7 Reasons Why You Need The By BEAUTY BAY Cleansing Brush

A regular and efficient cleansing step is the cornerstone of a good skincare routine. It should be the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you do when you get in at night. But a quick splash of water or once-over with a face wipe won’t cut it. Throughout the day, dirt, bacteria, pollution, makeup, and dead skin cells build up, and if they’re not washed away properly, can contribute to skin that’s dull, congested, and imbalanced. No thank you. 

The best way to ensure that you’re giving your skin the best cleanse possible is to invest in a facial cleansing brush like the new By BEAUTY BAY Cleansing Brush. Designed to work with any cleanser and to be used day and/or night to keep pores clear and skin smooth and healthy.  

Here’s seven reasons why your skincare routine will be better for having one. 

It encourages you to cleanse for longer

To give skin a good, efficient cleanse it’s important to cleanse skin for at least three minutes, but chances are your regular cleansing routine isn’t clocking up. Just like an electric toothbrush, this cleansing brush times out once you hit the three minute mark, so you can be 100% certain you’ve spent enough time on this important step. 

It’s a hygienic way to cleanse

Worried that all that dirt, bacteria and makeup will build up on your brush? Fear not. Silicone is anti-bacterial. Just rinse your brush well to remove residue and hang it up to dry to keep it clean and safe. 

It safely exfoliates

Scared of over exfoliation? The cleansing brush offers a kind-to-skin alternative to harsh scrubs that can tear skin and cause lasting damage. Thanks to its silicone bristles and fast vibrations, the device gently and efficiently exfoliates skin, helping to remove deep-rooted dirt and dead skin cells and to smooth the skin’s surface. 

It has four adjustable settings

Hit the ‘+’ button to ramp up the power. The first option delivers 8000 vibrations per minute so is perfect for massage. The second increases to 9000 vibrations per minute – ideal for cleansing sensitive skin. The third (10,000 vibrations per minute) gives a gentle cleanse for normal skin, and the final setting gives a deep cleanse by increasing to 12,000 vibrations per minute. 

It has a built-in massage tool

The smooth metal end of the cleansing brush doubles up as a massage tool. Set your device to the lowest setting and use it to gently massage puffy eyes or areas where you might feel facial tension like your jaw or temples. 

It’s designed to give a thorough cleanse

The tapered end of the brush is perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of your face where dirt and makeup can easily build up and can be hard to remove with just your hands alone. This part of the brush is made with precision cleansing bristles to ensure that no pore is left untouched. 

It reduces breakouts and blemishes

Dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria typically build up in pores, causing the pore to clog and a blemish to form. However, because the cleansing brush gives skin such a thorough cleanse and does such an efficient job of removing build-up, it reduces the likelihood that breakouts will form. If you’re spot-prone, you may find your skin is much calmer and clearer after a few weeks of using the cleansing brush.