10 Things We Learned From @nikki_makeup

After coming across @nikki_makeup on Instagram last year, I have been obsessed with her mesmerising makeup looks and have tuned into her Sunday tutorials weekly ever since. Nikki’s aesthetic is one that we all wish we could achieve – think glowing skin, fluffy brows and killer eyeliner. Whether it’s editorial vibes or more of a day-to-day feel, each look is incredibly flawless. So just how does she achieve such perfection? We’ve gathered together her tips and tricks to help you achieve the Nikki Makeup look.

I remember hearing the quote “Everything I touch turns to gold” and that’s what I thrive off; seeing and creating beauty wherever I go. Every face a new canvas for my art. – Nikki


1. Always use a smaller brush than you think you need. Using smaller brushes allows you to be more precise and stop skin looking over-powdered or cakey. To set your skin with powder without losing your glow, keep the application to under the eyes, the centre of the face and t-zone, using a small, fluffy blending brush.

2. Monochromatic makeup is simple, doesn’t require a lot of products (making it the perfect trick for travelling) and looks well put together. Whether it’s a classic pink hue or a stronger orange tone, apply the shade to eyes, cheeks and lips. There are no rules here – you can use a lipstick, liquid blush or powder blush.

3. When concealing dark circles under the eyes, make sure to keep the concealer in the natural curved crease of the under-eye, rather than taking it right up to the lash line, as this can look unnatural. Use a fluffy brush instead of a flat concealer brush, as this buffs the product into the skin rather than packing a thick layer on top, which is likely to crease and move.

4. Liquid products are a go-to in Nikki’s kit. Liquid base products give skin a more natural finish, give off more of a glow and are a lot easier to control and build. Think bronzer gels, liquid blushers and creamy highlighters.

Eyes & Brows

5. It can be really difficult to master an eyeliner wing that suits your eye shape. As a general rule, Nikki recommends following the angle of your lower lash line upwards for the most flattering shape, rather than from your upper lash line which can look distorted. If you look down whilst applying liner, this makes your eyelid smoother and easier to work on.

6. Similar to the monochromatic makeup tip, blending your leftover bronzer into your eye socket can help to tie your whole look together.

7. Curl your lashes before bed to train them to have a natural curl. When curling, curl at the root and then 2-3 times more further up the lashes to give a more natural bend, rather than a 180 degree angle.

8. If there’s one thing that Nikki is famous for, then it’s her iconic brows. The secret to Nikki’s bushy, fluffy, yet defined brows is Soap Brows. Comb the soap through the brows to brush up the hairs and make them look fuller. If you aren’t naturally gifted with perfect brows and have some sparse areas, fill in the gaps with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, using hair like strokes, to help give the illusion of a full brow.


9. To give lips a fuller look whilst still looking natural, Nikki advises overlining at the outer edge, rather than the cupids bow. Keep the cupids bow as close to your natural shape as possible, to help lips look more plump without giving away the tell-tale signs of an overlined lip. Try shading the outer corners of the lips with a darker shade for shadow and depth.

10. For a simple yet effective look, match you lips to your blush. Either use a liquid blush on your lips, or a lipstick on your cheeks for a subtle, coordinated finish.