. All the popular make up artists use this product and it's OBVIOUS why. It's amazing. I've used many brow products but this is by far the best. My brows have never looked so good! I've also just ordered 'Brow Wiz' by ABH which I'm really excited to try. Delivery was on time and stress free. Thank you, Beauty Bay for allowing us in the UK to get hold of these amazing products from the US!
5 Antonia
This is the first Anastasia Beverly Hills product I've bought and I'm so impressed! It looks like you only get the tiniest amount in the packaging but you literally only need the tiniest bit to fill in and shape your brows! I bought mine in Taupe - it stays on all day and doesn't budge, it's a perfect colour for fair haired girls who want brows a little bit darker than their hair which isn't too dramatic, and it glides on amazing! Definitely 5/5!
5 Ikra
This product is amazing I've used it a couple of times since I've purchased it and It applies well although it takes time getting used to also the dipbrow arrived on time over all I would highly recommend this product and this site will be repurchasing.
5 Kathleen
Fantastic product. Never leave home without using this. I have dark brown and ash brown which I use interchangeably depending on the colour of my hair. It stays put in our humid weather!
5 Jade
Excellent! Couldn't be any happier with this product, the difference it makes from other products I've used is crazy! As I'm not blessed with a lot of brow hair to play with this product has helped make a natural looking eyebrow which is what I was hoping for! It arrived within 2 days and in secure packaging which I'm pleased to see!:)
5 Stefani
Oh my! I heard so much good things about the pomade. I really like the texture and color - I ordered medium brown for my light brunette hair and it is perfect! Very easy to apply and the packaging is super cute too :) I feel glamorous using it.
5 Maddie
5 Beverley
Absolutely amazing, would recommend to literally anyone!
5 Carissa
First pomade I've used on my eyebrows and instantly love it. I barely use anything so can tell it's going to last which makes it so worth the money! A must have.
5 Wemi Kasse
I love love love this product! Definitely worth it. It glides on so easily and doesn't smudge at all. I was quite scared about the colour as I normally find it hard to get the perfect eyebrow pencil due to oily skin. Chose dark brown and it is just perfect. Can I even mention the delivery and customer service! The delivery only took one day and customer service was just perfect. Can't fault this site at all. I will come back very very soon as I have presents to buy for holidays! Thank you
5 Elisa
Ordered this product a while ago and I've been using it every single day since then! I just love it... It has an amazing texture and pigmentation,is really easy to blend and matches my brows PERFECTLY! It even has a plus..You can use it as eyeliner! Just grab one for yourself,is just a must have product for me :)
5 Alina
By far the best eye brow product I've ever used. It is SOOO easy to apply - even if you want a light defined or bold result. I personally got the shade taupe which is the perfect color for light brown or even blonde girls. Together with the Anastasia Beverly Hills duo brow brush and the clear or tinted brow gel you got the perfect brow! In my opinion ABH makes the best brow products. The different colors haven't got any reddish color in them with most drugstore product do. The best part of all is that it takes you years to use up. It doesn't looks like there is much product - but it will last you nearly for ever.
5 Celeste
There has been a before and after in my life with Dipbrow Pomade. It is THE BEST product in the world for eyebrows.
4 Kris
I love how natural this product look after brushing it with a spoolie. The quality is amazing and it doesn't move after applying it. The only thing negative I have to say about it is that after a while the surface becomes a bit dry and lumpy, but if you scrape it off the product underneath is still amazing.
5 Kyla
This is the holy grail for brows. I suffered for years by using pencils and never being completely satisfied. Now I've switched to the pomade and I will never go back. I was very sceptical at first but I changed my mind the moment I applied it. I ordered medium brown (which I would definitely recommend if you're a brunette looking for a cool toned pomade - the chocolate shade has warm undertones) and it suits me perfectly. Definitely make sure you search online for swatches before you order in case you get the wrong shade. The product lasts forever as long as you screw the cap back on tightly to prevent it from drying out. This is a must have. There's a reason it has a complete 5* rating. I also recommend the ABH #7 brush to use with the pomade. It's definitely worth the investment as it enhances the pomade and gives you complete control as the bristles are quite firm and the edge is very, very thin.
5 Chloe
If you are looking for a product to give you perfect brows then this is the product you need! So creamy, easy to apply and just gives you flawless brows. I'm the shade Medium Brown and its the perfect colour for me, I also use the Anastasia brow 12 duo brush which I would also highly recommend teamed up with the dipbrow! I am a make up artist and I have quite a few Anastasia products and after using them I don't know what I would do without them! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
5 Amelia
I bought this in Ebony as well as the Zoeva 322 Brow Line brush thanks to the review from Sophie. I also have dark brows and it's impossible to find a brow colour that isn't chestnut brown or jet black. This shade works perfectly and my brows stay put all day! I would definitely recommend!
5 Jam
Probably the best eyebrow product I'll ever own. NOTHING beats Dipbrow Pomade. Love it.
5 Jessica
Cant live without now. I used Benefits best seller and I don't know how this isn't the best seller?!?! I never over drew my brows because with benefit as it didn't look natural and was so obvious I had done so by brows were always uneven and thin but now I can draw them whatever way I want and it looks so natural people actually don't believe I have overdrawn them! What more could a girl want than perfect natural looking brows. Will buy forevermore.
5 Megan
This is magical stuff. I've gone from having fine, barely there brows, to natural but defined ones! I love how the product feels when applying it to the brows, not too oily or dry, the perfect consistency. The price is great value as you barely need any product on your brush and I love that you can vary the outcome by using different amounts of product. For an everyday look you can use less and blend well, for a night out you can have bold and carved out brows by adding a little more product. Used with a fine synthetic-haired angle brush (I use Zoeva 317 wing liner brush!) you can have perfect eyebrows! Would recommend to anyone, with any type of brows, thick, over-plucked, you name it!
5 Charlene
Love love love this product & also great service!!
5 Boglarka
It is amazing. I have used powders and pencils before but it is a game-changer. With the right brush it is easy to work with and it stays on the whole day. You can achieve a really natural look but if you want you can make a more intense look too. I love it!
5 Jess
This product is most definitely worth the hype! Its so pigmented and glides on like a dream, it wears beautifully throughout the day and doesn't budge until I wash my face. Even as a novice at eyebrow makeup this applies perfectly. A must have to keep your eyebrows on fleek :)
5 Stela
This is my HG product! I use Dipbrow every single day and I have 3 shades - taupe, soft brown and dark brown :)
5 Mary
Love this colour ebony best product I have used.
5 Sophie
Brilliant product, I can not live without this! I purchased the shade ebony as I have very dark brown hair and it works wonderfully. It also lasts such a long time and I have had it months and no where near running out.
5 Alora
Excellent product. I have extremely fair eyebrows and dark red hair so I ordered soft brown. In the pot it looked a bit too light but on it was perfect. Very easy to apply and looks very natural. A little goes a very long way.
5 David
Excellent product I'll definitely by this product again. Certainly I recommend to everyone, especially to those with troubled brows.
5 Ella
I am in dark brown in this product. Beautiful finish - ladies, less is more when it comes to this!!! build the product up don't just paste it on. Unless you like that look of course then power to you!!! Love it so much :) Thanks Beauty Bay!!! This and brow wiz = match made in HEAVEN
5 Phoebe
love this product! at first i was a bit sceptical about which colour i was so it was quite risky but i have mousey brown hair, its not blonde but its not brown, so i chose the colour soft brown, and its perfect match! It so easy to apply and use, would recomend to anyone who hasnt tried this product yet.
5 Yana
I have to admit that it easy to go overboard on this product, but when you know how to use it, it is AMAZING!!! It lasts aswell, it has lasted me around 5 months...its just a great product id recommend this to anyone!!!
5 elizabeth
Just got my abh dipbrow pomade in taupe and i love it!easy to apply perfect shade and actually stays on my brows looks natural that even my mom tried it even if its not her shade! i'll buy it over and over again & never replace it with something else!
5 Yasmin
After trying many different kinds of eyebrow products I now have the dipbrow pomade in Ebony which I chose due to having very dark brown hair I would possibly try the dark brown on my next purchase however the Ebony still works great. The best eyebrow product I have ever used and I wouldn't consider using anything other than Anastasia's dipbrow pomade, it is by far the best and I would highly recommend it. Lasts all day and is waterproof from what I have seen! Also have received many many positive compliments on my eyebrows since using the product! :)
5 Shamina
Absolutely love this!! By far my favourite product to use on my brows, easy to blend, it's buildable to what suits you!! Love this stuff!! Must get!!
5 Suzie
Amazing price! Really easy to apply. Can use it for a natural eyebrow look if you use less and a more defined brow look if you use more. I love this product and its lasted me about a year! Wouldn't use anything else on my brows
5 Summer
Best product I've ever used for my brows, had it a year and still got 3 quarters of the product left if not more! Does get a film over it after a while and dries slightly but I find it much easier to use when this happens! Not as smudgy and you have a lot more leeway to how much product gets on the brush!
5 Cecilia
My very first order on this page was Anastasia Medium Brown pomade! Best product ever for eyebrows,the holy grail for me.I recommend it to all , easy to use , lasts all day.You have to have it!!!
5 Selina
I use dark brown in this and I love it! It's perfect with a thin angled synthetic brush, although very easy to create a strong brow with a thicker brush lol! I have had it for a few months now and have had no problem with it drying up, i just make sure its closed and store it upside down. Doesn't budge all day when i wear it and still looks perfect after a night out clubbing or a day spent in the heat and sweaty moshpits at festivals haha. Definitely recommend this product, ABH is killing it with their brow products!
5 Charlotte
I love this product. I read all the reviews and was unsure if it would be amazing as everyone said. It is very easy to use, and quicker than using a pencil. The consistency is easy to apply yet thick enough it lasts all day and does not smudge! I will continue to purchase this product after mine runs out! Cannot recommend enough, defiantly worth a buy!
5 Maria
Bought this product recently and I now swear by it, the texture it so smooth it feels almost matte when it's applied, definitely better than other products I've used that were very waxy and would wipe off with the slightest touch. This doesn't move all day I had it on today from 7am until 11pm and it looked just the same at the end of the night. Would really highly recommend.
5 Shabnum din
my sister has recommended this product telling me its excellent.
5 Laura
I have now had this product for over a year and I still have loads left, that to me is crazy. Honestly the best brow product out there, I would never use anything else now after experiencing pomade it truly is a holy grail product.
5 Stacey
I love this product. It took a while to get used to, but I found that using only a small amount at a time was the key. A little goes a long way and too much looks terrible. Beautiful product..
5 Jessikaa
I seriously love this product, I work outdoors most days and even with sweat it looks almost the same after an 8 hour shift. The product never dries out and it goes a long way! I'm only just having to buy a new one and I have had my last pot for almost a year. Seriously worth it.
5 Lauren
I absolutely love this product!! It's so easy to apply and can transform any eyebrows, my natural brows are sparse and thin but this makes them full without looking fake, will definitely repurchase.
5 Keira
I will never fill in my eyebrows with anything else. This made it onto my holy grail makeup products list the first time I used it. I'm in the shade Dark Brown and it's the most perfect match to my eyebrows I've ever seen, I have what can only be described as darkest brown hair colour. This product lasts all day (and even night) no problem. The pot is the most perfect size, I've been using mine for months now and it's not dried out what so ever, I've still got loads left, definitely worth it.
5 Sophie
Amazing product. I purchased this in Ebony to use with the Zoeva 322 Brow Line brush and the two are a perfect pair. I struggle to find the perfect shade for my dark brows but this is a perfect cool toned dark brown. It's really creamy and applies smoothly, although I would recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills setting gel, or any other brow setting mascara, to ensure the brows don't smudge or move throughout the day. 10/10
5 Dragana
Excellent product!!! I'll definitely by this product again!!! Certainly I recommend to everyone, especially to those with troubled brows.
