We’re Obsessed With This Underrated Hair Mask

The OLAPLEX No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask has brought my damaged hair back to life! The mask is infused with the famous OLAPLEX Bond Building technology that everybody absolutely loves. OLAPLEX permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during chemical processes and heat damage.

I have thick long hair and I tend to use heat on my hair a lot, usually a few times a week, to help manage it and also minimise the frizz. However, this in return only damages my hair more leaving it dry and dehydrated. I wanted to find a hair mask that actually helps repair my hair back to health as many hair masks I have used previously have only given me short-term benefits.

I have loved using this mask for the past few months and I have seen a massive difference in the general health of my hair, it is noticeably more shiny, silky, and less frizzy. It has allowed me to leave my hair natural, using no heat, without it looking like a frizzy mess. I have also noticed my hair is not only smoother but has more body and bounce to it, when I do style my hair it holds a lot more and looks as though it is thicker with more volume to it.

I have been using the mask once a week on clean damp hair and then wrap it with a hair towel, if I can I will leave it in my hair overnight or all day, on one of my work-from-home days, to bring moisture back into my frazzled hair!

You only need a few pumps for this mask and can leave it on for just 10 minutes for it to work, I just tend to leave it on longer before rinsing it out! I have also used the mask for slicking back my hair which works so well and looks really sleek.

I have used OLAPLEX treatments before in hair salons, however, using the products at home has been just as effective and much better value for money! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, especially if they use heat, bleach, or colour on their hair.

OLAPLEX recommend using all the products in the system to work together however with this product I have found it works great with or without the other OLAPLEX products. I have also found you don’t need to use a lot of this product or have to use it frequently to keep the amazing results so it’s definitely worth trying and seeing the results for yourself…