How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Maybe you had one too many red wines last night, or perhaps you were up late working. Either way, we bet you were met with tired, shadowed under eyes the next morning. Considering we all live such busy lives, it’s not surprising that everyone has suffered from dark circles at some point. “Are you ok? You look really tired,” friends and colleagues ask. Despite this, dark circles are not always caused by a lack of sleep and fatigue. In fact, nine times out of ten they’re a result of something else entirely.

What causes dark circles under eyes?

Dark circles can be tricky to treat because they are caused by a variety of different things. Some people are genetically predisposed to discolouration beneath the eyes, whilst others have developed it due to sun damage and hyperpigmentation. The shape of our face is also a determining factor. Deep set eyes can sometimes appear hollow, while a loss of collagen and fat beneath the eyes – a natural result of ageing – can make them appear sunken and shadowed. Finally, poor circulation leads to enlarged blood vessels and veins, increasing the appearance of dark circles. 

Don’t let dark circles get you down, though. With the right products they can be improved – you’ll just need to be consistent. Find out how to fight them below…

How can you get rid of dark circles?

A multi-faceted approach combining targeted ingredients and tools is your best bet for diminishing dark circles. 

Often other common under eye complaints like puffiness and dryness can exasperate discolouration, so it’s important to treat these at the same time. If you’re not already using a daily eye cream, now’s the time to start. Not only will this help fade dark circles, it also helps to prevent them. 

Dark circles and puffiness often come hand in hand. If you feel like you’re suffering from both, try a serum over a cream formula. Not only will this penetrate deeper into the skin, but it is also more light weight and so won’t aggravate puffiness. 


Poor blood circulation is one of the culprits, so reach for specific ingredients that target this. Caffeine is well known to boost circulation, making it an ingredient of choice for ditching dark circles. 

Revolution Skincare Targeted Under Eye Serum 5% Caffeine Solution + Hyaluronic Acid ticks all the relevant boxes. Enriched with – you guessed it – caffeine, the gentle serum also harnesses the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid to moisturise and brighten. 


Dot beneath the eye area and gently press into the skin until fully absorbed.


Just like facial sheet masks, under eye masks contain a cocktail of efficacious ingredients chosen for their depuffing and brightening properties. These are richer and more targeted than a cream or serum and can deliver visible results ASAP. 

Yes To Cucumbers 2-Step Buh Bye Bags & Dark Circles Eye Kit is a hard working treatment that brightens, hydrates and smoothes. Formulated with 96% natural ingredients, the dual kit combines cucumber, caffeine and vodka fruit. 


Step One: Place the masks onto freshly cleansed skin, pressing and smoothing out any creases. Leave on for 10 minutes.

Step Two: Remove the masks and open the cream. Using your ring finger, dispense a small amount beneath your eyes and carefully rub in until full absorbed. 


Cold compresses are amazing at reducing under eye bags. They do this by reducing swelling and shrinking dilated blood vessels. If you’ve woken up particularly puffy, we suggest reaching for By BEAUTY BAY’s Facial Ice Roller first thing in the morning and giving yourself a mini under eye cooling massage. 


Step One: Put the ice roller in the freezer for 15 minutes

Step Two: Starting at the inner corners, massage the area beneath your eyes using slow, sweeping motions outwards.