The Best Glitter Eyeshadows For 2020

Oh, glitter. No matter how old you are or how many times you have dropped a pot of it onto your carpet, glitter remains a staple of a makeup bag. There are people out there that believe glitter is only suitable for festivals and Christmas, but I’m here to remind you why those people are wrong. Maybe it’s the shiny-things-obsessed child within me or maybe it’s because 70s disco looks are having a moment on my Pinterest boards, but there is something about glitter, moreover, glitter eyeshadow that will always look good.

There is always a case to be made when it comes to wearing full glitter eyeshadow in all its finely milled glory (or huge flecks glory, I’m here for both) to a coffee date, but you just have to ask yourself, what would Euphoria’s Rue Bennett do? To bring my point to a very convincing close, here are eight glitter eyeshadows that are appropriate all day and every day.

Sample Beauty Loose Eyeshadow Sparkle Pigment

If you have scrolled past the picture of Sample Beauty’s Loose Eyeshadow Sparkle Pigment and made it here without buying at least one, you have some serious will power or already own them all. I’m leaning towards the latter because these pigments are too intense to miss out on. With 17 full-impact glitter shades to choose from, I honestly don’t know why you’re still reading this. Ps, Salma, Candycane, and Sean Maloney are almost too good to be true.

Stila Double Dip™ Suede Shade™ & Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows

Here to make glitter lids easier than ever before we have Stila’s Double Dip™ Suede Shade™ & Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. It’s simple, on one end you have a velvety matte shade for your base, and the other end is where the magic happens with a complementing glitter shade. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you but how perfect are these for taking your glitter (and matte) looks on holiday?!

By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow

Here they are! The stars of all my glitter shows, my lifelong loves, the Liquid Crystal Eyeshadows. There are very few things that the Liquid Crystals can’t do, but here are a few of the OG ways to incorporate these pots of joy into your everyday makeup: on their own as a subtle sparkly shade, as a topper used over a eyeshadow, on the cheeks as a highlighter, and on lips because glitter belongs everywhere. Need seven more excuses to buy all 15? I’m not going to argue with you.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Single

wet n wild has made this really easy for us and have called their glitter eyeshadows ‘icons’, because these silky-smooth glitters truly iconic. Wait, I’ve not even got to the best part! They are less than £2/€2.50/$3 each! Take a minute to absorb that or take five to go and buy all seven. With a buttery formula that glides over the lids, these babies leave instant glitter without needing glue or wafting them dry.

Nabla Miami Lights Glitter Palette

The first time I saw Nabla’s Miami Lights Glitter Palette I actually gasped. The colour story is boujee as hell, the pigments are like actual diamonds, and let me tell you, the formula is like applying a silky moisturiser. With glitter AND multi-dimensional reflects, the palette is a treasure trove of glitter looks that may not solve all life’s problems but will have you look and feeling Studio 54 glam while you try. Insider tip: apply the shades with your fingers for double the wow.

BH Cosmetics Avocado Toast Shadow Palette

What did I say? There is always a glitter appropriate for a coffee date/brunch date and the Avocado Toast Shadow Palette is my case in point. Inspired by everyone’s favourite Saturday/Sunday habit – eating brunch – the palette has seven long-lasting, creamy shimmers and glitters that are perfectly matched to your favourite breakfast food. This weekend I’ll be wearing Avocuddle, Pink Salt, and Expensive and I’ll be ordering sweet pancakes.

bPerfect X Jah Makeup Artist Clientele Pigments

Yes, we are here to talk about eyeshadows and yes, I will do that. But let me pitch the ultimate glitter look to you involving all three of bPerfect’s glitter pigments. With a rose gold, a white silver and a black with gold and green reflects, which can all be worn in your hair, on the eyes, or on the cheeks, I think it’s only right to wear all three at once. I mean, why would they be sold in a set if they weren’t supposed to be worn together? It’s glitter genius!

Dose of Colors Block Party Eyeshadow

We are in glitter heaven. Bold shades, intense pigments, and ultra-blendable formulas are here with us too in the form of the Block Party Eyeshadow. Honestly, don’t bother applying any other eyeshadows shades (except your base) because these glitter singles can do the talking on their own and it would be rude to interrupt. I want to tell you my favourite shades but it’s taking me so long to pick three that I’m just going to say that you should buy them all and be happy.