5 Alice
I have never felt the need to review a product before but this is far too amazing to not comment on!! When people say it glides on easily, they're so right and it's entirely smudge proof (even when trying to budge it to test it). I bought the shade medium brown which is so natural and can be applied fairly lightly or harsh if you want a more defined brow. I previously used benefit browzings and there's just no comparison - I'll be buying again and again!
5 Yasmin
Love this dipbrow been using it about 2 years now and wouldn't use anything else, a jar lasts so long about 6month+ so cheap to using pencils that dont last as long def recomend to anyone converted my mum and friends to anastasia lasts all day def the best eyebrow product I've ever used, highly recommended.
5 Hannah
I have two shades in this product - Chocolate and Ebony. Both look amazing and are easy to apply with the right brush. Really great product ad I'll definitely be buying again when I run out.
5 Jessica
I got the taupe shade, which compliments my really light blonde hair and pale skin as the blonde shade has slightly warmer tones, whereas this is a nice ash shade! its easily build-able and you can create any brow shape you desire, would definitely recommend this colour to blondes who like darker, ash toned brows!
5 Manuela
Amazing. At first I thought oh god, it's so tiny this will probably last like a month.. Because I was unsure how far it would go. I purchased this over a year ago, use it daily and not just a little speck and I still have over half of it left. Soooo worth the money. Tiny bit goes so far. From day one of using I had compliments day after day on my eye brows and for once I felt confident. Would highly recommend. I used to dye my hair black and purchased dark brown which to me is plenty dark enough as I am pale, I think any darker for me and they would definitely look very noticeably touched up! Haha :) LOVE!!
5 Maisha
One of the best eyebrow products I've ever tried. The texture of the dipbrows is very smooth. At first I thought this was too expensive for a eyebrow product, however it's definitely money's worth!
5 Kirsten
Gift for daughter's birthday. Ordered last Sun eve, arrived Tues am. Well packed. Got the Med Brown colour, though actual amount in pot small my daughter's really very pleased with this and other reviews suggest only a little needed so will have to see how long it lasts. I would highly recommend Beauty Bay- better than other sites, quick delivery, well parcelled & good update communications.
5 Fiona
I orderderd ebony and it's perfect for my almost black hair! Love this stuff, the littlest bit goes the longest way it will last me a very long time. You have to use it with a light hand, especially with a colour as dark as ebony!
5 Karina
First time using this after always using cheap pencil and the difference is amazing. Stays so much longer and the colour is so consistent. definitely worth it !
5 Lauren
My order came today and I'm impressed! I bought the dip brow in chocolate with the number 12 brow brush and they work perfectly together. Application is great my brows look totally different!! 100% recommend :)
5 Emilie Hansen
Great for the eyebrows! So worth the splurge. The shade blond matches perfectly to my brows! (I'm a darkish blond)
5 Chloe
Only ever use ABH for my brows because you just can't beat it and I'm so glad Beauty Bay stocks it :)
5 Lou
I don't usually leave reviews for products (annoyingly so as I rely heavily on other peoples, my bad!) but I *had* to leave one regarding this product. I have never used anything so long-lasting and versatile. I have used gels, powders, eyeliner (ew), pencils, you name it... I tried Illamasqua eyebrow cake as well and it isn't as great as this product. I've had it for under a year (and I wear make up daily) and it still has the same long-lasting effect. I wear ebony and is the best for dark/black hair types. Because I am so pale, too it doesn't look harsh. Although, if you want bold brows then go for it, sister!
4 Taslima Akhtar
I got the shade dark brown. The colour is very cool toned, which is great. I love the consistency. It's nice and creamy. A little is a lot. This product will last absolutely ages. The only downfall is that it's a little hard to use. It can create some harsh brows if you go in too heavy handed. Can take some getting used to, but once you've got the hang of it, brows on fleek forever ever ever ever! Also your brows won't smudge or disappear during the day. Long lasting product :) great buy definitely!
5 Chante
This has to be my favourite eyebrow product. You don't need a lot of product at all, as a little goes a long way. I use this in conjunction with my ABH Brow Powder in Chocolate.
2 Sabina
I got blonde but the colour doesn't look right on my eyebrows I think I would need to get more of an ashy colour as it appears up to brown. I found this quite hard to make it stick with a light hand had to get more product for it to show on skin but then it ends up being too much. At the end of the day I also noticed parts of it had smudged. Although there is a lot of product in the pot.
5 Rebecca
Absolutely love this product. Makes my eyesbrows look amazing. Lasts all day and still have it after 4 months!!! Fantastic.
5 Stephanie McBride
I ordered this on Friday night and it arrived Monday morning, superb service! Great product and the colour (blonde) was perfect for me. Works well with a spooly brush and an angled brow brush to get the best look. Very pleased and it has solved my issue of this and disappearing brows!
5 Nim
Great! I bought ebony and dark brown. Glides really nicely and is very pigmented! Happy with the pomade! A successful investment??
3 Vera
I like the product just not the shade I bought. Sorry I didn't pick a soft brown as the taupe is not a very natural shade on me as a blonde.
4 Vanessa
Long lasting, swatches are true to colour however as it lasts ages (I've had mine 7 months) it does tend to slightly dry out, but even so I wouldn't use anything else now!
5 Stephanie
I love it!! I'm no expert when it comes to beauty but found this product surprisingly easy to apply. I choose blonde which I was slightly worried about incase it was too light but it's perfect for my dark blonde hair. Gives a lovely neat shape and colour to brows. Love it. Totally worth the price!
5 Kerry
To start, Beauty Bay are amazing! Fast delivery and easy access to products to purchase anything. I love this product and don't know how I have ever lived without it! Note, a little really does go a long way! It doesn't dry up and go crackly, very good coverage and stays on all day. Product can smudge (suppose that depends how much you put on) but I recommend setting it off with a bit of brown eye shadow, that always helps me. Purchase a small angle brush to apply and you're good to go. Plenty of YouTube tutorials out there to help you achieve a good brow look as well! A must buy! x
5 Kersti
It's awesome! Great for building the colour, not too pigmented.
5 Hanna
Great Product, but if you are a Makeup Beginner is this product difficult to apply.
5 Yasmin Dhaqane
Amazing and highly pigmented, so easy to use and so smooth, definetly recommend to anyone. I got the shade chocolate which matches my dark brown hair well. Love it!
5 Jacqui
This is amazing, taken a while to master using it. But I really do like the results. A firm favourite for all makeup looks.
5 Sarah
Amazing product! I'm a makeup artist and have the blonde and dark brown in my kit and those 2 are all I need. Always get compliments! Buy these now!
5 Wilma
I got this in taupe and its the most beautiful colour. It is not grey at all. My eyebrows are normally brown but with this they Look so much better and it Will last all day on your brows.
5 Maria
Amazing! New favourite!
5 Ellie
Absolutely love this product! Ordered it yesterday afternoon with free delivery and received it today - so pleased with the customer service will definitely be shopping with Beauty Bay again!
5 El
Love this product! goes on effortlessly, a little goes a very long way! when it arrived i thought it was the tiniest pot and replacing this is going to cost me a fortune! but its amazing will last a long time! wouldn't recommend anything else!
5 Amilyah
Fast delivery! Absolutely love! So much nicer compared to the mac!
4 Andrea
This is such a great product. A little is all you need. It lasted almost a whole work day, better than anything else so far. Did smudge a bit close to the middle of my eyebrows (t-zone), I have such an oily skintype! Might stay better with mineral foundation powder than liquid foundation...Still, tumbs up!
5 Leshelle
Love it so much!
5 Kendal
Purchased this recently, ordered it on the Saturday and it came on the Monday which was perfect. The product is easy to use and gives a long lasting finished look that doesn't smudge. The only negative thing I would say about the product is if you're picky about your brows looking more natural it will take a lot of practice to get that look with the pomade. All around fantastic product for cheap price, would definitely buy again.
5 Ayub
Used it for a year now! Still amazing, not dry. A true fave!
5 Ellen
I use this everyday! just my color and long lasting.
3 Amber
I ordered this product not so long back as it had amazing reviews and I noticed a few mua's raving on about it... At first I loved it and was a massive fan. After a couple of weeks it started to almost dry up and I have to mix it round a bit to soften it... Which just got a bit messy and then didn't go on as smoothly as it first did. There was nothing wrong with the way I stored it and the kid was always firmly on after use. Overall I like this product but have gone back to my Beautiful Brows palette.
5 Leslie
First time trying this, it's so lovely! Only need to use a tiny bit so can see it lasting long, just using a cheap brush and works a dream!
4 Emily
Until this pot of goodness came along from Anastasia, I was very much a powder kinda gal when it came to filling in my brows. But the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is a brow game changer. It does take a little practice and patience at first, but with the correct brush and right technique, this product creates beautiful brows. I wear the shade Medium Brown and have no complaints with the colour - it's a great match. Unfortunately it does have the tendency to dry out, but that's nothing a little drop of baby oil doesn't fix. Nevertheless, the formula is smudge resistant, waterproof and highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way - highly recommend!
5 JoJo
Such an amazing product!!! Got Ebony and Granite and I can't emphasise enough how well they adapt and match hair. Definitely recommend it
5 Abi
you can not go wrong with this product. it doesn't smudge or look shiny, it gives a nice HD look, it's waterproof which is extremely helpful when you want to keep good brows when swimming or beach etc. you need very little each time you use it so it will last for ages. great price from this website, I cant recommend enough.
5 Rebecca
Just got this amazing little product in Ash Brown. Love love love it! Can't get over how water proof it is! Really does not budge. I have filled in my eye brows for years and finally I have found the perfect product and it looks like it is going to last, I use very little. Definitely reccomend. I know a lot of people who use powders but personally I think they make your eyebrows look dusty.. This is great for a natural or bold look, you can build it up as much as you like. I do wish I looked up the shades first, Ash Brown is not as brown as I would like it, but it does the trick for now. Apparently my skin and hair has warmer tones than I thought... Lol
5 April
AMAZING. I've tried so many brow products over the years and this tops them all! Having ginger hair means i find it so difficult to find a product to match my hair colour and the auburn shade is perfect. Also you only need a really small amount on a brush so this pot will last me for months!
5 Lauren
I have dark brown hair and olive skin so choosing from the shade chocolate and dark brown was difficult but after buying chocolate the product was amazing! Picked the perfect shade and so easy to apply with an angled brush, a little goes a long way and will definitely be re-purchasing!!
5 Georgia
I am used to using a powder for my eyebrows and have used the same product for years. It was time for a change so I had a search around and saw that this product was extremely popular. First of all, the price is very decent for the product. I got the colour medium brown and it was a perfect match for my brows, it goes on so simply especially when using the Anastasia brush and spooly tool. There was no smudging or signs of wear throughout the day and it definitely gave me the polished and full eye brow look I was after. I think that this product will last a while even when using daily. I have dry skin, and unlike my other brow colour this one does not dry out the skin or flake. The blend ability is amazing and it achieves a natural look...or if you wanted a bolder look it is also buildable. I am so happy with this product and don't see myself using any other.
5 melanie
I've always used a pencil and then eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows because there not too bad so I was reluctant to buy this as I didn't think it would be worth it. Omg was I wrong!! It is amazing!!!! It looks so natural if u really blend it out. Will be buying this forever, altho the pot will probably last forever anyway haha!!
5 Carolann
Savior ! I have a really oily t zone and my brows are the same. I have tried lancome, illamasque amongst various other brands and this is the only brand that stays put !
5 Beth
The best eyebrow product on the market. Waterproof, sweatproof, smudgeproof it's amazing. It stays on all day and lasts a good 7+ months before it dries and when it does just add a tiny bit of baby oil and it's back to brand new. Perfect to achieve natural or bold brows depending on how much product is used!
