These Are The Best Eyelash Glues, According To MUAs

Eyelash glue is one of the essentials any beauty obsessive needs in their core collection. A bad eyelash glue means countless times running to a mirror to reattach your lashes and keep your look together. But a good eyelash glue means a whole day (and night) of false eyelashes that stay effortlessly in place without the need for a compact to check up on them. 

So, which eyelash glues are the best for worry free wear? We consulted our MUA friends to find out which eyelash glues they always turn to. 

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DUO’s Quick Set Adhesive Brush On is a BEAUTY BAY bestseller, and it’s not hard to see why. The clear finish glue is a clear MUA fave thanks to the ease of use and major holding power. @makeupbymyakyria explained: ‘I use the black or clear depending on my makeup, but I love both. They dry do quick and last all day. It’s the only lash glue that doesn’t make my inner corner go loose. I apply it like eyeliner with no wing and put mascara and then the lashes and it works wonderfully.’ agreed saying she wouldn’t buy anything else but the Quick Set Adhesive Brush On, adding that her lashed ‘held for a whole night out with lots of dancing.’ While @makeupbyainaj commented that after extensive lash glue research, they ‘always go back to the Quick Set Adhesive Brush On’, hailing it as ‘definitely my all-time favourite.’


Another clear favourite from the MUAs was DUO’s Duo Strip Lash Adhesive. @ismisejoey explained: This glue is my literal favourite to use! I always apply it to the lash band and add a small dollop of it to the inner and outer corners of my eyelid, and this glue LOCKS my lashes into place. For removing lash glue that sometimes get stuck, I use a cotton bud and some baby oil, comes out like a treat.’  

@emmafordxo also gave a top tip for using her favourite: ‘I apply it to the lash band then gently press it against my lash line to transfer the glue to my eye, wait for it to dry a little then apply it effortlessly!’ while @la_meandre explained that the Duo Strip Lash Adhesive is perfect for holding big eyelashes in place without feeling uncomfortable.’ 


bPerfect’s Intense Adhesive is a long-lasting, strong hold, and fast drying glue that makes it a favourite amongst MUAs. @allyc_beauty commented: ‘I’ve been loving brush applicator glues like the bPerfect Intense Adhesive lately. I’ve had so many issues with my inner corner not sticking but I have started applying a line of glue right on top of my black eyeliner (because white glue dries clear and black glue blends with the liner) and I haven’t looked back since!’