7 Benefits of Using an Ice Roller

Think about how good your skin looks and feels when you are outside on a cold day. You might be shivering, but you’ve likely clocked that your skin is glowing. Well, using an ice roller for your face means you can get these oh-so-desirable results on demand without going out in the cold. Whilst you’ve probably seen supermodels and Tik-Tokers submerging their faces in bowls of ice at 5 AM, there’s no need to go to those extremes to get the same results. 

You can easily add this into your daily skincare routine to complement your moisturisers, serum, and cleansers.

What to Use for Ice Rolling Your Face

Ice rolling your face is easy with specially designed facial ice rollers and globes. There are a few different styles of icing devices you can choose from. 


A great option is the Skin Gym Ice Cool Ice Roller – you get all the benefits of ice rolling without applying ice directly to your face. Keep the device in a fridge or freezer and roll the cooling metal over your face. There is no nicer feeling – especially if you suffer from headaches or facial tension. 


Ice globes for your face are also a great shout if you don’t want to use literal ice but maybe want to focus more on targeting eye puffiness through ice rolling. For this, we love the Revolution Skincare Pink Glitter Ice Globes. The liquid inside the globes ensures you get all the benefits of facial icing after leaving them in the freezer for a while.


And finally, there is the option of just using ice on your face. The Skin Gym Cryoroll Ice Roller makes this process so easy and the casing ensures you have clean ice that you can apply to your skin.

Ice Roller Benefits Explained

Once you’ve read about all the amazing benefits of adding this step into your skincare routine, you’ll be heading straight to haul a new roller, we know it.

Benefit #1 - A Natural Glow

Yep, ice on your face can help give you an instant natural glow. The ice stimulates circulation across your face, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the surface resulting in a glowing complexion.

Benefit #2 - Improved Product Absorption

There’s no better way to make your serums and moisturisers work harder than ice rolling. Ice rolling reduces capillaries and tightens the appearance of pores across your face, leading to your products being drawn deeper into the skin, and allowing ingredients to penetrate further and work harder. You can really get the full effect of this benefit by applying a serum just before icing your face or icing your face whilst wearing a sheet mask.

Benefit #3 - Tightens & Firms Skin

The restriction of blood vessels caused by ice rolling brings many benefits, including making skin look temporarily firmer.

Benefit #4 - Reduces Puffiness

There is nothing more annoying than waking up with a puffy face, whether the cause is allergies, your cycle, or a hangover, there is no denying face puffiness is a pain. That’s why just this ice-rolling benefit alone is enough to win us over. The massaging motion of icing your face stimulates lymphatic drainage, reducing fluid retention – which is exactly what you need to reduce facial puffiness. It works especially well for puffy eyes – just gently massage ice globes in circular motions around your eyes, enjoy the soothing feeling, and await the de-puffing results.

Benefit #5 - Calms & Soothes Redness

The cold temperature on your skin acts as an anti-inflammatory, restricting blood vessels, reducing any swelling, and calming redness. This makes ice rolling an absolute saviour in summer if you’ve been in the sun for too long.

Benefit #6 - Helps Reduce Breakouts

Now we know this icing benefit sounds too good to be true, but it really can help reduce breakouts. If you are already dealing with a breakout, applying ice to your face can help speed up recovery by boosting circulation, encouraging your body to heal quicker.

Benefit #7 - Relieves Tension

Whether you suffer from regular headaches and tension or just want to enjoy a lovely soothing feeling, then ice rolling is for you. Ice rolling can be used to help relieve tension pain – gently massage your ice over your face, neck, and shoulders to help relax your muscles. The anti-inflammatory effects of the cold will work wonders. 


What’s your favourite ice-rolling benefit? Do you use it in your skincare routine all the time or just when carrying out skin prep for events? If you haven’t tried icing your face yet, haul a facial ice roller today to start seeing the benefits for yourself.