5 Lisa
For a few years now I've been trying to find the perfect product to line and fill my over plucked brows. Well, I have found it. This product is amazing! The finished result is natural looking, lasts all day and doesn't smudge. Definitely worth the money!
5 tatsiana
I have natural blonde hair so the blonde color pomade looks pretty natural for me. I am really in love with this product and would highly recommend it to everybody. Great quality, good price. I'm totally satisfied!
5 caitlin
I absolutely love this product, as a redhead i have found it impossible to find a brow product that isn't simply way off or just orange however auburn is sheer perfection!
5 Brittany
I adore this product and I'm pretty sure my brows do too. It allows me to feel a lot more confident when I've used it and have never left the house without it! Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing it.
5 Jessica
I have dark brown almost black hair and like to fill my brows in with a dark brow product, choosing a shade online was difficult as i wanted the deep colour but without warm/orangey tones but not completely cool and ashy. Dark brown, although looks fairly warm in the pot is the perfect match and depending on how dark or light you want your brows ultimately depends on the amount of product used. This product lasts all day as well as being smudge, sweat and water proof this product makes filling in your eyebrows quick, easy and effortless.
5 Morgan
I have just ordered this product, so this review isn't really about the product but rather the company. I priced it up on the brands own website and the total came to around 17 and delivery was a long time due to the location. This website sells the exact same product with free 2 day tracked delivery and the website was much easier to navigate than the anastasia one! I just hope my product arrives and is as good as everyone says :)
5 Ana
Amazing product! I was unsure which one to buy but in the end I purchased the Dark Brown one and it works very well. Never had something as amazing as this for my eyebrows!
5 abbie
Would highly recommend this product! Long lasting used it everyday for about 6/7 months and looks hardly touched. Great value for money and looks amazing on eyebrows
5 Valeriya
I would recommend to anyone! I absolutley LOVE this product! The best brow product ever!
5 Taylah
I absolutley LOVE this product! I honestly do not use anything else on my brows since i have purchased this. I am fairly light blonde and the colour taupe is perfect for me! (I do prefer my brows a darker blonde though)
5 Isabella
Ridiculously good. It stays on for ever and with a tiny enough brush (I use the Zoeva 310 spot liner) you can create perfectly realistic hairs. But it's great for a quick brow as well. I know many people do the faded brow thing with this but it looks strange on me so I just apply it in even little strokes following the direction the hairs grow in. Perfect for thickening up brows. The shade Granite is great for black hair.
5 Ashleigh
AMAZING stuff! I'm not very experienced in doing anything with my brows and only recently started using pencil on them. I will never turn back! It's so easy to use- I also bought the Anastasia Beverly hills brush to go with it and it also does an amazing job! I bought soft brown and I have mid-dark blonde hair and matches me! Love love love it!! Can't see it running out any time soon a little goes a long way!
5 Jasmine
I love the texture of this product, it glides on smoothly. I use Zoeva 322 brow line brush and it works perfectly. The colour is highly pigmented so you only need a small amount. Would highly recommend!
5 Elise
The best brow product ever! I heard so many great reviews about this item, so I had to buy it and try it out! I've always struggled with my eyebrows but this product makes them look amazing! I bought the dipbrow in the shade medium brown which I was worried would be too dark against my blonde hair however using an angled brush and clean mascara wand I apply lightly and brush out after, creating the perfect brow colour! It's especially great to help fill in your eyebrows (I was a bit pluck happy at age 13!) I have had this product for over 6 months now and still have loads left! I would reccomend it to everyone and I will never go back to using a pencil!
5 Dovile
I would recommend to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Extremely happy with this product,the colur matches perfectly,it lasts long,even in sea water,doesn't melt in the sun.The jar will be enough for many years to come :)
5 Frida
Best make-up purchase I've done! Ordered this with mini duo brush, perfect combo. Fast delivery and great customer service via twitter, I'll defenitley order from Beauty Bay again!
5 Traci
I' ve always been a pencil kinda girl for brows, but wasn't getting the definition or long lasting wear I desired. I am always hesitant to try new products with a bigger price tag on the chance I may not like how it looks on my skin. Then my sister suggested to look on beautybay for eyebrow kits, so I did and came across dipbrow pomade! With a great pricetag and 5 star reviews, I took the chance and ordered! I was super excited when I came across dipbrow pomade on your website, as it came in the only colour I like to wear on my brows, that being Taupe! So many makeup lines dont sell taupe, so this was a win for me. When dipbrow arrived I fell in love with the packaging, a beautiful little glass jar with a pretty gold emblem on the lid, im a sucker for great packaging! And when I tried the dipbrow for the first time, I knew I had found love, the colour is the perfect tone for my features and the formula glides on so well with precision and it really lasts! While most of my face was showing wear by the end of the day, my eyebrows were still completely flawless! Thanks beautybay for my ABH dipbrow experience, I cant wait until my #12 brush arrives next! Trace
5 Shila
I cannot express how much I love, love, love this product!!! It definitely lives up to its claim and is worth every penny spent! This little pot of goodness glides on to the skin and hair smoothly to create a clean defined brow giving the illusion of fuller and thicker brows. It is waterproof and stays put on all day and isn’t a nightmare to take off when removing your makeup. You only need to apply the smallest amount to get the prefect natural look so the pot should last you a good few months so there’s no need to be spending loads of money on brow pencils. Initially, I purchased the Ebony shade and found that this colour didn’t suit my skin tone as well as I hoped so purchased the Dark Brown shade and it’s perfect! Have been recommending this product to everyone I know!
5 Rachael
So good, doesn't keep my brows in place very well so i still need to set them but the colour is so nice and i can build up so many different looks with it. Will probably last my whole life cause you use so little each time.
5 Yana
This product makes my eyebrows look flawlessly neat,the price is good for what you get and the delivery was as promised. Just a great product in general and I recommend getting from beauty bay.
5 Eszter
Amazing product, it lasts against extreme heat, rain, sweat, smudging. My brows finally look how i've always wanted them to!
5 Deirdre
I'm just in love with this product, i bought the Ebony shade. its more of a cool dark tone, so for anyone who doesn't like any warmth to their brows this shade is definitely the one for you. so easy to apply i tend to apply a small amount on the brow with an angled brush and then i smudge the product to the shape of the brow with a clean angled brush.
5 Ayda
Arrived extremely quickly and I have to say is the best brow product I have ever had, I re-ordered it in different colours on the arrival date, it also doesn't budge one bit in the rain :)
5 Zara
Love this! I was considering buying this for months seeing it as just another internet hype but it is actually worth it and has improved my eyebrow game! Also a little bit goes a long way so its a good investment!
5 Han
Such an amazing product! Second time purchasing this product. The formulae glides on like a dream, long lasting plus it's so affordable.
5 Megan Simons
This is the BEST product I have ever used on my brows!!!! Not only is it long lasting throughout the day, only a small amount of product needs to be used which means the pomade lasts a very long time. This stuff is my holy grail, I wouldn't use anything else. Would definitely recommend!
5 Emily
Everyone had been going on about this product so i thought i would buy it, the delivery service is brilliant not only is it free. It came extremely fast i could not be happier! This product is amazing and would recommend to anyone!
5 Louise
Got this in the post today and couldn't rip the packaging off fast enough in excitement after reading all the fabulous reviews. After trying powders, pencils crayons and Macs pomade I was unsure of how the product would work and have also had trouble with colour selection. I often found with using brown products my eyebrows looked too light and unnatural an therefore used black very lightly. I have dark brown hair and this was also the pomade I selected. The product is easy to work with, a little goes a long way, totally worth it. It is honestly the best eyebrow product I've ever used and will never turn to a powder or pencil again
5 Mai
Absolutely most amazing eyebrow product I've tried so far. I stumbled upon this a few days ago whilst looking for a waterproof eyebrow product as I am going on vacation next week. I chose the color Ash Brown, even though I have blonde hair. I was a little worried that the color would be way too dark, but when I received it, it was the perfect match. It has a grayish tone to the brown, so it's a quite cool shade. I lightly apply the product to my brows with an angled brush, and afterwards I brush them with a spoolie brush. I don't directly put the product on my brows though, but gently wipe the brush with the pomade on the back of my hand until I've got my desired amount of pomade on my brush. I've heard that this product should be difficult to apply if it's your first time using it, but I found that wasn't true. At all! It's definitely waterproof, and if I sleep with it overnight my brows look exactly the same as they did the day before. This was my first time ordering from BeautyBay, so of course I was a bit nervous about ordering it. I ordered it with Express Delivery as I needed it as soon as possible. According to the service you should get the product within 3 business days, but since I wasn't home when the product was attempted delivered, I picked it up at my local postoffice the next day. Absolutely incredible service and great product. I'm definitely going to order more from Beauty Bay in the near future.
5 silvija
excellent product ... long and pigmetiran. very little of the product to be filled eyebrows. I give him full marks
5 Rachel
I ordered soft brown as I have blonde hair so didn't want to go too dark. Colour is perfect and I can make it lighter or darker depending how much product I put on the brush. Best eye brow product I have ever bought! Good if you aren't an expert! Glides on so easy. Eyebrows now only take 2 mins!
5 Remy
Bought this after looking at many clips on U Tube trying to decide what colour. Its fab I love it and is everything that everyone is saying. I would recommend buying the Anastasia brush to go with it as well as I am sure it is better to have the whole combination. I have dark eyelashes and brown eyes but my hair is now golden blonde coloured. A friend bought the dark brown and I could see that was going to be too black to I opted for the medium brown. I used for the first time today and am really happy with the results - its a fab colour. I probably could have put more on to achieve more of a mid brown. Being the first time I was being cautious and I would say it is probably more of an Ash tone brown. However, with experiement I am sure that I will get the colour that I want. Goodbye pencils... Don't hesitate to buy its well worth it and will last for ages.
5 Lauren
After lusting over this or a while I decided to take the plunge. I was already an ABH brow convert as I had previously used the brow wiz which i still love. I shied away from dip brow as I'd seen many you tubers go all out drag with their instagram eyebrows and this product was the culprit! However it is AMAZING, i purchased this with the #12 brush and what a match made in heaven. The dip brow is so velvety and you only need a small amount for natural looking eyebrows. I thought it would be more time consuming however now my eyebrows are done in 2 minutes! I purchased taupe as I'm a white blonde and hate the golden/orange eyebrow look most blonde shades offer and its perfect! I will never use anything else. 10/10 would definitely recommend!!
5 Mah-Noor
I cannot recommend this product enough, it is so pigmented and sooo long lasting! I have had this product for almost a year and still have waaay more than even half left, it seems like a small pot but it's such a great investment due to the longevity and pigmentation of the product. I would recommend purchasing this with beauty bay's slanted eyeshadow brush which is so inexpensive but so great to use with this :)
5 Nika
This really is an amazing product.
5 Mia
Perfect!! Gives your brows the best shape and is so easy to apply!!!
5 Laura
Best makeup purchase ever!! it's such a good product as you only need a small amount each time so it lasts for ages. I bought mine around 6 months ago, wear it everyday and still have loads left, will definitely last me at least 2 years if not more!! couldn't say more good things about it, apart from I would highly recommend the ABH angled brush to apply it with, it works a treat.
5 leah
Amazing. I swear by this stuff. The tiny little bottle easily lasts me a whole year! I could never go back to pencils now. 10/10!!!
5 Katie
Amazing product, a little goes a long way so it will last ages. Bought in shade taupe - I have platinum blonde hair and light/medium brown eyebrows so didn't want something too harsh and this colour works perfectly
5 kellie
best eyebrow product! if your product dries out like mine did add a drop of baby oil!
5 Maria Chiara
I've tried other brands of the same product, I think this is the absolute best I've used. Easy in the writing and the consistency of cream perfect. I have red hair and are never succeed to find the perfect color for me (the color you use blondes), I always had to mix with other products. passed with flying colors!
