We’re Obsessed With This Ultra-Bright Eyeshadow Palette

Sometimes nude shadows just don’t cut it and a loud eyeshadow look is needed.

When choosing a colourful palette the main thing I look for is pigment and the By BEAUTY BAY Bright Matte 42 Colour Palette certainly doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve often found bright colours to be difficult to work with them often coming off kinda patchy and it’s hard to make them blend seamlessly. But thanks to Bright Matte now I’ve said goodbye to the days of chalky shadows.

If you’ve used any of the By BEAUTY BAY palettes before, you don’t need me to tell you just how incredible the formula is. Each shade is ultra buttery and blends like an absolute dream.

What’s more, with the Bright Matte palette, you’re literally spoiled for choice with colour! No matter what outfit you’re trying to match your eye look to, there’s definitely a shadow for every occasion.

If you’re looking for a colourful palette then you’ve certainly found your new go-to!

Scarlett, Social Media Executive