7 Essentials For Your In-Flight Skincare Routine

You’ve may have managed to fit your full skincare and haircare routines into your luggage and have edited down your makeup kit (although you know it won’t get much action), but have you considered your in-flight skincare? 

Thanks to the recycled air, pressure, reduction in oxygen, and increase in UV exposure, flying can wreak havoc upon your complexion. You may have spent weeks prepping for a holiday glow, but without actually prepping your skin for the flight, you’re likely to experience dehydration, dullness, and an increase in breakouts before you’re even collected your checked baggage. 

The artificial environment in the cabin not only dries out your skin, but the altitude increases UV exposure and restricts blood flow, meaning skin quickly dries out, appears dull, and is at risk or sun damage and inflammation. The key to beating it? Hydration, rejuvenation, protection. Scroll down to discover our in-flight skincare essentials. 

Florence By Mills Zero Chill Face Mist

Not only does face mist feel soothing and cooling on the skin, it’s also great for freshening up before landing. Since the AC on planes sucks all the moisture out of the skin, spritzing throughout your flight is the perfect way to keep hydration levels boosted while you’re in the air. The Florence By Mills Zero Chill Face Mist is an antioxidant-rich formula which helps protect as well as hydrate the skin, and you can even apply it over makeup. 

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Facial Barrier Mask

Not technically classed as a liquid and easy to slot into your hand luggage, sheet masks are an in-flight essential. This ultra-hydrating mask if infused with Dr. Jart+’s creamy Ceramidin serum, which is packed with ceramides and other moisturising ingredients. It will help to soften, nourish, and smooth skin’s texture. Once removed, remember to apply the excess lotion from the packet to your skin. 

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Using a thick cream to create a barrier between your skin and the air conditioning on a flight is vital to preventing skin dehydration. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Sensitive does this while also helping to accelerate the skin’s restoration process. Plus, it can be applied to face and body so it’s the ultimate multi-tasker to have in your bag. Spend time massaging it into the skin to help with blood flow and keep any puffiness at bay. 

Bondi Sands SPF50+ Face Mist Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must during a flight, since UV exposure increases with altitude – studies have shown that flying at 30,000 feet an hour can be equivalent to a 20-minute tanning bed session. And even if you close your window blind or sit in an aisle seat, you’re still not in the clear. This spray-on SPF is perfect for applying (and reapplying) during a flight as it’s totally effortless to use. 

By BEAUTY BAY Hydrating Lip SOS Mask

Like the eye area, the lips are one of the first places where you’ll see and feel dryness. A nourishing balm will create a seal over skin to prevent moisture from escaping while infusing skin with rich moisturising ingredients. The By BEAUTY BAY Hydrating Lip SOS Mask is ultra-nourishing and leaves the lips soft and supple. 

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Dripped Gold Wonder Water Self-Tanning Facial Mist

Want to get a headstart on your holiday glow? This self-tanning facial mist delivers an even golden glow in 4-8 hours, all while infusing skin with a cocktail of hydrators, including vitamin E, castor oil, and glycerin. 

Bliss Eye Got This Under Eye Mask

The eye area has thinner, more fragile skin so it’s usually the first place where you’ll notice dryness, dehydration, and puffiness. Packing an eye gel mask to use during your flight is a great way to keep your eye area hydrated and de-puffed for landing. The Bliss Eye Got This Under Eye Mask feels immediately cooling and helps the eye area to feel soft and fresh. And they’re foil-backed, so they’ll last much longer without drying out.