5 Jo
So amazing! I only need to use a little amount and it's perfect colour. I've got the ash brown
5 Malin
I've tried three different colors of this now, because they turn out quite dark when you put it on. Ended up with the color blonde, even though i have brown hair. The color is darker in real life than on these pictures. Anyway, I really love this product, it sits on for hours and is easy and fast to apply once you get the hang of it. The only downside is that it dries very quickly in the pot and gets kind of hard to work with the further you get down the pot. But, I just warm it up on the back of my hand, and i works very good!
5 Eleanor
I ordered the Dipbrow pomade in Ebony. My eyebrows are very dark almost a black colour. I received this today and the product was in great shape, I then tried it out and I love it!! Definitely worth the hype!
5 Safira
Love this product. Brought it in dark brown it's the perfect match. Stays on my brow all day. Recommend this product to all.. Don't know why I didn't purchase this earlier. 5*
Incredible!! Just love this product I'm totally converted bought it on Ash brown as I find browns to go very auburn on me. Lasts all day and looks fab. Will never look back xxx
5 Marie
This is the best eyebrow product I have tried!! The color blonde is good when you don't want too dark eyebrows - like for everyday makeup. When ever im going out I always use a color that is a bit darker :-)
5 Niamh
Brilliant product bought this 8-9 months ago and it's still full!! This stuff will last you years! Love it
5 Rachel
I have medium blonde hair but ash brown eyebrows and I got the shade Taupe. Perfect match and love how my eyebrows look with it
5 Raquel
I purchased this product, and I can not live without. I love it! I chose the color in Auburn because I have red hair. But I can guarantee that it is not so red. :) Great product, congratulations.
5 Ciara
This has changed my brows for the better! I was hesitant to try a product like this just because the thought of gel liner; (which is what I think of when I look at these pots) on my brows is so scary haha, but it's not like that at all I promise! A little goes a long way and it goes on smoothly but is more of a cream to powder finish than a gel, which makes it look more natural. It holds your brow hairs in place which is a plus. I apply it with the Zoeva Brow Line brush which I recommend (you can buy it here on Beauty Bay), the thinner the brush the better if you like a defined brow. This stays in place all day. :) I have super oily skin and I wear it when I workout and everything and my eyebrows are perfect even after bootcamp classes haha.
5 Monna
I bought this in chocolate and I just love love love it!
5 Gema
I love this product, I ordered the blonde color since I'm blonde and I will perfect. I've even washed my face and the product is not going, it's really waterproof. As for the product, worth buying here because orders are fast. Here repeat my secure.
5 Vanessa
I completely love this product! I apply it with an angled brow brush like the Louise Young LY30 and it works perfect to achieve both natural and fierce brows that last all day.
5 Meg
Amazing product for eyebrows, lasts forever had for around 2-3 months and still got a practically a full tub left. I chose the blonde colour for my eyebrows having blonde hair, I was sceptical at first because I like to dye my eyebrows when I get HD brows done and was going to chose a darker colour but was afraid it would be too dark! However it was a perfect match and is great applied with an angled brush (I use a real techniques one) Heard great things about this product through watching make-up tutorials online and would say its definitely a 5* product and it got delivered super quick:) Thinking of purchasing a couple of shades darker next along with a pencil, also want to mention that I had a sauna bath and then showered and washed my hair after and the product was still perfectly intact very impressed!! Unlike my eye make-up which had all ran.
5 Lyndsey
I bought this product along with the Anastasia Beverley Hills Angles Cut Brush. There is a lot more to the product then I expected, and the colour is lovely. I choose the taupe colour which is lovely. Goes on very smoothly and lasts well.
5 Tamara
I have dyed black hair and use the shade Ebony. This is the PERFECT shade for black hair, it looks natural and not fake like most dark coloured eyebrow make up does. Dipbrow will last you absolutely ages so it's worth the money! I absolutely love the formula as it is easy to apply and stays put all day. Tip: watch video tutorials online on how to apply get lots of practice!
5 Jonelle
Love this! I brought it purely from the reviews on here and I don't think I'll ever go back to my previous products. This is so easy to use and it will last forever because you only need to use a little amount.
4 Lauren
Bought this in medium brown and it was nearly a perfect match for my hair! Heard a lot about this again. A gorgeous silky formula that leaves brows looking sleek and very well groomed! I can imagine that for people who want their brows to look more natural, they might find this a bit full on but I'm a big fan of a strong brow and I'll be using this every day!
5 Eszter
Got it in Soft Brown - the shade's perfect for my hair colour. If you are unexperienced with the Dipbrow Pomade it's quite easy to put on too much and make your eyebrows too big and/or over accentuated. However, I got the hang of the product after a few uses and I love it now! Make sure to use the correct brush for it though, if your brush's tip is too big it will be really hard to apply the correct amount as you only need a tiny bit.
5 Elianne
I only just received it and used it once, but let me say, it's so much better and easier than using plain powder! It looks so pretty and is so easy to use. You don't need a lot of product at all, which is amazing because you get a lot for not even that much money.
5 Debbie
So thrilled to receive this. Only had a quick play around with it and I can tell it's gonna be the best thing that's ever happened to my brows! The packaging is beautiful too. Extremely fast delivery and well packaged also.
5 Elena
it is the best product for the eyebrows !!!
5 Sam
I bought this last week and chose standard delivery, however received it the very next day which was great. I have naturally dark brown/black hair and chose the colour ebony and it's a perfect match. I usually only use pencil for my brows so was new to this type of product, I used a MAC 208 brow brush to apply this, you literally need the tiniest bit to see results. It's so effortless and so worth the money. Would recommend highly!
5 Kelly
Chocolate: when I bought this i was worried it was going to be too red and warm.... but it is the perfect brown! you only need the tiniest amount when using this product and this will probably last me forever! will definitely pick this over my ELF kit. Totally worth it and so creamy and easy to apply!
5 Alicia
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown: I absolutely love this product. It's application is so easy, once you have a small thin brush to apply the product onto the brow. The consistency is perfect - not too thick or thin. Be aware that if you keep the product open for a long time then it may dry out, however this has not happened to me yet, and I occasionally spend half an hour perfecting my brows (not a pro yet). Before buying it in Soft Brown, I bought it in Chocolate, as I thought it looked the right color on the photo. I was totally wrong, so I resulted to reading the recommended colors for my head hair color. This turned out to be the right colour, though usually I'm skeptical about recommendations. The same is true for other women I know. Anastasia Beverly Hills know exactly what they are talking about, so I highly encourage reading their Dipbrow Pomade color recommendations; it won't be too light for you, I promise. I've had mine for about 4 months, and I still have a huge amount left. Neither has is gone out of date;, so it is well worth, rather than pencils which run out after a month or 2! Using a spoolie you can diffuse the product to create a more natural look. Overall - I love this product!
5 Raquel
I love this product! I can no longer do without. Good I buy, and I wonder why I do not buy before. Pretty reasonable delivery times for Italy. I am very pleased with my purchase and the seriousness of this website. :)
5 Lara
This product is amazing, didn't no whether to get dark brown or chocolate (I have medium-dark brown hair), however, I chose dark brown and am so happy I did- this shade is perfect! It lasts all day, you hardly need any product, I can't fault it in any way whatsoever!
5 Jodie
Absolutely love this! I stumbled across this brand on a youtube video, and ordered it immediately. I did debate between the colour chocolate or dark brown, and I'm so happy i chose dark brown, it is perfect (I have very dark brown hair)! I previously used a different branded brow box, which was powder with a separate wax to apply. I struggled to get them all even in colour, and it was always blotchy. This however goes on so smoothly and glides easily using an angled brow brush. I also found my previous brand came off easily with one swipe of a make up wipe, dipbrow takes a few swipes and stays in place perfectly, lasting me throughout the day! People may think for a small pot is expensive, however the amount you actually need everytime is ridiculously small, this is going to last me a long time! Cannot fault BeautyBay in anyway either, first time ordering from here, I got free delivery which is always a bonus, and, the delivery time was fast! I was really surprised to receive it as soon as i did! Can't wait to purchase more Anastasia products!
2 zahra
SO GOOD! A must have in the makeup bag. Been using this since january and i lovelovelove it! And its so with the money, because i bought one in jan and i could probably use it in 2 years!!!
5 Jennifer
Works really well and I am satisfied, however it is slightly darker than what it is shown to be on the website. I used soft brown and although the actual product is wonderful, the colour is slightly dark for me as I have incredibly pale skin and blonde hair. I would recommend this product and i believe it is totally worth the money :)
5 Khrystyna
The best product for brows ever!
5 Abbie
Before this product I just used to use a drugstore eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows. I tried loads and I can honestly say I'm so glad I found this product. It makes my brows look so much more natural and doesn't give them the gingery colour that other products used give me (I have golden blonde hair and bought the shade blonde) I used an angled brush to apply this product and a spoolie brush to blend it out. Had it just over 2 weeks now and I've barely scraped the surface off. So pigmented it so worth the money. I will never ever ever ever!!!! Go back to a pencil again
3 Ellie
I follow Anastasia Beverly Hills on Instagram and I loved how the eyebrows looked using the pomade so I went ahead and bought it. I expected it to be worth the money but figured out I wouldn't be able to get my eyebrows exactly the same as they do on the pictures. I find it quite hard to put on and noticed that my eyebrows look a mess at the end of the day, maybe I just need more practice applying!
5 Matilda
I love this product!
5 Iulia
Very good product, defines eyebrows better then using eyeliner or powder. I choose a darker shade than it was supposed for my eyebrows but I will definitely go for a lighter one to combine those both. I recommend it !
5 Jasmine
really quick and FREE delivery! product is amazing, and lasts ages, well worth the 15.00!
5 CinPolanco
I loved this product and I'm doing another order. Super recommended !!!!
5 Ai Lee
Never use a eyebrow product like this one...waterproof and look stays all day...worth the hype
5 Olivia
Ordered in January, used it every single day since then and still have a lot left! If I could choose one makeup product this would be it.
5 Lauren
Just had this through the post! Ordered on saturday afternoon received on Tuesday even though there was a bank holiday Monday. Really impressed! Haven't tried it yet but the colour looks perfect I can't wait to use this x
5 Natasha
I have only used this a handful of times and I am already obsessed! I have the shade ash brown and it is a very natural looking colour with practically no warm undertones, it also dries a fraction lighter than shown in the pot. Unlike what I thought, the formula is extremely creamy, and a tiny amount goes a long way. I would recommend using a small amount of the product on a fine angled brush and having a spoolie on hand as the product blends like a dream when you run the spoolie through it. I wouldn't recommend this brow filler if you are looking for something that will give a very natural looking brow. Otherwise, this product is amazing (and I feel like it's gonna last forever too)!!!
5 nuala
wow just wow the hype for this product is worth it this product is amazing and worth every penny i suffer from alopecia so losing my brows inst a nice thing but with this product you wouldn't even know it certainly has helped my confidence
5 Jordan
I bought the shade taupe and I have light brown, almost blonde hair. This was the perfect shade. It took me a while to get used to the product but now I have used it for a while, I feel that I am applying it well and it looks amazing!
5 Courtney
Absolutely in love with this product! I'd see it around throughout the beauty community for sooo long and finally thought i'd give it ago and i'm soooo happy I did! Definitely worth the hype and will definitely remain one of my must haves!
5 Khadijah
I got this in the colour soft brown at first because I recently died my hair light. However I then just chose dark brown instead and used a little. This gave a much better look as a little goes a long way with this product. I'm asian with an olive tanned tone and dark brown is perfect. It doesn't budge or smuge so perfect!
5 Eleanor
Just recieved the dipbrow in blonde and it is perfect. Lasted all day, helped to hold my eyebrows in place as wel as define them. The colour was perfect, I used to use Mac's fling pencil but it ran out way too quickly whereas this pot will last forever but gives the same/similar colour. I'm a blonde but my eyebrows are fairly dark for a blonde and this colour works really well with them. Great for defining but can also be used for a more natural look. I use it with a small angled brush.
