The Best Face Mists For Round The Clock Hydration

With the hot summer months *finally* on the horizon (we hope), we’re looking for all the best ways to keep our skin hydrated and juicy. The easiest step to add to your routine for all that extra goodness? A face mist. A good face mist has a number of facial benefits, such as hydrating the skin, locking in active ingredients from your other skincare products, and some may even be multifunctional – many can be used as a makeup setting mist. Face mists are a super simple step to ‘seal in’ all the hard work you put into your skincare and makeup routines, as well as letting you refresh and reset throughout the day. Read on for our top five face mist faves!

The Face Mist Best For Skincare Benefits: Oskia SPF Vitamin Mist

We don’t need to nag you about the necessity of sun protection – you know how important it is to wear your sunscreen at this point! But we totes get it, sometimes you forget, you’re not going outside for a long enough time to make it ‘worth it’, or you might find it hard to top up throughout the day. So why not make staying safe from the rays as easy as possible? Simply spritz on Oskia’s SPF Vitamin Mist and you’re protected from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 30. Best of all, you can use it on the body and face too. So if you’re out and about and start to feel the temperature heating up, just give everywhere exposed to the sun a refreshing mist and you’re good to go!

The Face Mist Best For Hydration: Disciple Juicy Mist

When it’s called the ‘Juicy Mist’, you know it’s gonna be good. Our fave Disciple mist gives you the glowwy, sheeny look we all want; mega hydrated, ‘is that highlighter or does she just have an incredible skincare routine?’ vibes. Big Mood. Use this hyaluronic acid packed mist as a toner, as the final step in your daily routine, or just whenever you need a refresh during the day (or, alternatively, whenever you want to top up that ‘sweaty-in-a-good way’ look – you know exactly what we mean).

The Face Mist Best For Locking Makeup In: Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

A short horror story: spending an hour painstakingly applying a face of makeup, only for it to rub off as soon as you step outside. Wiping your face and an eyebrow coming off? Not cute. Oil making your foundation chunk up and move around? The worst. What you need is a hard working setting spray, that will hydrate dry areas, but keep oil in check in others – so that your makeup stays exactly where you put it. This is where Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray can save the day. It creates a lightweight barrier over the face, preventing creasing or fading, and ‘melts’ makeup into the skin for all-day flawless wear.

The Face Mist Best For Cuteness: TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Mist

Hands up: who has beauty products displayed on their dressing table just for the cute packaging? There’s just something about this adorable TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Mist that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – and it’s the perfect pocket-sized pal to keep you hydrated on the go. And t’s not just a pretty face, either – TonyMoly is a K-beauty brand that uses cutting edge ingredients and technology to create amazing products for your face. This face mist may be cute, but it is mighty – it’s jam-packed full of pearl, strawberry, baobab tree and aloe vera, to keep your skin happy, too.

The Face Mist Set Best For Value: Mario Badescu Mini Mist Collection

Love a bargain? Want to branch out and try lots of different scents and ingredients? Or are you simply looking for some cute face mist minis to throw in your handbag? The OG of great ingredient face mists Mario Badescu has answered your prayers with this adorable Mini Mist Collection. Each face mist is packed with skin loving ingredients, and each has a different, refreshing scent. So why not switch it up and use each spray for different purposes? The purple face mist – containing aloe, chamomile and lavender – is perfect as part of your wind-down bedtime routine, while the pink spray – with aloe, herbs and rosewater – makes for an amazing perk-up for throughout the day!