5 Benefits Of Using An Ice Roller

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Skincare By BEAUTY BAY, we’ve brought you even more… Heard all the hype about ice rollers? We’ve got your needs covered with the all-new The Ice Facial Roller. Here to make sure that you’re keepin’ it cool when it comes to skincare, this super-cold, ultra-refreshing ice roller is like a literal chill-out for your skin. Ice therapy has been practiced for years, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine, but if you don’t feel too keen on getting soaked whilst you drag cubes of ice across your face, then our ice roller is the answer. As if you needed any more convincing, we’ve got together all the reasons why you need to add one to your routine, immediately.

Helps to boost circulation

Applying the super cool, stainless steel roller to the skin fresh from the freezer helps to boost circulation, which in turn brings blood to the surface of the skin, stimulating your natural glow. The increase in blood flow also helps to flush away toxins, which can only be a bonus for stressed-out complexions.


Ever used an ice pack to soothe a swollen ankle when you fell over in P.E? The concept works exactly the same when it comes to your face. If you struggle with any puffiness, then this ice roller is set to become your new BFF, as the cooling sensation and cold temperature helps to reduce any swelling.

Aids lymphatic drainage

Just as your favourite rollers and gua sha help to increase lymphatic drainage, so does an ice roller, it’s just a bit colder in temperature. Work towards the outer edges of the face in order to aid lymphatic drainage and allow your body to flush out those toxins.

Soothes muscle tension

If you’re guilty of clenching your teeth in your sleep, frowning whilst you stare at your laptop, or your prone to some desk-induced neck tension, then rolling that pain away is possible. Simply work the ice roller over the neck, jawline, forehead (basically anywhere you might be holding any tension) to help soothe and relax the muscles.

Calms irritated skin

In the same way that the ice roller helps to de-puff, it can also help to calm and soothe any areas of irritation, whether your skin is sensitive or you suffer from conditions such as rosacea. The increase blood circulation and cold temperatures help to kick the skin’s natural defences into reaction, calming any irritation, redness, or areas of sensitivity.