5 Kefaya
Amazing product and fantastic quick free delivery! The product is very long lasting and as other users have said a very light hand must be used when applying. I did initially feel i had chosen the wrong shade for my olive skin tone (i bought ebony) however i am still using it very lightly! I can see this lasting a very long time but will surely be ordering again once i start to run low!
5 Me
Love it. I bought this in the shade chocolate. I am black (and have medium toned (in terms of dark skin) however, my eyebrows are fairly light and far from bushy. I therefore cannot wear most eyebrow products designed for dark skin tones as I end up looking weird... The brow pomade works great for me. I am able to achieve a natural yet polished look. The tiniest amount of product goes a long way. I honestly expect to have plenty of product left a year from now. It is easy to apply (with an angled liner brush or a brow brush) and lasts all day long
5 Falka
Amazing! I use a sharp angeled mini-duo brush to put it on, that's also an Anastasia product. With this brush I think it's easy to apply. I used to have an eyebrow pencil, and in my opinion that's more difficult than this liquid one. The pomade stays on perfectly. I'm in eyebrow heaven :-). I have dark brown, almost black hair and the dark brown colour works perfect for me.
5 Danielle
I love this so much! I thought the blonde one would be too light and yellow (my eyebrows are a little darker than my hair colour) but it was perfect! Awesome product and just works so well
4 Abigail
Easy to apply, long lasting! My problem however is that most of the colours are really dark, with the ABV pencil I'm soft brown, but in these it looks almost black on me and the blonde is much too light! Definitely a lot of blending needed!
5 Lea-Katharina
This product is worth all the hype it gets in the beauty community! My eyebrow game has changed 100% and my brows never looked more natural or flawless before! The packaging is simple but smart and ensures that the product won't dry out too quickly. You only need a tiny amount on an angled eyeliner brush to fully do your brows but you can increase the intensity of the color by using a bit more without it looking drawn on!! The texture of the product is creamy without being too slippery but not hard or wax like so you can blend it out and achieve a flawless finish! Even with sparse eyebrows you will look amazing using the dipbrow pomade! I can highly recommend this product and the shade Ebony for anyone with dark brown hair!!
5 anne
love this product..lasts all day!
5 Lisa
Love it! Longlasting and quite easy to use. I have dark blonde- light brown hair and taupe is perfect. If you struggle between taupe and medium brown, I'd suggest rather trying the lighter shade. For me, any brown shade would be too dark. I'm from Germany and shipping was 8 days. I will definitely buy some more products from Beautybay, thank you!
5 Kristine
Up until now, I used Mac impeccable brow pencil in taupe which is kind of a waxy-textured pencil with Mac eyeshadow copperplate over, but both of those products are now discontinued and i recently ran out. I decided to check out this and I LOVE it!! Its got both the waxy texture and amazing color payoff and lots of colors to choose from. I chose taupe and i fell in love! I wish I knew about this product earlier. Will definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a good brow product!!!!
5 Sophie
5 Gia
I have fallen in love with this beautiful product! It's fantastic I can't say enough good things it makes having fantastic brows so simple! Get on it
5 Georgia
I love this product! I use chocolate and the colour suits me perfectly, really easy to use and people are always asking me what I use to do my eyebrows. I have ordered this from here twice now and both times the delivery was really quick, can't fault it :)
5 Elaine O'Brien
Outstanding! ! As a fair haired, fair skinned irish girl this product in blonde worked amazingly well! ! It applies easily, blends flawlessly and looks so natural and clean. ......perfect in every way!
5 Tatum
It's really hard to get good makeup products in Australia so I thought I'd give this site a try and the service was amazing not to mention how fast my package came. So happy with my dipbrow it glides on perfectly and stays all days!!
5 Alisha
Great product. Thought it was going to e a lot smaller than it actually is! Really pleased with it. Great packaging and really fast at shipping! Great website overall.
5 Sorcha
You really only need the smallest amount of product to really make an impact, the gel is super pigmented and glides on so well. Couldn't recommend this enough for anyone who loves make-up! Definitely research swatch colours before you buy, Chocolate was much darker than I expected but it actually looks well :)
5 Cindy
Great product. I east asian and was worried granite would be too strong a colour, but the color is very natural on. The product layers, very little product gives a natural look, and a bit more really emphasizes the brows.
5 Kiah
5*! Love this, easy to apply and stays on all day! Looks great when you apply properly.
5 Yvonne
OMG! I already knew these were good as I already have it in Chocolate, but when I got the one in Blonde I was thinking did I waste all that money on something that's going to look orange on me? No, I didn't! The colour suites me perfectly and I couldn't be happier with it. I also love the fact that it was cheaper here on Beauty Bay than in stores here in Norway.
5 Abigail
I bought the Dip Brow in Medium Brown because I could not find any other brow products that came in as many shades and were predominantly cool toned, now I've had this for a few months now and I absolutely love it! It makes filling in my brows super easy and they look so natural. It's also cut down my brow routine to just 5 minutes for both brows! Highly recommend this to anyone! Also a useful little storage tip: Store it upside down, it stops it from drying out as fast, don't ask it just does.
5 Irina
Shipping was fast, very well packaged. the product is amazing, well applied, is held throughout all day long!
5 Megan
I've always used cheaper products on my eyebrows, although they still looked good my eyebrows smudged easily, probably more because my skin can be oily at times. I decided to try out the Dipbrow pomade in dark brown, and it's easy for me to say it's the best product I have used on my brows and worth every penny! I'd recommend to anyone*****
5 Mae
Amazing product. I have very very dark brown eyebrow hair which is almost black and usually I find it hard to find a product which blends in well with my brow hair. I often find that many products are too light and they make my brow hair stand out like a sore thumb. I bought this product in ebony and when it came I feared that it may be slightly too dark (unusual for me to have this problem) but it's a perfect colour. It's easy to start off with a tiny amount of product on your brush and then build up the colour to a shade that suits you. I ordered the Anastasia Beverly Hills mini duo brush to use with the dipbrow and they are a perfect combo. By far the best brow product I have used, 10/10!
5 Michelle
Bought it in Dark brown and it's perfect for filling in my eyebrows! I have black/very dark brown hair and so will also be purchasing this in Ebony to define my eyebrows. Takes a while to get the hang of but the result is amazing! You can go from natural to bold, depending on your style. Definitely waterproof as it did not smudge at all throughout the day. It's raved about for a reason guys!! Holy grail 10/10
3 Alejandra
I bought the eyebrow pomade in medium brown but I feel it's a lot darker when you apply it to your brows (looks practically black on mine and my natural hair colour is light brown). I will say it's easy to apply and you don't need to use huge amounts as its thick and sticky.
5 Salina
I swear by this product! I use it along with the ABH eyebrow brush and i get the most smooth and natural finish. It's also longlasting. Not only that but beautybay's delivery service is AMAZING. They are so fast and they keep you updated with where your parcel is which i love because i am quite a fussy customer. I am forever a beautybay customer.
5 Rita
Just received this product and i am in love with it!
5 Angela
I chose the color Ebony which I was hesitant about because of the possibility of being too dark on my dark brown brows because I found Dark Brown and Chocolate too warm but it works well with my color (Ebony). It is long-lasting and it won't smudge unless you rub it hard with your finger and even then it won't look like a mess. Plus, Beautybay's price is really unbeatable I think.
5 Grace
Best brow product ever, holy grail. Its so versatile I can make my brows really full and HD or softly frame them, I highly recommend it to everyone.
5 Lucy
This makes my eyebrows look incredible and on fleek! Brilliant delivery service, I ordered on the Sunday and it arrived Tuesday. Very impressed with Beauty Bay overall and will be using this website a lot more in the future
5 Rosalyn
Love that product. I already tried so many different brow products but this is by far the best. It is really long lasting and smudge free.
5 Emily
I have been using other expensive eyebrow products and this is the best one I've used! Really recommend this to people that want a HD Brow look. Amazing product and fast shipping!
5 Inna
Thank you very much! excellent! keeps the whole day!
5 Natasha
Such an amazing product, leaving my brows looking natural, full and on point. Easy to use and only need the tiniest bit to achieve the perfect brow!! Only took 15 days to ship to Australia. What are you waiting for!? ORDER THIS PRODUCT NOW!
5 Lauren
Such a versatile product it leads the way when it comes to defining your brows and such an array of colours! A little definitely goes a long way so the pot lasts you for ages as well which is always a bonus and once it's on it stays on all day no need for touch ups
5 Ramla
Changed my life, would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to try something new one their brows. I have greasy skin and was worried but this is the perfect blend between cream and matte.
4 Marilyn
Not bad. I think it takes skill to do this. I may need to practice using this to colour my brows as I have sparse and stubborn hairs. Need to try more. Bought the other trial palette too. Hopefully this works.
5 Jamie
Never a bad brow day!! Love it and will repurchase!!
5 Sarah
I loved it! ..
5 Nina
I like this product. Fast shipping to spain almost 2 weeks. I chose dark brown for my chocolate hair. Good chica.
5 Katie
AMAZING product!!!! Only had it 2 days and it's just brilliant! Had so many comments about my brows. Yes it's expensive but you don't need a lot so will last for ages!!! If your thinking of taking the plunge then do!!!
5 Irene
I have been using pencils and shadows to fill my eyebrows, however when I've heard about this and actually tried it, I couldn't stop using it. The consistency of the product is great, it will fill your eyebrows beautifully! I am highly recommending this product to everyone!
5 Lalitha Tirupatimahanthi
This is the product I am obsessed with! I got it today thank you beautybay for making my day for delivering it on time! So @beautybay will be my favourite website to get everything related to makeup
5 Mehmet
The biggest love! Amazing product!!!
5 Nicole
Absolute brilliant product! I couldn't decide between this and the brow wiz though I'm glad i bought this. Really easy to use and gives a real natural look to the brows. I purchased this after watching Sam from Pixiwoo on youtube use this with the louise young ly31 which i also bought here. Delivery was super fast im considering buying another shade a definite must buy!
5 Riikka
This product is just AWESOME! Never bad browdays again.
5 indie
Just bought the dipbrow. Easy to put on and lasts all day. Love the product. Bought the dark brown colour and I'm Asian. Suits me fine and gives a natural look. Would definitely recommend this product. Great value at on beautybay especially as its pricey in the shops. I would say its a must have in your make up bag!!!!
My order came really quick in the post. Used it this morning and I am really really impressed. You only have to use the tiniest amount of product on the brush and it covers the brow. I've been using NYX brow gel and Benefit Brow Zings which usually smudges off during the day and doesn't stay very well. But with this is brilliant!! Worth the money and would definitely recommend and also to buy the brush to go with it (think it's #12).
5 LouiseW
I just got this in the post this morning, used it straight away and was SO impressed. I've used so many products on my brow, from the NYX eyebrow gel to Benefit Brownings. Nothing has been as good as this dipbrow pomade. You hardly have to put anything on the brush and it goes on so nicely! Very very impressed. Would 100% recommend. Also the brow brush which goes with it, #12. Also really fast postage!
5 Birgül
These are absolutely grandiose!!! Holds all the day long!! Only the colors were a little bit too dark for my haircolor. I'll order again
5 Denosha
I have natural black South Asian hair. GRANITE is THE BEST FREAKING THING I HAVE USED ON MY BROWS. I used pencil before but i am never looking back now. This product make me cry of joy! I get so many compliments on my brows. Defs worth all the money.
4 Georgia Barnett
this product is amazing! Very long wearing and great coulor pay off, you can achieve whatever depth of coulor you like as it blends out like a dream. Also a plus was also that I recieved free delivery and it came within 3 days. Very pleased indeed.
