10 Products BEAUTY BAY Staff Tried & Loved In January

Working at BEAUTY BAY has many perks, but one of the best – and I’m sure the staff will agree – is getting to try all the products the beauty industry has to offer and discovering our next faves from our co-worker’s reviews. But wouldn’t be fair of us to keep the reviews to ourselves, especially when we discovered so many products that have to be raved about in January. 

So, here are the best and the brightest beauty products that the BEAUTY BAY staff had to tell you about. 


‘I’m trying to do my bit and reduce my plastic consumption where I can, so I ran out of my bottled shampoo and conditioners and decided I’d give these bars a go. I was dubious at first at how effectively these would clean and nourish my hair. I can now confirm these are AMAZING and I’ll never be buying the bottled stuff again. 

‘They last ages! I’ve had mine over 1 month now and it looks as if I’ve never touched them. The shampoo bar lathers up loads so you can give your hair a good clean. The conditioner feels like you’re not really getting anything off it but if you drag it down the ends and then run your fingers through there’s enough product on there. 

‘It doesn’t really have much of a smell but once you’ve dried your hair… my hair has never, and I mean NEVER been softer.’

Laura, Ecommerce Executive 


‘Last month, the Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Colloidal Oatmeal + Oat Lipid Rich Moisturiser was an absolute staple in my skincare routine. During the winter months, my skin tends to become quite dry, so I like to switch up my core products to give my complexion an extra hydration boost. Also, that price point? No brainer.’

Francesca, Content Executive 


‘As someone who permanently has dark circles no matter the amount of hours sleep I get, a good concealer is something I’m always on the hunt for. By now I must have tried nearly every concealer on BEAUTY BAY and the new The Ordinary Concealer was an instant fave. I personally look for something not drying, cakey and must be buildable, all qualities The Ordinary Concealer has. I can layer it on days I need more coverage and after 8+ hours wear it’s not settled into my fine lines. Amazing product for the price and a new staple in my makeup bag!’

Eden, Senior Brand and Partnerships Executive 


‘If there is one way to make yourself feel better on a grey, dreary January morning, it’s waking up to freshly sun kissed skin. But I didn’t hop on a plane during the night and snatch a tan (sadly), I hauled Isle of Paradise Hyglo Face Self-Tan Serum after many, many, rave reviews, and added a few drops to my evening moisturiser. When it comes to a glowy tan, this serum has been sent by the angels, but that it’s the only string to its bow. The formula has been infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate, brighten, and plump the skin. And we all know hydrated skin gives a killer tan. So, if your January face needs a touch of sun, you NEED this serum.’

Olivia, Content Executive 


‘I accidentally-on-purpose added one of the By BEAUTY BAY lipsticks to my last haul and have been loving using it mid-week on team calls to make it look like I’ve put a LOT more effort in than I actually have. It’s super pigmented and longwearing so I don’t need to worry about it transferring, and normally only have to top up after lunch. I went for the colour Sauce, which is a bright red with subtle blue undertones. I’m quite pale (miss u sun x), but find the shade works as a statement lip alongside a neutral eye.’

Rebecca, Brand and Partnerships Manager 


‘One of my favourite products from Skincare By BEAUTY BAY is the Kaolin Clay + PHA Clay Mask. It’s super gentle and helps to soothe my break-out prone skin. The blend of kaolin and bentonite clay helps to purify and decongest pores, whilst the added PHA gently exfoliates and helps to soften and smooth my skin. Plus, it’s only £10! The perfect treat for your lockdown skin.’

Ashna, Influencer and Partnerships Assistant 


‘Lip colour is so tricky for me because I have really dry, flaky lips (especially when the weather is pretty fresh). Anything too drying just cracks up straight away! Makeup Revolution’s Velvet Kiss Lip Crayon is one of the only high pigment products I’ve found that is full coverage, but still moisturising. My go-to colour is Decadence which is a cherry red with a hint of pink. Because the crayon is creamy, it’s super buildable, and looks good with one sweep across your lips, or can be intensified with a couple of extra layers.’

Alex, Senior Trend Forecasting and Campaign Planning Executive 


‘Thanks to my hair being super fine and prone to build-up, I definitely have a less-is-more approach to my haircare routine. Too much product and heavy formulas can leave it looking limp, lacklustre, and greasy, and that’s definitely not the look that I want to go for. During lockdown, I’ve been focusing on growing my hair and as it’s got longer, I thought it was about time that I introduced a hair mask into my routine to make sure that it stays strong and healthy. Believe me when I tell you that the SheaMoisture 10-in-1 Superfruit Hair Mask has changed my life. Simply left on for an hour, it leaves my hair feeling beyond soft, so smooth, and super shiny for an entire week. Why I haven’t tried this mask sooner I have NO idea.’

Kate, Content Executive 


‘I love cute, light-hearted concepts in skincare and makeup, so imagine the opportunity to use a cloud potion on my face! In this spirit, (and giving into my love of a good primer), I snapped up the dreamy Cloud CompleXXion Primer by XX Revolution, and it’s a multi-sensory delight. It feels like velvet butter, has a beautiful pastel sheen (like stardust is trapped inside it!), makes my skin feel bouncy and smooth, and I look subtly filtered, with a lovely soft-focus effect skimming over my fine lines and pores.

‘Sure, I’m only wearing this and moisturiser on my face most mornings, but I don’t think anyone in my Zoom meeting is any wiser to it! Definitely worth your pennies if you’re in the market for a low-effort addition to your lockdown routine.’

Clare, Senior Customer Service Advisor 


‘Like many of us over the last year, I’ve been trying A LOT more at home pamper treatments. One of the keys for me has been scalp care and looking after my scalp and hair as much as I do my face (my skincare regime is like eight steps but where’s my scalp care routine been?!). The absolute game changer for me has been the Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager. It’s so easy to use, has so many benefits and I’ve really noticed a difference in my scalp and overall hair health. It’s said to help increase blood flow to the scalp, promoting strong hair, boosting growth and hair follicle health! After shampoo, a pre-wash treatment or hair mask I use this little number to massage my scalp, it’s so relaxing and helps any products I use get to work so much better than if I’d just used my hands. My scalps never felt fresher, my hair feels a lot healthier, I’ve noticed quicker growth and it also helps me so much with any muscle tension – OBSESSED.’ 

Dani, NPD Manager