Ask Grace: What’s The Best Way To Conceal Dark Circles?

Hi Grace, 

I know it’s more or less impossible to get rid of dark circles altogether (mine are definitely genetic!), but I was wondering if you have any advice or product recommendations for concealing them? 


You’re right, while dark circles are one of the concerns I get asked about most, there’s no quick fix or easy way to get rid of them. Some of us are much more prone to dark circles than others, largely thanks to genetics – this is known as hereditary pigmentation and is particularly common in some ethnicities, such as Asian and South Asian. In addition, things like stress, dehydration, age, and lack of sleep can contribute to a loss of volume in the under-eye area, which can make dark circles appear more evident. We recently covered some eye cream recommendations for dark circles (look out for ingredients like vitamin C and caffeine), but things like getting a good night’s sleep, staying well hydrated, and eating a vitamin-rich diet can also help.  

I often say to people that concealer is the only “cure” for dark circles, and there’s definitely truth to that – even if that “cure” is temporary. When it comes to choosing a concealer for your under-eyes, it’s important to get the right formula and texture, because not all concealers are created equally! Regarding formula, look for products which claim to brighten – these often contain light-reflecting particles which will detract from discolouration. As for textures, you want to avoid anything too thick or heavy – the skin under the eye is thin and has a lot of movement so thick textures will feel uncomfortable and emphasise lines and creases. Instead, use light liquid textures which you can apply in sheer layers – pat in lightly using a small flat brush or (even better) your ring finger. The warmth of our fingers will help the product to melt onto skin for a really seamless finish. If your dark circles are particularly strong, consider a colour-correcting product – you could even layer one beneath a brightening formula. Concealers which have a peach/yellow/orange tint to them will effectively cancel out blue tones. 

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