5 Fern
Very impressed with this - after using benefit browzings for years Im now converted! Must buy
5 Charmaine
Love!!!!! i used to just heat an eyebrow pencil and use that as a gel... so much waste and effort. Love this stuff so happy i bought it and found it for such a cheap price!! (i live in Australia)
5 Kyleah
I love this product! I use it to define the tail end of my brows and use the brow wiz on the rest of my brows for a more natural look. Dipbrow is amazing as once it sets it doesn't budge!
5 Siti Hadjar
The best brow product. I'm addicted to anastasia brow product. Will sure repurchase.
5 Amy
Honestly the best brow product ever! I've used benefit browzings for the longest time but I will be using the brow pomade from now on. So easy to use and less if definitely more so don't be too heavy handed with the product. I cannot stop looking at my eyebrows now! Must buy!!!
5 Hayley
I have just received this absolute GOD SEND of a make up product. I cannot sing enough praises for this highly spoke about product. I have been a fixed fan of Rimmel eyebrow pencil ever since looked after eyebrows and power brow came into fashion, but decided to up my brow game after hearing everyone singing their praises about this and thrown my Rimmel eyebrow pencil into the bin. To be honest, I was not expecting much. But I have been absolutely shocked by the results. My eyebrows look fantastic, and even when they may look a bit too cartoon like, I have the choice of using an eyebrow brush to subtle the look which is great. They work as a perfect primer for brow powder and I'm absolutely thrilled that something everyone could not stop talking about has actually lived up to expectations as well. You are reminded every day how good your brows look with this product on. I catch myself looking in the mirror to admire my brows at least 5 times a day!
5 anissa
best brow product I've used so far. I've recently used benefit brow zings and pencil however even tho i loved it, it would smudge away way too easily leaving me with one long brow and one much shorter... but when i saw this product on beauty bay for just $15 (cheaper than U.S. retail price i believe and way cheaper than Australian price at $30) i had to buy it and of course it is now my go to product. does not budge and such a beautiful colour. i used dark brown but it really depends on how dark your brows hairs are.
5 Sue
Fantastic product. Easy to apply, great staying power. Beauty Bay's prices are the best I have found and they offer excellent service.
5 Fiona
Best brow Product ive used and i am addicted to brow products!! I've got the dark brown one and ive lightened my hair so ill be investing in some lighter shades soon!! And Beauty Bay seem to be the cheapest for this too!!
5 Elah
THE BEST EVER BOW PRODUCT! In love! I would definitely repurchase this. Super easy to apply, the texture is smooth, easy to glide/draw the brow. Definitely the perfect looking eyebrow product. *two thumbs up*
5 Isabella
Fantastic product, does not budge what so ever. The shade granite was perfect for my naturally dark brows and dyed black hair.
5 Poonam
My make up artist used this product on me for my engagement and ever since I kept wanting to buy it however the price was putting me off. But it was definitely the best decision buying this. The colour stays on, doesn't smudge, suits my skin colour perfectly. I bought the dark brown as I have an Asian skin tone. Will be buying again for sure! Best brow product I have bought.
5 Sue
After finding out about this product on eBay and the finding this amazing site they sells it even cheaper I was totally amazed after using this product and now I'm hooked, the service is second to none after receiving it a few days after ordering, brilliant product and superb service, couldn't ask for more 10+ rating for both.
5 Chanel
As a makeup artist I've been on the edge of getting one for years. Deffo in love with it and all my clients do
5 emily
I didn't think this product was going to be as good as people make it out to be, mainly because a lot of youtubers and bloggers are sponsored to say how good it is but its amazing!! I was going to buy the mac one at first because its the same price and you could just go in the store to see what shade you would need but this one has so many different shades and I don't think i'll ever use my benefit brow powder again after buying this!! + bonus is the shipping from this website is amazing
5 Emily
This is a brow game changer! I used to work for benefit and have had so many different brow pallets and products over the past few years and this is by far the best iv tried and seen on other people. Great texture, staying power colour range!
5 Toni
OMG I love it! I have used tint, pencils, powder & this is definitely the best brow product out there. You barely use any product so this will last me for ages! Great job Anastasia! Fast delivery by Beauty Bay too
5 Sylvia
The best eyebrow product I have ever used!!! It's absolutely amazing!!!! Worth every penny!!!
5 Amberlea
Buying this product was the best decision of my life. Brows always on point! Thank you Beauty Bay for shipping to NZ so i can have this amazing piece of gold in my life
5 Natasha
The holy grail of eyebrow products! Don't get me wrong I can make my eyebrows look good with other products but this is the best! I did a lot of research on this and I was glad I found a UK stockist! If you're looking for a long lasting brow product this is it! I find that this product is worth every penny and with the amount you need to use it would last longer than a year!
5 Caitlin
I have platinum blonde hair and the dipbrow pomade in blonde is the only product which is light enough to not look too harsh with my hair colour. At first glance the product looks quite yellow but I can assure you it is not. It definitely dries to a taupe shade which is the perfect balance of undertones-not too warm nor too cool. This product allows you to either create a very soft natural look when you use minimal product or you can create a very bold and precise look after building it up. This product is waterproof and very long-lasting with no smudging. When your face gets wet the product doesn't change consistency and make your eyebrows look cakey it stays dry and set so your brows will still look gorgeous after a swim. If you have an issue with gaps in your eyebrows or uneven lines it's very easy to fill them in and smooth out the lines with this product . Overall this is one of the best brow products I have tried and I have tried a lot. The only con to this product is it can dry up on the top layer but that layer is still usable just a little harder to work with. Definitely recommend this :)
5 Mika
I have medium, olive skin and jet black hair and after weeks of research I decided to get this in the shade Medium Brown. It's the perfect color for me especially for us girls who already have thick brows but still have some bald spots here and there.The product itself is very long lasting (I live in Malaysia and I'm a very sweaty person AND I have oily skin!), just as it claimed to be. If you're going for a more natural look, you need to have these three things in mind 1. get a good, fine-tipped brush 2. be VERY light-handed up the product little by little instead of going all on one swipe. I first tried this using an angled brow brush by Japonesque and it made my brows look so drawn on and sharpie-like. I tried and tried but no matter how lightly I applied, it still looked harsh. I knew it was the brush, not the dipbrow pomade itself. So I randomly grabbed a thin, flat brush I got as freebie (I'm not even sure what it was originally intended for but it looks like a lip brush/concealer brush - because it's flat and pointed) and using the same light strokes and a tiny amount of product, I applied it on my brows. It worked! I get that definition that I want on the bottom part of my brows while keeping the natural look on lock. Overall, this product is worth its hype.
5 Huma
The product in itself is raved about enough in the beauty world and it is honestly worth it's money. The creaminess of the pomade makes it buildable if you have the right technique, it doesn't matter what brush you have. Beautybay's delivery is so fast and considering it's free it makes you feel more glad as the customer x
5 Anja
I absolutely love this product!! I have black hair and really fair skin, but because i really like my brows thick and full i orderd the color ebony, and it's great. It has a great structure easy to apply on it doesn't smudge stays on all day even when i go to my workout. I would recommend it to everyone even girls with oily skin such as myself, stay on :)
5 Charlotte
Absolutely love this product!!! This was my first order from BeautyBay and I cannot fault the service at all! I ordered dark brown it's perfect for medium brown hair - it's not very dark which is perfect for me but you can build the colour up if you have darker hair. Would highly recommend this product and BeautyBay!!!
5 Tania
Such an amazing product! It look so naturally on my face. I got the color dark brown and depending on the quantity it may be softer when applied with light strokes or pretty dark if you apply more. I highly recommend it and I think it's a must have for every brow makeup collection.
4 Adelya
Very difficult product to work with. In the beginning it's very creamy and apllies in big amount. Later on becomes easier but still not fast to work with. But it lasts long time.
5 Sharna
The perfect addition to my collection! I love love love this pomade! it's so pliable and creamy. The packaging is small but whoa a little bit goes a extremely long way. I fill in my brows daily and this product is so ridiculously easy to work with it makes my morning routine a breeze. highly recommended product, easy purchasing and fast shipping. Thanks
5 martina
Love it!!!!!
5 Lima
I purchased this recently and have fallen in love with it immediately! I fill in my eyebrows daily, due to having a gap in one eyebrow secondary to a scar and I have to say that this product is so natural looking, it is easy to apply as it is so smooth, literally just glides on. You don't need to use too much of it either. My only issue was selecting the right colour, but after a few reviews on instagram and youtube I settled for the dark brown. I have a medium tanned complexion with black hair and was contemplating the chocolate but I feel the dark brown works perfectly. I also have one eyebrow thinner than the other and have to say this product helps to even out my look yet maintain a natural appearance. I think its a must have in your make up collection.
5 Imogen
IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT!!! Nothing can give a you more confidence than perfect brows! Definitely a staple for every makeup collection !
5 shirin
this is truly a fantastic product! takes some practise, but once you get the hang of it your brows will stay put the whole day throughout the night. doubles as an eyeliner too.
5 Munisah Mustafa
Just purchased the dip brow pomade by Anastasia beverly hills in the shade ebony and it's absolutely amazing! I bought it with some money I recieved for my 18th and was a bit wary at the price and size. Once i received it i was SHOCKED by the quality and richness of the product. It's so creamy and light and just perfect for outlining your brows. Also you don't need to use a lot of the product because as it's cream based it spreads evenly whilst looking flawless and perfect. I would strongly recommend ALL brow lovers to purchase this item too as it is of amazing quality and well worth the price! :-)
After reading lots of positive reviews I finally decided to order this and I'm happy I did. I spent forever trying to choose a colour and must have viewed about 100 YouTube reviews which I recommend you do if you're not sure which colour to get either. I have medium to dark hair, medium skin and dark brown, almost black eyebrows and couldn't decide between the dark brown, chocolate and even the ebony pomade. I finally chose dark brown and it works perfectly. When you look at it in the jar it looks quite light but it's not when you apply it and you can build up for a darker colour. The chocolate pomade is apparently darker than the dark brown but I think this may have been too dark for me and reviews also say chocolate has some red tone in it which I didn't want. The staying power is great and you really only need the tiniest bit of product so providing it doesn't dry out I can see the jar lasting me years! Really fast next day delivery was great too. If like me you're a bit obsessed with searching for the perfect brow product then buy this, you won't be disappointed.
5 Cara
Amazing! You will never use another brow product, soft and easy application and looks great! I got ebony and it's brilliant! Very fast postage also :)
5 Nurul
I've been drawing my eyebrows since I was 13. Pencils, powders, you name it and then, this. Totally amaze me. My best product ever! Currently using dark brown.
5 Maria
amazing, I have taken the medium brown has changed my life !!! I love it
5 Imogen
At first this was a little hard to get used too but after a few practices it's perfect! Use a slanted make up brush to apply and it looks amazing and very natural! The best eyebrow product I've used and I've tried plenty! I have very thin sparse eyebrows and this defines them and fills them in just right without looking too dark or drawn on, I got the colour ebony and my eyebrows are black, the pot lasts for ages defiantly worth the price you only need a dab!
5 Paige
Obsessed with this product will never look back and will definitely be ordering more
5 Heidi
Beautiful product, the quality is amazing! Best brow product I've ever used a definite must have for your daily make up routine!
5 Zaira
Great product, good and efficient delivery, overall good service by beauty bay!!
5 Jessika
Very please with this product, easy application. Can rub my eyebrows and it stays put and doesn't smudge! I brought medium brown and I have dark brown to black hair. No undertones or red so looks very natural. Highly recommended. Will be purchasing another.
5 Ewa
Amazing this product.I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very long lasting effect.
5 Olga
This is awesome!!Really easy to apply,good price, long lasting. Highly reccomend this product
5 javairia
I ordered this dipbrow simply because everyone had been raving about it, and honestly I'm not supprised they are! it's amazing, I got mine in the shade chocolate which matches my hair perfectly. the delivery was very quick and packaging was great. no damage to my item whatsoever. I totally recommend buying this product from this site! will definitely purchase another when mine runs out :)
5 Eri
Perfect colour match. I ordered dark brown which has the perfect amount of ashiness. It won't move unless you take your makeup off. All it needs is the tiniest amount.
