20 Ways To Try Summer 2022’s Aura Nails Trend

One scroll on Instagram and all we’re seeing is aura nails.

If you (shockingly) haven’t seen this trend then you need to a) up your scroll game and b) keep reading. One quick google search tells us that the word aura means a coloured energy field around a body (or object), and that’s exactly the vibe of these nails. Think glowing neon details and ombre circular patterns and you’re onto a winner.

With so many ways to take on this trend, how could you ever possibly decide on one? Luckily, we’re here to make the decision a little easier, with 20 ways to try the aura nails trend this summer. You’re welcome.


Serving nothing but positive energy, this set by @__formechloe is just what we needed. Obsessed. 


Can’t decide on just one colour for your aura manicure? Don’t panic, just get both. Thanks for the inspo @_thickandrich_.


Aura nails don’t get anymore vibey than this. @13marynails you have nailed this set.


If we looked up aura nails in the dictionary, this set from @acrylixbygabriela would take number one spot. Recreating ASAP.


Take on the aura trend in a subtle but super cute way like @beyondbeeauty. We are obsessed.


Angel numbers and an aura design? We don’t need asking twice. Thanks for the inspo @chaosbydesign_.


This long nail aura design is a big vibe, and we are so into it. @hotebonynailz, you have nailed it.


You don’t need an aura design on every single name to make a statement, see @myshell.nails for the proof. 


French tips + aura design = our kinda vibe. Thanks for the inspo @nailed_by__te.


@nailedby._t understood the assignment with this aura pearl design. Obsessed doesn’t even cover it. 


Keep things pastel and choose an aura design like this from @nailedbynaoo. We are big fans.


This set from @nailedbyniicole passed the vibe check. Recreating ASAP.


@nailsby.dels understood the assignment with this classic aura design. The colours are just *chefs kiss*.


The blend on this set by @nailsby_joana is just a dream. Teach us your ways please.


This pink set from @nailsbyymikayla is ticking all our boxes. Obsessed.


@najnailfiles has nailed the aura trend with this purple and blue set. Teach us your ways please.


Mix n match your patterns like @she.doesnails. Obsessed!


Make your aura design stand out and opt for bright colours, you won’t regret it. Thanks for the inspo @shedoesnail.s.


@shelbysnailz is ticking all our boxes with this super cute aura design. The nude base paired with the orange, yellow and green tones is just *chefs kiss*.


@sofiamaria.nails has nailed the aura trend with this set. We are in love.