6 Products That Embrace The Science of Skincare

As great as natural skincare is, humans are not made from coconut oil and shea butter. Sometimes we need more than Mother Nature when it comes to our skincare. So when the science bigwigs are able to cocktail us a combination of science-packed skincare that will sort out our skin… we’ll take it. That’s where this lot comes in. From clever formulations to state-of-the-art tech treatments, these are the science-savvy skincare picks you need to know about…

Revolution Skincare 20% Vitamin C Serum

Looking for a powerful vitamin C that won’t break the bank? This potent formula is for you. The creamy serum is enriched with 20% vitamin C— to help fade pigmentation, even skin tone and protect the skin from harmful free radicals, like pollution. Added grape seed oil helps condition the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and seriously hydrated. 

Mario Badescu Super Peptide Serum

Wanting an all-round anti-ager? Peptides are the ingredient to look out for. They send signals to your skin cells encouraging them to act as they did when they were younger. The result? More collagen and elastin are produced, leaving you with younger-looking skin. Plus, this clever formula blends peptides with a sodium hyaluronate complex: to reduce dehydration lines and wrinkles, whilst plumping skin from within. 

The Ordinary Buffet

This super serum ticks all the boxes when it comes to powerful anti-ageing plus supercharged skin health. Matrixyl 3000 works to stimulate collagen production whilst hydrating hyaluronic acid plumps fine lines from within. Not only that, 11 clever amino acids help to smooth and nourish the surface of skin leaving it soft and radiant. 

TONYMOLY Master Lab Sheet Mask Vitamin C

Treat your skin to an injection of radiance with this brightening vitamin C sheet mask. The natural cellulose moulds to skin creating a barrier to lock-in moisture and help your skin drink-up every last drop of serum. Store it in the fridge for an extra shot of cooling hydration. 

Foreo ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment Cobalt Blue

If you’ve tried every acne-treatment going, it might be time to bring in the big guns. This clever device is coated in antibacterial, medical-grade silicone and uses blue LED light and sonic pulsations to penetrate deep into pores to destroy acne-causing bacteria. In just 30 seconds, inflammation is reduced, skin is purified and blemish-causing bacteria is blasted. 

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream Mist

Enriched with no less than five ceramides; this soothing mist instantly nourishes dry, flaky and irritated skin. Perfect for use on your face and body, the clever Korean-formula encourages hydration whilst helping to repair a damaged skin barrier. Xylitol and flower extracts work to strengthen the skin barrier, preventing water loss so your skin is left healthy, happy and hydrated.