Agony Aunt: NikkieTutorials Answers Your Top Beauty Questions

NikkieTutorials is one of the most famous and experienced makeup artists in the world. With over five years of YouTube masterclasses under her belt and 13.5 million subscribers as testament to her expertise, Nikkie is the beauty guru whose secrets we all wanna know. And our chance has finally arrived!

We asked you to spill all your burning beauty questions via our Instagram channel so Nikkie could consult and share her hard-earned insider knowledge. From her finest makeup tips to her favourite skincare recs, NikkieTutorials is the beauty agony aunt we’ve all been waiting for. Get ready for the ultimate beauty tips from the ultimate beauty star.

Nikkie will see you now…

What skincare steps do you do before applying makeup?

‘Before I apply my makeup, I always make sure my that skin is clean and very well moisturised. A beautiful full coverage won’t look its best on drier skin so I make sure I give extra attention to building up that barrier of moisture.’ 

What are your everyday makeup essentials?

‘I cannot live without my lip balm! It’s the only product that keeps my lips plump and moisturised and soft. Other than that, I need my highlighter, Everglow or Glazed Donut by Ofra. And of course, I need to gel my brows and curl my lashes. I won’t leave the house without these steps.’ 

What is the best way to blend a dark and a light eyeshadow shade together?

‘I think it’s very important to place the shadows softly and peacefully. The more pressure and friction you apply to the shades, the more they just rub away. So you want to pack them on gently and then with a soft fluffy brush, diffuse the edges.’

How can I reduce concealer creases under my eyes?

‘Well, if you’re a makeup addict like I am and you pile that stuff on, the only technique that works for me is setting the under eye with a loose powder and a damp sponge. Somehow, I don’t know what happens, but it changed the formula of the powder a little bit and it sets it for the entire day.’

Do you have any tips for newbies in the makeup and YouTube industry?

‘I know it’s going to sound corny but be true to yourself. Always make people feel like they’re welcome and in a safe spot. I feel like as long as people can see that you are genuine and actually love what you’re doing, that vibe will surf through the crowd.’ 

I always mess up my winged eyeliner, do you have any tips or tricks?

‘You need lots of prayer, lots of luck, and don’t let it smell fear because eyeliner can destroy your day! I think it’s very smart to place some dots beforehand and connect the dots and fill in the blank spots. That’s a very beginner friendly technique. If not, just pack it on and if you end up looking like a panda, you rock it too baby.’

How do I achieve a neat cut crease?

‘The secret to a beautiful cut crease is a very precise, flat, synthetic brush that will carve out that lid by just stamping the brush onto your skin. By stamping the shape of the brush onto your lid, you’re already getting that clean line and all you have to do is set it with shadow and shine all day.’

Do you have any tips for applying and blending pressed pigments?

‘It’s the same as blending a dark and a light shadow together, you need to be extra cautious with them and just apply them with love! You don’t want too friction or too much pressure; you want to gently apply them and gently blend them out. Little steps, baby steps!’

How can I prevent my base from going patchy?

‘Moisturising is everything! After moisturiser, not to prime is a crime people! You gotta prime! So if you put on a primer that will blur your pores, yet still give you some moisture, that is exactly what you’re looking for.’

My eyebrows are really thin, do you have any tips on making them appear thicker?

‘Honey, have you seen my brows! Have you seen their natural state? If you don’t have brows, you gotta build the damn house yourself! So what I do is two lines, fill in the gaps, then apply a brow wax and draw on the individual hairs. If you don’t have the fantasy, create the fantasy!’