The Best Products For Frizzy Hair

As someone who has always suffered with frizz, I can confirm that it is an ongoing nuisance. In place of those shiny, glossy strands you so long for sits an ever-present halo of fuzz. Forget about wash-and-go: to tame said frizz, you’ll need to be armed with a team of efficacious products that really work. So, what’s in store?

Goes without saying, styling products for frizzy hair are important (we will get into these later), but to ensure smoothness for the foreseeable future you need to start fighting frizz from the moment you step in the shower. The shampoo you use might seem insignificant, but it really does set the tone for how your hair dries – so choose wisely. Look for formulas containing nourishing natural oils, like coconut, and almond and avoid sulphates at all costs.

You should also be looking for the aforementioned ingredients in your conditioners and styling products. Damaged locks tend to be frizzier and less manageable, so improving your hair’s overall health is always the goal. For this, seek out proteins and keratin – both vital for their reparative properties.

It can be tempting to smother your hair in oil – but don’t go overboard or you’ll risk your strands looking lank and greasy. Lightweight, clear variations are best, In my opinion (I’ll mention my ride or die in due course). If you’re applying hard working styling creams you can relax with the oils, as these fight half the battle for you. So, without further ado, sit back, relax and let me bestow all my mane taming wisdom upon you. Prepare for the best hair of your life…


As mentioned earlier, smooth hair starts with a hard working shampoo. Shea Moisture’s entire range is a cut above the rest (especially for curly locks), but the Raw Shea and Cupuacu Frizz Defense Shampoo is particularly good at laying the ground work for glossy, shiny strands. It owes its superior smoothing ability to a blend of Amazonian capuacu, organic shea butter, passiflora and pistachio oils. Top tip: steer clear from sulphates if you’re prone to frizz and flyaways. A harsh cleansing agent found in the majority of shampoos, sulphates remove the build up of oil, dirt and products. Sounds great, but delve a little deeper and you’ll realise they can do more damage than good. If you’re prone to frizz your hair is likely to be naturally drier. Unfortunately, whilst doing their bit, sulphates strip away all the natural oils drying out your hair even more so. Using a sulphate free shampoo like Shea Moisture’s stops this from happening. The result? Softer, more manageable locks. Simples.


Humidity = frizz, so come summer you’re going to need to crank up your routine to cater to the heat. Newsflash: dry hair is on an eternal search for moisture. The fastest way to inject hydration? Conditioner. Bumble and bumble are experts in curly hair care and this BB.Bond-Building Repair Conditioner has got your back as soon as things start to hot up. Instantly nourishing and hydrating the locks, this detangling conditioner uses a honey bond-building complex to strengthen the strands whilst reducing frizz and smoothing the cuticles for a softer, shinier finish.

Hair Mask

If used regularly, a decent hair mask really will put in most of the frizz-fighting groundwork for you. When I’ve been neglecting my strands and they look (and feel) like they’re struggling, Amika’s The Kure Intensive Repair Mask is my secret weapon. This is healthy hair in a tub. Rich in all the vitamins and ingredients damaged hair craves, it contains shea butter, borage oil and mega hydrator sea buckthorn – all brimming in fatty acids to feed and fortify frazzled strands, pronto. Top tip: after shampooing, apply the mask generously and twist your hair into a bun. Pop on a shower cap and leave on for around 20 minutes. The heat from your head allows the mask to penetrate the hair follicles deeper, boosting its reparative effects. 

Hair Oil

Ask any girl on a quest for sleeker strands what their desert island product is and no doubt they’ll say hair oil. Holika Holika Biotin Damage Care Oil Serum is the final step in my hair care routine and I wouldn’t dream of stepping foot out the house without it. Come summer when temperatures start to rise, hair oil helps to lock in moisture and stops the dreaded humidity from causing havoc on your head. This savvy oil doubles up as an intensive treatment that tackles damage thanks to biotin, which rebuilds and repairs breakage and split ends. The winning combination of conditioning natural oils, sweet almond, hazel and jojoba nourishes, feeds and fortifies each strand, leaving your hair silky smooth for the foreseeable future.

Blow Dry Cream

Choosing potent styling products is key to keeping your hair smooth and soft. If you’re a heat tool junkie and sleek blowdries are your thing, Briogeo’s Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Creme is about to change your life. The does-all formula contains a  combo of restorative rosehip, coconut and argan oil as well as thermal protection up to 230 degrees. All of Briogeo’s products are vegan and formulated without silicones, parabens or sulphates, making them safe to use on keratin and chemically treated hair. Applying heat to parched hair is always stressful because you know you’re doing it zero favours. After a few dollops of this, though, I always see a noticeable difference with texture and shine.