16 Glitter Eyeshadow Looks For Party Season

With party season rapidly approaching, the time to decide on which festive, party-ready makeup look you’re going for has finally arrived.  

There are many traditional trends that come and go when it comes to the festive season, from wearing a bold red lip, to going all out with big, bouncy curls. But one thing we know for sure is that a glitter eyeshadow look makes the cut every year. 

No makeup look says ‘party season’ like a glittery eyeshadow look that catches every compliment and steals the spotlight in every room you enter. Sparkly eyeshadow is more versatile than you think and works well with a variety of skin tones, eye colours, and occasions. Got a Christmas do? Try a glittery eyeshadow look. Festive work party? Add a swipe of shimmery eyeshadow. New Year’s Party? Go for a glistening glitter eyeshadow look. 

Now that you know the vibe, all that you’re missing is some inspo. Lucky for you, we’ve scoured every corner of Instagram to find the best glitter eyeshadow looks to rock during party season. All you need to do is scroll and pick your fave.

1. Sparkly smoky eye

@ashmeredith_ really understood the assignment with this shimmery purple smoky eye. That jade green eyeshadow topper is everything. P.S: you can recreate this look with Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes in Laser Beam!

2. Glistening, green eyeshadow

Try @glamgram__’s glistening green eyeshadow look to stand out from any crowd. 

3. Cold girl makeup

Is this look from @realmbalichristina not the most stunning and shimmery eyeshadow look you’ve ever seen? Obsessed. 

4. Popping purple

A shimmery purple eyeshadow look is always a win and this eyeshadow look from @michaellashanti is living proof of that. 

5. Shimmery soft glam

@mollyjacksmakeup’s shimmery semi cut crease is your sign to rock a subtle but sparkly eyeshadow look. 

6. Halo eyeshadow

Give @saharmova her flowers for this gorgeous soft glam look. We are seriously obsessed.   

7. Silver shimmer

Okay, @snatchedash’s bleached brows and shimmery silver look is a moment. BRB screenshotting!

8. Multi-chrome madness

@tesschung SNAPPED with this ethereal, multi-chrome look. Unreal. 

9. Stars and sparkle

This look from @thais_make_up21 is what you should go for if you want to be the star of the show. *chef’s kiss*

10. Purple sparkle

We can’t stop looking at @be__youtifulx’s shimmery purple shadow. Obsessed. 

11. Green glimmer

We probably should have gatekept this look from @cdgmakeup because we are in love. 

12. Subtle sparkle

Everyone knows that glitter is a must for party season, and @charlottekirkmakeup’s look is a reason why. 

13. Go-to golden glam

Go gold and bold with your eyeshadow looks like @looksbysisi did. You won’t regret it!

14. Golden glitter

Follow @chloeisabellah_’s lead and cover your lids with some glittery goodness because we are truly in awe. 

15. 60s glam

@emmafarrellmakeup’s twinkling twist on a classic 60s eyeshadow look is everything.

16. Super sultry and sparkly smoky eye

We will absolutely be recreating this sparkly, sultry smoky eye from @eshs.aesthetics, and you should too! 

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