58 Summer Nail Art Designs We’ve Bookmarked

Nothing says summer like a bright and colourful manicure. Whether you’re into minimal designs on short natural nails or wild nail art on extentions, a pop of colour on your fingertips can take your whole vibe from drab to summer ready, in no time.

We’ve been searching high and low, and have rounded up our favourite summer nail designs to give you some inspo for your next DIY attempt or appointment. We apologise in advance because you might struggle to choose your favourite…


Watermelon sugar? Yes please. Get in the ultimate summer mood with this watermelon-inspired design by @bambinailss. FYI: if you wanna learn how to do this design for yourself, click here.


Say yes to flower power this summer with a funky floral design. @nailsbyheather.errington is showing us exactly how it’s done.


Rainbow nails are an essential for summer days. These cut out frenchies from @nailsby_gxx have set the bar so high.


We’re giving hot pink the love it deserves, all summer long. @elizabethrhiannonfiander has nailed this short but sweet mani.


The aura trend isn’t going anywhere this summer, and we’re still obsessing over it. Speaking of obsessed, this set from @vdw.nails is right up our street.


Everyday can be a bright, sunny day with a set like this from @truebeautybycarrie. These floral smilies are super cute.


This two-tone purple design from @mynailgirlness is ticking all of our summer boxes. Bright and bold is our vibe for this summer.


Upgrade your pink mani with a swirl of bright orange, you won’t regret it. Thanks for the inspo @sophiealice_nails.


Switch out your regular French tips this summer and go for a pink and floral design. We are beyond obsessed with this set from @giangnail.ie


Give your chrome mani a summer makeover like @nailartbysofia_. This pink and orange chrome moment is a big yes from us.


Orange and pink auras are all we want on our nails this summer. We’re obsessed with this design from @brushedbyb_.


If you didn’t know already, orange and pink is the perfect colour combo for summer. @gelpolish_bar is showing us exactly how it’s done with this abstract frenchies set.


This green and blue swirly set just screams summer. @kirstnailartist has nailed this one.


We’re always down for a floral mani in the summer time. This lilac and pink set from @nikki.beautyroom is just what we need.


If you’re into a fun, mix n match mani, look no further than this super bright set from @tabbydoesnails.


Short nail lovers, take notes! This orange and pink abstract set from @s.l.nailarts is everything.


This sweet strawberry set by @chelsxonails is perfect for the summer time. We are in love.


Have fun with your manicure this summer like @sola_rose_beauty. This bright abstract set is delivering all the summer vibes.


This super sweet dotty set from @the_little_beautyroom is right up our street. Summer mani= sorted.


Nails don’t get any more summer-ready than this set from @nail.huns. We are obsessed.


Hello good vibes, hello www.instagram.com/peachinails/. This bright set is a mood for the whole of summer.


Get wavy with a set like this from @the_gel_centre. It’s bright, fun and ticking all our summer boxes.


Take your zebra print mani and make it summery. @thegelhouse is providing alllllll the inspo.


We are absolutely obsessed with this contrasting abstract design from @zoemollienails. Stunning.


Regular French tips? We don’t know her. Thanks @elsgels for the inspo on this fun bright set.


Who ever said you have to stick to just one colour when it comes to nails? No one. Thanks for the inspo @simple.nails.and.more, this set is gorgeous.


This super-cute set from @nail__therapy__ is a big summer vibe, and we are loving it.


If you find yourself jetting off to Greece this summer, then 1) we are so jealous and 2) this set from @_by_shelley is perfect for you. Channel those good positive vibes with an evil eye design all summer long.


How could you ever be sad with a set like this? This contrasting, mix n match set from @nailsby_katy_ is so up our street.


If we looked up summer nails in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure this set from @__emsgems would be in the #1 spot. Obsessed.


Mix n match your nails like @__emsgems this summer, you won’t regret it.


Hello ocean vibes, hello @tori.nailedit. We can’t get enough of this set.


Neon is a staple for summer nails and @_nailsbyjulianna understood the assignment with this neon green and pink set. Love love love.


Fresh and clean is a vibe we want to follow this summer. @manicuresbymo is providing all the inspo with this abstract set.


Whoever said tie-dye was sooo last year is clearly looking in the wrong places. We are beyond obsessed with this bright fun set from @gelsbyaysha.


Orange and pink is a colour combo we will never get sick of. Thanks for the inspo @kolormekarina_.


@mxr.nails is providing all the summer vibes with this orange and pink set. Screenshotting and sending to our nail tech immediately.


This fresh pastel set from @bambinailss shows us just how the abstract trend is done. The simple yet effective use of negative space and simple colours is so refreshing, we must try it.


We can’t get over this super sweet floral set from @silkbeauty.uk. Obsessed.


We are suckers for these fruit salad swirls from @thenailroommanchester. Pink and orange is the colour combo of the season and we’re here for it. 


You’re going to want to screenshot these bubble gum beauties from @amberjhnails. Bright retro colours in an abstract style, what more can we say. Consider us inspired.


Incoming the absolute Queen of nails herself, @anouskaanastasia giving us some serious summer inspo. These abstract neon nails are one for the long nail lovers.


Florals have always been a go to for nails but this effortless set from @beautyspace_charlotte is painted perfection. So simple but so cute!


Who needs a real holiday when you have @nailedbymil. These three toned almond beauties are giving us all the tropical vibes.


Ditch the classic white French tip this summer because it’s all about the neon. @bambinailss are giving us the best of both worlds with this super sweet combo of colours. 


We are saying hey to this dainty floral set from @heynicenails. This design is never going out of style, thank goodness. 


@holliebarkernailartist is showing us just how to nail the neon trend with these thick alternating tips. This design makes us long for summer.


@letzgelwithmeg are helping us get our five a day in, with this super fun fruit inspired set. Who says you need to have the same design on every nail? Pick n mix is on trend- even this healthy kind. 


We just love this set white abstract line set from @indiesbeautyroom. This is the set for you if you want something simple but effective. Congrats girl, we’re obsessed. Use Blanc White from Essie to replicate at home.


Brighten up your day with another classic French tips with a twist from @isabelmaynails. This gorgeous candy pink set is absolutely timeless and so neat. 


Simple doesn’t have to mean boring with these neon frenchies from @imaradeoesnails.  The neon tips are super on trend, whilst still being sophisticated.


This squiggle design from @disconailsglasgow is a stroke of genius. The mix of dark and light matching tones is a winner. If you love funky designs, then these are the nails for you.


Tips have had a complete makeover, and we’re here for it. We cannot get over this design from @naileditbeauty. It is literally dripping in genius. We. Must. Have.


@nailedbymil is making waves with this stunning pink and purple wavy set. We’re obsessed. 


Never underestimate the power of a classic floral design. We love this fresh intricate floral set by @nicoledot.beauty. Hats off to your steady hand girl.


Straight out of your pinterest feed is @pop_polished with this gorgeous set. We love mixing trends, so this combo of coloured tips and florals is ticking all the boxes for us.


If you told us that those are real daisies on these nails, we would absolutely believe you. We’re in awe of this matte daisy set from @thebeautyroombysarah. They are going straight to the top of our summer wishlist. 


@thegelhouse’s mani is nailing all the trends this summer. The mix of pastel colours and abstract line design, looks good enough to eat. If you like simple but fun nails, then this is for you.


If you can never decide on one colour for your nails, follow @thehotblend’s lead and just get them all. These rainbow pastel diagonal tips are super fun and funky, perfect if you’re prone to being a lil indecisive.


FYI: This article was previously published at an earlier date and has since been updated.