The Best Clear Lip Glosses, According To A Lip Gloss Addict

A classic, clear glossy lip: so 90’s, but always in style. Lipgloss might be the enemy of wind (ever worn a sticky lipgloss with your hair down? Not a great combo), but it just looks so good that we keep going back for more regardless.

A good, clear lipgloss can enhance any lipstick or colour you wear underneath, and makes your natural lips appear bigger and juicier when worn alone. A clear lipgloss is really the perfect ‘no makeup makeup’ item, that can be amped up for a night out, or toned down for a day in. So, in the wise words of Lil Mama, ask yourself this: is your lipgloss poppin’? Is your lipgloss cool? And if your current lipgloss of choice is a little lacklustre, keep reading; we’ve got you covered.

L.A. Girl Gloss Topper in Clearly Clear

Want that traditional, early 2000’s R&B music video kind of lip look? Don’t we all. The L.A. Girl Gloss Topper in Clearly Clear comes in the squeezy tube we all knew and loved in high school, allowing you to keep piling the gloss on until it’s the thickness you crave. And – as we well know – when your lips just keep looking juicier and juicier, application can become a bit of an addition! Luckily the formula of this gloss has come a long way from the one you used to secretly apply on your break between science and maths. It’s rammed full of vitamin E, aloe and rosehip seed oil – the good stuff your lips need to remain silky and smooth (even when you’ve snogged the last of your gloss off – behind the bike sheds, obvs).

Stila Beauty Lip Gloss in Transparency

Clear lipgloss seems like it should be simple, hey? But it’s not – and thats why not all lip glosses are alike. You may have one clear gloss that’s ‘wow’ and one that’s ‘meh’ – but Stila takes their clear gloss to the next level by infusing it with light-refracting pearls, hyaluronic acid and an abundance of moisture-giving oils. This helps to reflect light from your lips (some visual trickery to make them look juicier!), at the same time as plumping and hydrating them. Team with your fave glowwy moisturiser and a dab of cream highlighter for the perfect ‘I drink 12 glasses of water, do 3 hours of yoga daily, and sleep for 10 hours a night’ lewk.

Florence By Mills 16 Wishes Get Glossed Lip Gloss in Dreamy Mills

This gloss is perfect for if you’re a little wary of the dreaded ‘stick’, or if you’re looking for something more day-to-day. if you don’t like your gloss thick, and want your lip products a little more natural, this gloss is the one for you. And while the glossiness may be toned down, the moisturising factors are toned alllll the way up. Packed full of lip-loving shea butter, castor seed oil and vitamin E, this gloss keeps your lips looking *and* feeling good. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty free, and encased in dreamy, cloud-covered packaging. Adorbs.