The One Beauty Product My Boyfriend Keeps Stealing From Me

When I met my boyfriend, he was fascinated by my lengthy skincare routine, and the treasure trove of products perched around my sink. ‘What does that do?’ ‘Why do you need that one?’, and so on and so forth. So when I asked him about his skincare rituals, it was no surprise it consisted solely of some 10-in1 hair, face, body (and just about everything else) wash, combined with some body moisturiser on his face (!) if he felt fancy. My skin crawled. I felt it was extremely unfair that I always made sure to do my 7 step routine (even if I came home from a club in the early hours of the morning, barely able to function) and yet – despite my dedication – my skin still wasn’t nearly ‘perfect’. And yet here was my boyfriend, walking around with foot lotion on his face, glowing with the type of radiance I can usually only achieve after applying layers of highlighter. Life isn’t fair.

But despite his excellent genes and penchant for a minty smelling face, he was interested to learn more about skincare – I think he was drawn to all the shiny bottles and pots. After introducing him to the world of acid toner, serum, and SPF galore, he quickly decided he couldn’t do with the hassle. Although he let me upgrade his face wash and moisturiser situation, I couldn’t quite persuade him to invest the time into a full routine (though, like all men, he still secretly loves taking part in a Sunday face mask). However – there was one product he tried, loved, and wouldn’t give back – and that’s the By Beauty Bay Make It Rain Face Mist. It even lives in his work backpack – somehow I now have to ask permission to use my own face mist?!

The By Beauty Bay Make It Rain Face Mist is vegan, cruelty free, and smells fab. It’s full of skin soothing minerals and Australian berries, giving parched skin the ‘glass of water’ feel you want. When I can get ahold of my own face mist (I think we should have joint custody, or maybe set up a rota?), I love to use it as my final skincare step for a hydration boost. I also keep it handy on my dressing table for when I’ve finished applying my power makeup products, just before I put on my mascara and eyeliner. This stops my makeup looking cakey, and ‘seals the deal’, leaving me with a flawless base. Because of its cute size, I can then pop it in my handbag for a top up whenever my makeup starts to look a bit bleurgh,or I start to feel a little crusty.

When I quiz my boyfriend about why he loves the face mist so much, he tells me because it’s so easy. It acts as a wake-up hydration hit in the morning, perks him up throughout the day when he’s sat in front of his computer screen, acts as a cool-down during his commute, and is a lovely refresher for his post-shower, pre-bed skin. I guess you can’t argue with that, as a skincare novice, the By Beauty Bay Make It Rain Face Mist acts as his trusty pocket pal, doing everything he needs in one go. I guess I should buy him his own bottle at some point!