5 Irina
I love this product. Soft brown matches me perfect!
5 Becky
Ordered this in Chocolate after much research into the colour! I have black eyebrows yet chocolate suits perfectly! This stays put all day which is amazing as other products I have used in the past have smudged throughout the day. It's true what they say, you only need a little bit.... So I'm going to have amazing brows for years!
5 Bella
I ordered this although I had read it was a difficult product to get the hang of, immediately after trying it out for the first time I realised I would need to use a light hand, which means a very little goes a very long way, this is an amazing product, its not a cream but not a gel, it transforms your brows and you can control it to make it look natural or you can make it dramatic, the price is worth it since the product doesn't budge all day and after months of usage I've barely used anything. However when ordering make sure you realise that the pictures make the product look a little darker than it is in reality. 5 star brow product!
5 Louise
Amazing!easy to use with fantastic results!!!love!!!
5 Kamila
This is the best eyebrow product I've come across. It stays put, is easy to apply and just looks nice and natural. I love it and will surely repurchase it when I'm out of it (what won't happen too soon I assume).
5 Sophie
Amazing!! From hearing all the great reviews on this product I had to order one because I have never been able to find a brow product that works well. I fell in love with this product as soon as I used it! It's easy to use and a bit of product goes a long way. The creamy texture is a lot more easy to use than powdered products in my opinion and it helps create the perfect brow shape. Would definitely recommend and is worth the money! P.s would advise watching YouTube tutorials on a demonstration.
4 Ellie
I tried this on and off for the first 2 months of owning this product and wasn't in love with it. Have recently given it another go and finally see what the hype is about. If this is used with an EXTREMELY light hand it gives the most beautiful finish. The colours are however quite dark, I have nearly black hair and the shade chocolate it very dark for me. Takes a bit longer than a normal brow product, but worth it if you have the time!
5 Laura
Love it! I don't think I'm ever going back to powder, this just gives me amaaaazing brows :)
5 Poppy
Amazing product, very easy to use, looks great with the brow-powder duo! A little does go a long way with this product, so be careful not to put too much product onto your brush otherwise you won't be able to work with the product and it'll make your brows look a mess.
5 Sara
Ordered this is medium brown and it is a nice dark/medium ash brown. Suits my brows perfectly, not red toned at all! Stays ALL day and my brows have never looked so polished. Totally worth the hype, this stuff is fantastic!
5 Rebekah
Adore this product! Slightly more dramatic than the pencils which I love for more bold eye looks! In love with this. Easy to apply. This is a must have.
5 Rukaiya
After all the hype on am the ABH dipbrow, I decided to give it a try and I absolutely love it. All the eyebrow products I have used previously don't match up to this product and I currently am not thinking of changing it. The texture makes it so easy to apply to your brows. Definitely 10/10. Wouldn't go for anything else. Worth 15.00!
5 Mojca
OMG! This product is amazing! I'm glad I purchased it here, because it's way cheaper than on I used to use brow powder to fill in my brows, and it usually took my around 10-15 minutes, but with this, it only takes me less than 5 minutes! So happy I got it, and I can't get over how cheap it is on this site hahaa!!! I love the deals on this site anyways. I love buying stuff on here! And also, now I understand why Anastasia is queen of brows.
4 Luna-Rose
After all the hype about this product, I decided to purchase. I have black hair, so I purchased shade Ebony Now I like the consistency of this, it goes on nice and smooth and is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way - however, the shades are quite warm toned, which I don't like. I know the brand carries more shades, and graphite is probably the one I'd purchase if it were available, but otherwise I'm happy with it. It's a tad pricey but as I say, it goes a long way, so I'd say it's worth it.
5 Jenske
So very pleased with this product! I was a bit scared at first, because people had told me it was a hard product to work with... Don't believe what they say! This stuff went on SO easily and it's so much faster than my previous brow routine! Absolutely love it!
5 Tessa
This product is SO CHEAP here! I will keep my eye on Beautybay from now on, this exact product costs 25 euros in Belgium
5 Michaela
Amazing product!!!!!- I have used it everyday for about 6 months now and I am no where near halfway!! A little goes a long way.
5 Katrina
Oh my goodness. This product is ah-mazing! Colour match was perfect (dark brown but also bought ebony and they both work!) the staying power is noting like I've ever tried. I even fell asleep with it on and woke up with perfect brows. Lol. I also like the fact that the tiniest amount of product goes a VERY long way so use sparingly. Dark brown has very little red tones so makes my brows look super natural. I love love love this product and will definitely repurchase again! That's if this one ever runs out!
5 Triin
Very good product! I was afraid that dark brown would be too dark for me, but it's very nice. Seems quite natural, actually seems the same when I have applied powder on my brows, but this product is much easier to apply and you can create more sharp edges with that. Stays on pretty well, but for me it is definitely not waterproof, it is weatherproof. Thus better than brow powder. I think I'm going to purchase the Ebony one aswell, because Dark brown is a little light on the arches of my brows (I've got very dark brown hair).
5 Victoria
Great product! I highly recommend to buy it. Very long lasting effect.
5 Victoria
Great product! I highly recommend to buy it. Long lasting effect.
5 Laken
This product is amazing!! Long lasting and great value for money!!
5 Faye Mangan
Rich, pigmented and excellent staying power, i tested this due to all the beauty bloggers using it. It definitly lived up to the hype and will now be my go to product
5 Jessica
great products Anastasia Beverly Hills is definitely the queen of brown. the price and services by beautybay is amazing. From a very happy customer
5 Cathy
Best thing I've ever used for my brows, a little goes a long way! Best part is that no matter how hard I rub at it, it doesn't budge at all :)
4 Bella
A little bit disspointed there was not many shades available when I purchase. But I luv the quality of it, probably gettin more shades after!
5 Amber
Amazing product! The service is actually amazing, most website I purchase from overseas take upto 2 months to deliver and just around 2 hours after I places my order it was dispatched! Will 1000% be buying from here again and have already told multiple friends about The product itself is cheaper than the original price and I also cannot buy this in Australia, so that's double brownie points :) I love this site!!!!
5 Sue
My HG of brows! Absolutely in love with this. Suzh value for the investment compared to other brands. My brows are now on point!
5 Charlotte berry
This product definitely lives up to the hype. Great texture and defines the eyebrows so well
5 Clarissa
Product is amazing! only a very small amount of the product needs to be used in order to fill in both eyebrows, the product is very pigmented and I love the colour pay off, I also can double it up as a dark gel eyeliner which is amazing!! And even though I have naturally very thick and dark hair, the ebony shade works wonders, it's simply amazing!
5 Fiona
This is my first product from Anastasia and felt it was that good it needed a review! I purchased the colour ebony, I have naturally dark hair (could probably get away with the dark brown colour) but I prefer my brows to be dark anyway. Have always really used an eyebrow pencil and decided to treat myself. I was looking at Too Faced bulletproof brows firstly, but did some research online and decided with this one. Have so far only been wearing it during the day to work and it has lasted all day and no smudging! Will be giving it a try out on my Christmas night out! Think I will get the dark brown for more natural day time looks next :)
5 R begum
I am sooo happy with my dipbrow pomade,came really quick! Will diffently purchase from beauty bay. I recommend every girl to buy this product! I have tried soo many products on my eyebrows,and nothing beats the dipbrow! Thank you beauty bay.
4 Donna
Love this much raved about product! A little goes a long way. I purchased Medium Brown. Although it is a little dark for my brows, I can always use it sparingly. Taking bit by bit n applying in light strokes. Now my brows are On-point! Highly recommended product!!
5 Yira
I purchased this product in Dark Brown (I have black hair) and I'm totally in love with the color which perfectly match my hair/skin/eyebrow tone. I usually use it with the Brow Wiz (from Anastasia BH also) and my brows stay on place all day! Amazing texture. I recommed to buy it on a lighter shade than your hair one, because it seems darker when applied.
5 Sadie
Firstly I would just like to say thank you to BeautyBay for excellent service. This was my first order from the company, I ordered dip brow yesterday morning and it arrived today! The product is amazing does exactly what it says i love it ive already recommended it to 3 ladies already. I got the shade Ebony as I have black eyebrows works perfect Can't fault the service or the product highly recommend! Xxx
1 Yvonne Knapper-Weijland
purchased the Dipbrow Pomade products,after hearing from my beautician how great this product is, if you have sparse eyebrows. Dont like buying from the internet if I have not dealt with them before. However, must say am impressed with the speed of the delivery[ did the normal 2 day] ,you can even track it. Yes, I will recommend you.
5 Kimberley
Beauty bay service was really good I am so pleased with this product! Can't do makeup without it a must have for any makeup artist
4 Emma
I purchased the Auburn colour (my hair colour is dirty blonde) but I think I needed to go a lil lighter so I've also purchased the blonde to mix with it. However the Auburn looks great if you like to have darker eyebrows than your hair colour, think it would look lovely with a bit of lippy and dark eyeshadow though!
5 Jaqueline
LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Keeps my brows looking natural, very long wearing. Ordered medium brown color and it was perfect for my ash brown hair. BUY, you wont regret!
5 Georgia
Best eyebrow pomade ever! Keeps my brows looking natural and not too harsh! Goes well with my dark brown,olive skin! Took me a while to decide whether to purchase this but i'm so glad i did due to the astonishing reviews! A little goes a long way its also long lasting and kept through during my session at the gym! Rapid shipping! Thank you so much.
5 Leah
Ordered this product as I heard lots of good things about it and can I just say it is amazing! I am in love with it, you need the smallest amount & it lasts all day without smudging, it is even water proof! If your thinking about getting it, GET IT! Going to buy all the colours for my kit!
5 Michaela
LOVE THIS!!! Very long wearing and lasts for a long time! One dip with a brush and will go far. Highly recommended!
5 Nevien
Best eyebrow ever , look amazing easy to use and when I go everywhere ppl asking me about how my eyebrow looking amazing I'm so happy thanks a lot.
5 lana
Medium auburn color hair (standard no.7,43) pale,normal skin, hazel eyes.I ordered Auburn shade based on Anastasia guide but I was worried that will be too warm,reddish or orangey and that will look unnatural.I was WRONG, the color is brown and lightly warm,very natural (color very close to KIKO Precision Eyebrow pencil no.03). Based on reviews,I applied the pomade with light hand and i used the thin brush that usually goes in the package with cream eyeliners (i.e. Maybelline) after cleaning it with water.I tried the product firstly on my hand to know the texture and the way of how much and how strong I will need to apply it.I am impressed with the natural result .Simple and same as my eyebrow pencil.Still to check the resistance,so tonight Ill wash my face and go to sleep with it.Until now the product gives what it claims.Fast shipping.Thank you.
5 Courtney
Definitely my go to brow product! This little jar of goodness goes the distance as its exceptionally pigmented, so you only need to use it sparely on your brush. It wears well during the day with and without a brow gel. Can be built up to create a strong brow, or can be brushed through for more natural look.
5 Ann
Best brow product I've ever used! I will never go back to using a pencil. It's a small jar but it'll last you forever. Don't need much on the brush when you apply and you can gradually build it to the desired shade. My hair is dark brown and I've gone for the chocolate one - PERFECT!
5 Neks
Possibly the best brow product I've ever used. I initially thought 15 was a bit steep for a brow pomade, but a little goes a long way! I've been using it daily for 3 months now and have barely put a dent in it. The product goes on smoothly and last all day, although I do set it with a brow gel. I'm normally an NW42-45 and I got the dipbrow in Ebony, which is a perfect match for my brows. I usually have problems with brow pencils/powders because theirs either to red or to grey on my skin, but this just blends perfectly with my hairs and gives a natural look. Will def repurchase
5 Tanja
My eyebrow routine is so quick and easy with this product! And it stay all day! (If you don't like it - you do something wrong.) I am in love, tnx beauty bay!
