The Best Full Coverage Concealers For Dark Circles & Acne

From hiding blemishes to faking 8-hours of sleep, concealers are a knight in shining armour for almost every complexion complaint. Nowadays, there are a myriad of fantastic formulas to choose from that not only offer solutions to all your skin troubles, but cater to your skin type, too. The best concealers for wrinkles and dry skin are rich in nourishing, plumping ingredients that prevent it from becoming cakey or settling in fine lines. Concealers for dark circles tend to be super pigmented and on the thicker side (think a creamy, more blendable putty). Worried your flawless face won’t make it through the day? Don’t stress, long-lasting concealers have got your back. But, when it comes to remedying any base plight, full-coverage concealers take the top spot as the best all-rounder. These heavy-duty formulas make light work of fixing any unfortunate skin situ, which is why we wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without one. Read on to discover the tubes that hold a permanent place in our handbag…

Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer

With 25 shades to choose from, Jouer Cosmetics’ Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer is a cut above the rest. Enriched with a cocktail of intensely hydrating ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, reseveratrol and vitamin E, this smoothing concealer boasts a tonne of skincare benefits. The addition of brightening anise fruit extract perks up areas of discolouration, making this our top pick for hiding the dreaded dark circles. Rest assured, it won’t crease or congregate in the fine lines beneath your eyes, either. 

Revolution Pro Full Coverage Camouflage Concealer

A decent concealer needn’t cost the earth and Revolution Pro’s Full Cover Camouflage Concealer is the proof. As efficacious as its expensive counterparts, it serves unbeatable coverage, disguising everything from tattoos to veins and birthmarks. The long-wear, non-transferable formula won’t flake on you come 4pm, either. Still worried about it fading during the day? Press some powder on top and you’ll be set for the long-haul.  

Nabla Close Up Concealer

Little known beauty brand Nabla’s Close Up Concealer is making waves in the beauty hemisphere, here’s why. Not only is the velvety formula superbly smoothing, it conceals without feeling heavy on the skin. There may only be nine shades, but the colour spectrum is diverse and spans from Porcelain, which is great for highlighting and brightening, to Cocoa, a deep hue with red undertones catering to darker complexions. This sets fast, so be sure to blend it out as soon as you apply to risk any patches.

Stila New Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

Save face and then some, with Stila’s New Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer. Combining the iconic Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer in one dreamy duo formula, everything you need to perfect your complexion is housed in one convenient tub. First, prep your base with the full-coverage concealer. It has peachy undertones that instantly brighten and neutralise any areas of discolouration, like sallow skin and dark circles. Follow it up with the cult Stay All Day Foundation, a matte, oil free formula that is incredibly long-wearing and even water-resistant, but still gives a natural, glowy finish. Oh, and did we mention its rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.