Everything You Need To Know About the NikkieTutorials x BEAUTY BAY Collab

We’ve lost count of how many times over the years we’ve fallen into a YouTube black hole of NikkieTutorials videos and now, we’ve finally collaborated with the most iconic beauty influencer of all time. 

In case you’re not already obsessed, Nikkie is well and truly the OG beauty YouTuber – she’s been posting makeup tutorials online for twelve years, and currently has 13.5 million subscribers and over one billion video views on YouTube. She’s most famous for her viral ‘Power of Makeup’ video, in which she does a full glam while leaving one half of her face totally bare to show exactly how transformative makeup can be – and call out makeup shamers in the process.

But things are getting bigger and better… The makeup guru has collaborated with us on her dream eyeshadow palette, exclusively created by Nikkie herself and featuring 20 super pigmented and blendable shades in a unique fold-out design – every element reflects her passion and personality. We spoke to Nikkie herself to find out everything you need to know about the iconic collaboration.

We’re obsessed with the unique and creative palette design! What’s the meaning behind it?

Although people know me for my bright and colourful personality, there is also a mysterious and darker side to me. This palette perfectly resembles who I am, Nikkie. I always call my home Temple Tutorials and that’s why we’ve put a temple on the palette (this is literally what feels like home). 

So how did you come up with the final design and shades?

I wanted to create a palette that’s so gorgeous to look at that it could become art on your wall. And as far as the shades, I wanted to create a beautiful mixture of everyday essentials, unique bolds and mysterious darks. So, in a nutshell the perfect palette for everybody. 

It’s been a long process from initial concept to launch day. What was your favourite part of the process of creating the palette?

From coming up with the shades and giving them the perfect names to having them perfectly in your hand, it was all such a magical experience. 

This is our fave collab yet! Why did you decide to work with us?

I have always been a major fan of BEAUTY BAY’s formula and when I saw your collaboration palette with Mmmmitchell, I just knew together we could create my dream palette. And from the beginning the team felt like a safe and trustworthy family, something I didn’t experience with my other eyeshadow collaboration. 

We know this project has been a big personal project. What does the palette represent to you?

An escape from everyday life, a place where you can be totally you. I want this palette to feel as much as your home as it is mine. The palette is your best friend if you want to glam up in your safe bubble, get ready for a night out or anything else you need a friend for. 

You loved choosing the shade names, so tell us about the meanings behind some of them.

One of my favourites is Mr. Tutorials as it’s literally my fiancé’s eye colour in an eyeshadow. Mikai, a true red matte is named after my younger brother who passed away in 2018. This shade represents the ‘heart’ of my palette. 

Do you have a favourite shade?

All of them lol! But if you made me choose between my children it would be Pride. Pride showcases me perfectly: a beautiful duo chrome eyeshadow of the trans flag colours, pink and blue. 

What’s your favourite look to create from the palette?

I’ve created so many looks with this palette already – there are so many possibilities that it’s hard to choose a favourite. I like to create a smoky look using Amsterdamn, Slasher, and Underground when I’m feeling dramatic, and I love using Mikai, Vla, and Ew when I’m filming because the colours really pop on camera. But ultimately, just enjoy the colours and create whatever makes you feel special.

What sets your palette apart from others?

It’s hard to answer this question because everything has been done, every palette has been made… but what I know is this is my dream palette! I made this for everyone who’s followed me for years, who watches my videos, and who is as obsessed with makeup as I am. Whether you’re new to makeup or a total pro, I hope the colours will speak to you as strongly as they do to me. Secondly, I truly believe that this is the best quality makeup for the most affordable price, when it came to the formula, there’s been no compromise.

Tell us about the pressed pigment formula. What’s the best way to use it? 

Every palette comes with a little note from me that explains how to use the shadows. Some of them are best used with brushes and others are best used with your fingers.

Inclusivity is super important to you, how are the shades and formula complimentary for a wide variety of skin tones? 

When creating the palette I kept everyone on planet earth in mind. And I truly believe that this palette has a beautiful variety of bright colours and crazy shimmery shades that will suit everybody. One of my favourites is All-In. It’s a duochrome shade on people with a fairer complexion and it can also be used as a mesmerizing green highlighter, but on people with a darker complexion it truly comes to life and gives you that punch of green.

The palette reflects the two sides of your personality, when you’re feeling the darker side how do you see the light? Or do you embrace it? 

Sometimes it’s a good thing to reflect and become aware of why you’re having a ‘dark’ day. What’s even more important is to discover within yourself how to always find your inner light. Surround yourself with what makes you happy. Remember, everybody has darker days sometimes and that’s okay.