5 roberta
received today and immediately fell in love *-* thanks beautybay anastasia BH
5 Jelisha
Amazing stuff. You can either go natural or blend it in perfectly with a full face of make up. You just can't go wrong with this. Note: it sure is waterproof and very pigmented, so a light hand while applying it is recommended.
5 Benazir
Received this item yesterday..oh my,it's the best thing ever,I never look back! Thank you Beautybay
5 Anzelika
today recived! it's awsome!
5 Katie
began to notice a lot more people using this product, so thought id give it a try. Well. I received this little beauty this morning and my gosh is it amazing! i found it quite difficult to use at first because what i was using was a powder, but i will never go back to what id been using before, the colour is ever so slightly dark as i ordered the dark brown and would have preferred the medium brown, however this will go better for nights out, will definitely be ordering the medium. Good thing I'm going out tonight as i will get to use it properly and show of the transformation they make to my brows!
5 Hannah
This product is amazing! As someone who has tried everything...I am really happy with this. It is really easy to apply, and get natural looking brows even on my sparse brows I can fake a good thicker and fuller looking brow. This is a more permanent solution than my previous products as it is waterproof I can't wait to feel comfortable on holiday without my brows washing off! Personally tattooed brows look good FOR NOW, but it is too permanent for me so this is definitely the next best thing!
5 yanjia
i just received it today and already in love with it. it changes ur eyebrow in a min i think its a wonder, i used to use eye shadow but now when u compare it with this, this made a significant different, looks much much better i reckon. i have black hair and i use dark brown, i think it suits my hair color perfectly
5 Claudia
Lovely product that is easy to apply with an angle brush. Stays put and nice texture. Every brow lover should try this! It is amazing for my sparse brows!
5 Asta
Best product for shaping eyebrows!! Will never go back to eyebrow pencils! Bought a shade dark brown and it's perfect for me, color lasts all day, waterproof as well. Highly recommended! Will definitely buy again!
5 Demi
I used to use my old fashion brow pencil, but after I bought this product.. I don't want to go back to my brow pencil never again. This is the most fantastic product ever for every brow! It's so amazing! I use it every day :) And my brows are looking perfectly! For the ladies who never bought this product or any other products from Anastasia. Just try! I'll absolutely love it!
5 Annuska
You need a VERY light hand with this indeed. If you aren't careful, mistakes are very hard, if not impossible, to correct. Also, after a while the surface becomes gritty and dry, so I use a damp cottonbud to remove it. If I don't, I'll get lumps of product on my brush and make a mess. The colour chocolate brown is perfect for me, as it's a warmish colour: I have black eyebrows, darkbrown hair and very pale skin with a yellow undertone (NC10). My hair is aubergine now, so I put a purple eyeshadow on top of the pomade and it looks fantastic. I will definitely order again, if I ever finish it. I'm pretty sure this little pot will last for years :) Beautybay
5 Jemma
Love love love this product! I have sparse eyebrows and normally use a pencil but this product is a life saver! Stays on all day! Apply sparingly with an angled eyebrow brush for perfect eyebrows!
5 Victoria
This stuff is fantastic. Takes a bit of time to get used to, but is well worth the effort. Would definitely repurchase as it's halved my brow-drawing time
5 Sheeba
First off, I want to express that this is a really good product, nice and pigmented but with a smooth texture that avoids any graininess or inconsistencies in application. This is the only kind of brow makeup I've found that gives my brows that razor sharp defined look without looking too cartoonish. I have naturally very, very fine eyebrows. I didn't really think I could get a defined look without it being too exaggerated, but Dipbrow Pomade definitely turned that around. It is, however, very difficult to apply. I'd recommend getting an angled brush and going very, very slowly and lightly over your natural brow line. If you mess up, this stuff is not coming off unless you scrub half your face off. Still, while that is a flaw in a certain scenario, the stuff literally does. not. come. off. I've gone to sleep wearing this and woken up with perfect eyebrows. This stuff isn't coming off until you tell it to. Would 100% recommend!
5 Agnese
OHMAGASH Once tried this you won't go back to your standard eyebrow pencil. Simpy amazing. I got it in dark brown which match p e r f e c t l y with my hair colour. Just be careful while using it, you will need a very very small quantity of product cause it's very pigmented. For example, if you use too much of the darbrown pomade it will look almost black.
5 Anne Salim
I love this product so much, but the first time i use the dark brown it's way too dark for me, i prefer the medium brown - it is so easy to use your arch even its too dark and looks thick colour.
5 Sophie
I am so so happy I ordered this. I have sparse eyebrows and lots of gaps and have struggled for ages to find a brow product that is the right colour for me. The blonde is perfect and has so much staying power! A great product for people who aren't blessed with the perfect eyebrows.
4 Nat
This is amazing, lasts all day long and the colour is perfect (blonde) Im really impressed and the delivery was very quick!
5 Nina
I absolutely love this product! I have this in blonde (please restock this in soft brown and taupe!) and I'm using her brush no. 20 (it's a straight cut brush with a spooley and firm bristles, that in my opinion work great at creating the arch). You only have to use a little product, blends perfectly and it lets enough time before it dries. After that, the brows stay perfect all day. For a night out, I also use a clear gel afterwards to really seal everything in place. Love!
5 Katharina
I love this and i hope that you will be stocking medium brown since aburn is a bit red so you need a good brunett color
5 Paula
Just received this product in Dark Brown. I use it just to fill in eyebrows as I prefer a more natural look.Takes a little practice and a light hand, a little goes a long way. If you have sparse eyebrows I would imagine you might need a shade lighter as the pigment is intense. I was using a long lasting eye shadow prior to this, doesn't compare. This product really does stay put, love it.
5 Ealu
Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade has the perfect texture and consistency and works like a dream on combination/oily skin. This is my go-to brow product now. I got the shade Chocolate and it suits my NC44 skin tone perfectly and matches my hair too! (my hair is dark brown with golden/caramel highlights) The shade Chocolate has a lovely warmth to it without it being too harsh and with it's smooth glide-on texture, you can achieve the perfect sculpted brow! I love it and will definitely be re-purchasing IF I ever run out!
5 Kristin
I want this in Blonde! I loooove this product soo much!
5 Gemma
This is amazing, and you need barely any product too! My brows have never looked so good!
5 Pei Chun
Really love it. It's matched with my skin color and looks perfect. Last for a long day even is a hot summer day.
5 Hannah
Lovely consistency, takes some practice using! I'd recommend getting a lighter colour than you think you are, I use the dark brown Brow Whiz so I assumed the dark brown Pomade would be the right colour but it's way too dark. Have tried it as a gel liner and it looks lovely so it certainly won't go to waste. I'll be sure to order the right shade ASAP.
5 Libbie
This is by far the best eyebrow makeup on the market! For years I had been using Mac Brun to fill in my brows but as soon as I got my hands on this, I could never go back! It's sooo easy to use! The pomade is smooth and lasts all day.
5 Egle
This is by far THE BEST product for filling your brows! If you are not very experienced in shaping and filling brows, with this product be sure to use a very light hand, because the product is so pigmented and so amazing. It's quite easy to work with, because it blends very well. Also it doesn't smudge or fade AT ALL! I absolutely love this product. Also has an amazing service, cheapest prices, excellent communication and fast delivery, what can you ask more? I'm completely satisfied with my received items, thank you !!!
5 Holly
Amazing stuff! Buy it! I was sceptical at first but after reading these reviews decided to go for it and now I'm converted! Really long lasting and worth the money as a little goes a long way, I got this in blonde and find it the perfect colour for me, it's a dark blonde-light brown colour not the almost yellow colour it looks like in the picture!
5 Julie Markussen
I had high expectations for this product since I had used a ton of ABH's other products and I've liked them all. But I was drawn to this product because of all the rave reviews claiming that it's completely sweat-, water- and budge-proof. I've got extremely oily skin and my brows are really really sparse, so I need to actually draw on the inner part in order for my brows to look pretty and symmetrical. This product is really easy to use once you get the hang of it and it's going to last me a really long time, however, even though it does fill in my brows really nicely and naturally, oil does seep through during the day, and if I accidentally touch my face at the end of the day, I can easily wipe off half of my eyebrow. Too bad! But I still give this product five stars because I do have really oily skin and I suppose it does its job on normal skin people :)
5 Kylie
I LOVE IT!! it's so easy to put on and it doesn't budge!! My 2 sons used to forever smudge my old eyebrow pencil whilst we were playing but not now, not with this one, it also lasted in the pool on holiday, even on the slides, down the rapids and whilst being repeatedly dunked!! It doesn't even come off through the night when I toss and turn into my pillow which is perfect as my partner is yet to see me brow-less :-P
5 Zee
LOVE LOVE LOVE this product, I don'tt know how I've been living without it, leaves your eyebrows looking so natural and the finish is matte! Super blendable and doesn't move what so ever! Holy grail!
5 Phoebe
Its amazing! This product could not be more perfect, the colour is perfect and blends perfectly without looking super drawn on and easy to use! would recommend to everyone!
5 anna
its perfect! very easy to use. it stays on all day long. I loveee it!
2 Brittany
i had high expectations for this product but im just going to stick with my brow bar to go and my elf brow kit which is WAY!!! better
5 Shanai
This stuff is so amazing. I used the brow wiz before i bought this and found it great however that ran out in under a month! I decided to try this since it was around the same price and it has more product. This stuff is highly pigmented! Which means you really need to be careful of how much you put on the brush but once you get used to it, it is not a problem at all. I use the shade dark brown and it is the perfect shade for my dark brunette hair. It is the most long wearing brow product i have ever tried. I do not set it with a gel or powder and at the end of the day when the rest of my makeup is fading, my brows are in perfect shape! I was worried that it wouldn't fill in the bald spots in my brows well but it did it perfectly which was great. It is also extremely natural. I know for me, i was terrified as i looked at pictures of makeup gurus using this because their eyebrows were thick but unnatural! Honestly, they just use too much and want their brows like that because i am able to use a light hand and get perfectly define brows that look natural. 5/5, will purchase again when i run out! Highly recommend!
1 Tina Eldred
Colour way too dark for me, even though I got the lightest one
2 pinja
very dissapointing product! it promises waterproof and smudge free consistency, but this doesn't hold up to promises at all. I was so looking forward to try this product, because my number one issue is that colors tend to fade away from my brows, i don't particularly have oily skin, but nothing seems to stick. I did do test on my hand to see if the color would stay better, it did, but not as good as i would have hoped.
5 Capri
Such a brilliant product, easy to blend and leaves my eyebrows looking fabulous. Will deffo purchase this product again, Anastasia is an expert!!
5 Elarner
I couldn't love this product more!!! Was previously using dipdown by mac on my brows and the shade was a tiny bit light so would always have to fill with a powder as well but this... OMG it's amazing the colour (dark brown) is perfect it's so creamy and glides on effortlessly I love all my ABH products but this is by far my new holy grail brow product! You need this in your life girls!!!
5 Emma
I love this product so much. It can take a few tries to really get it 'right', but it is so worth the money. I have this is Blonde and Chocolate. The Blonde shade worked really well when I had ginger hair, and even now that it's a medium brown it still looks fab. The Chocolate shade is quite a warm brown, so it complements the redness still in my hair. I like to use Chocolate to draw in the tail of my brow, and blend it into Blonde (which I use at the front of the brow). These will last for ages as well. For the price of a pencil you're getting at least a year's worth of product, I think. A little goes a long way!
5 Fran
So good! Dipbrow is everything it claims, and super easy to use. I do wish it came in more colours (like the pencils and powders), but the formula makes up for it. If you like bold, defined brows, I can't recommend this product highly enough.

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