The Best SPFs For Acne Prone Skin

We all know we should protect our skin from the sun; you’ve heard everyone say it from your dermatologist to Baz Luhrmann. But with the reputation of SPF as greasy, pore-blocking, and breakout-inducing, it’s no wonder many of us with acne-prone skin still aren’t using them on the daily.

Sunscreens don’t just protect against skin cancers and photo ageing; shielding your skin from harmful rays can also help to ward off hyperpigmentation. These dark patches sometimes appear around old blemishes and can make acne scarring appear more obvious – just when you think you’re over a breakout. Using a good SPF regularly is even more crucial if you’re using sun-sensitising Roaccutane, retinols, or acids to manage your acne.

The good news? There are now sunscreens in formulas so light you’ll forget you’re wearing them, and some even have a hint of camouflaging tint to disguise brewing blemishes.

The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF15 with Antioxidants

If your SPF tends to take the blame for your latest breakout, try switching to a mineral sunscreen. Often found in sun creams for babies, physical sunscreens use mineral UV blockers to shield skin from the sun’s rays, and are thought to be less irritating than their chemical counterparts. A great choice for sensitive and acne-prone complexions, The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF15 with Antioxidants is made with Tasmanian Pepperberry to calm stressed out skin, and non-comedogenic (non-pore-blocking) silicones for a silky, lightweight feel.

Niod Survival 20

Designed for medium to darker skin tones, Niod Survival 20 also enlists a gentle mineral UV blocker, zinc oxide, to filter out UVA and UVB rays with SPF20. Ideal for city dwellers, this formula also protects skin against modern life skin threats like pollution and blue light – so your complexion is safe from sun, smog and screen time. The slightly tinted, serum-like texture makes this a great match for acne-prone, oily and combination skin types that can’t tolerate the heavy feeling of regular SPFs.

Rodial Skin Tint SPF20

If you’re dealing with active breakouts, try switching your foundation for a three-in-one base like Rodial Skin Tint SPF20. Rather than weighing down easily congested skin with a moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation, this ultra lightweight tinted SPF gives medium buildable coverage and solid sun protection. In six adaptable shades and a natural finish, it protects your complexion while camouflaging blemishes.

Mario Badescu Aloe Moisturiser SPF15

Soothe angry breakouts with this aloe vera enriched moisturiser. Ideal for sensitive and acne-prone complexions, it helps to neutralise redness and absorbs rapidly to hydrate without overloading the skin. With SPF15, this lightweight lotion can be layered under other SPF products in summer or worn alone as a daily moisturiser in winter.

Formula 10.0.6 Picture Perfect Day

Need more proof SPFs have come a long way since the days of thick, chalky formulas? This fruit-powered moisturiser packs SPF15 UVA and UVB protection into a gel-like texture that disappears into the skin. Ideal for daily use after your morning cleanse, it offers a much needed hydration boost without disturbing the skin’s delicate oil balance. To give blemish-prone skin a helping hand, this all-rounder also contains vitamin C and guava extract help to keep skin clear and bright.