9 Manicure Ideas That Nail The 90s Vibe

If there is one place that you can really go wild with a trend, it’s on your nails. And we all know the trend we want to own this year is the good old 90s. From grunge and neon to pastels and Furbys (all will become clear), nailing the 90s trend is all about kicking your nostalgia into high gear, taking a deep dive into your mum’s old photo albums for inspo, and transforming your mani into a scrapbook of all things circa 1990.

Prepare for some serious throwback moments…


Letter bead bracelets were the coolest 90s accessories to match with your best friend, which is why we’ll be hauling in our BFFs to get matching nails just like @oohlalashrewsbury.


If Billie Eilish was nail art/if Sporty Spice was your gal in the 90s. @rachels.nailspiration.station’s mani has all the 90s feels: grunge and neon packed over five coffin shaped nails.


The iconic font of 1990s Microsoft Word (Gothic) – it definitely did not look this cute when WordArt was a thing so kudos to @sophiescottnailsx for reinventing a classic.


I can’t explain why this smiley face was so iconic in the 90s, but it was everywhere. If you like simple and chic nail looks, @stylesgnails has come up with the perfect solution to injecting a hint of the 90s trend.


If you were a child of the 90s, @nailaddictsllc manicure will be pure nostalgia. Ask your nail technician to draw all your favourite 90s toys and you’ve got yourself a vibe. P.s. Furby!!


What did I say about the smiley faces? Everywhere! Pastel shades are also a big 90s trend to throw all over your mani. Thanks for the serious inspo @by.iris.sophia.


The cherry was also a big vibe in the 90s – again don’t ask me why, I only followed the trends. But @__cbnails’s mani is the perfect induction into the trend: simple, glossy, and a little bit cheeky. 


There is nothing a 90s kid loved more than stickers which is why we’re obsessed with @thenail_pixie’s nail staickers x My Little Pony x Bubble Tape nail art. The whole scrapbook look is so old school that it’s 90s perfection.


Don’t ever feel like you have to pick one trend for your nails, follow @thenailartbabe’s lead and have them all. This is the 90s, there are no rules. Pack on those clashing colours and school book doodles and own it.