15 Fringe Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Cut

With Georgia Steel’s fringe stealing the spotlight of this year’s Love Island, it’s no surprise fringe hairstyles are on the rise. Whether you’re looking to change up your hair game or you want to hop on this budding trend, a fringe can be a great way to elevate any look. From framing your face shape to making you look younger, the possibilities of this versatile style are endless. If you need some extra encouragement to brave the cut, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite fringe looks for short bob cuts, medium, and long hair, in a range of sleek, wavy, and textured styles. 

Scroll on to meet your next hairstyle obsession and get ready to race to the salon.

1. Sleek fringe

Starting off strong, we can’t get enough of this ultra-sleek fringe from @luxecouturewigs. Think long, shiny, and sophisticated.

2. Blowout fringe

If you love a bouncy blowout, this effortlessly voluminous fringe from @nataliejadehairskin.co and @hairby_karis_meraki is one you need to recreate.

3. Shaggy bangs

These shaggy bangs from @neongods combine volume and texture to create the ultimate cool-girl hairstyle.

4. Long wavy fringe

Ideal if you’ve got naturally wavy hair, this soft fringe look from @handoverfisthair requires minimal styling and flatters the face perfectly. 

5. Feathery fringe

Craving a change but don’t want to commit to a full fringe? Try this grungy feathered look from @dimitrishair, which gives the effect of a messy fringe without covering the whole forehead. 

6. Voluminous fringe

Breathing life into your locks, this voluminous fringe from @papachichistyle pairs perfectly with a full glam look. We’re obsessed.

7. Choppy fringe

Choppy fringes are a great way to create some shape and movement around the face. We love how @bibiboric has paired theirs with a choppy bob for an effortlessly chic look.

8. Bouncy fringe

For fuller looking, lifted hair, you need to recreate this bouncy fringe from @nicoleemilyyy_. Giving a nod to the classic 90s wispy, rounded bangs, we can’t see this iconic look ever falling from the limelight.

9. Micro fringe

Though it may feel more daring than the rest, @kateyhayward is proof that the reward of a micro fringe is definitely worth the risk. This runway-worthy cut is on trend to becoming one of the hottest looks of the year.

10. Classic fringe

This timeless look from @killahchanhair is in a league of its own. Falling just past the eyebrows, this sleek and versatile style is the perfect balance between simple and sophisticated.

11. Layered fringe

Layered fringes are a great way to add dimension and life to your locks. These long, eyelash-skimming bangs from @analazarescuhair blend flawlessly into the longer sections of hair for a youthful, flattering finish.

12. Baby bangs

Boost your bangs with this wispy chop from @thabeehair, ideal for a sleek bob haircut. It’s giving soft, subtle, and trendy.

13. Mullet fringe

Gone are the days of mullets being uncool. This trendy, full, choppy fringe with shaggy sides from @andy_doesyourhair has revolutionised the hair game.

14. Curly, textured fringe

Bringing serious volume and texture to the hair game, this curly fringe from @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon gives the ultimate “I woke up like this” glam.

15. Structured fringe

These blunt, straight bangs from @joecharltonhair frame the brows while giving the effect of fuller, thicker hair. We love how the beachy, loose waves below soften this stylish look. 

Fringe hairstyle essentials: