The Best Tanning Mitts, According To You

Unfortunately for the sun lovers out there, achieving a sunkissed glow all year round isn’t always possible. When we need a bit of a confidence boost from bronzed skin, who better to turn to than self tan? Giving you that radiant glow without the risk of burnt skin, fine lines and wrinkles that comes with sun damage, fake tan is your key to post-holiday, healthy skin. If the words ‘fake tan’ conjures up images of streaks and orange patches in your mind, we’re here to banish your tanning terrors. Like most beauty products, the better the application, the more flawless the result. Whether you’re using a gradual tan, an instant tan, a mousse, tanning drops, or oils, using the right tan applicator is a sure-fire way to prevent streaking and enjoy a smooth application.

With so many innovative tanning mitts out there designed for face, back, and body, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Read on to learn how to choose a tanning mitt and how to apply your tanning products, for an even, flawless tan, every time. Don’t just take our word for it: we also turned to our trusted BEAUTY BAY obsessives for their recommendations on the best tanning mitts on the market.

How to choose a tanning mitt

Before you rush to the checkout with the first tanning mitt you can get your hands on, it’s important to know how to choose one that’s right for your specific tanning needs. A singular, normal-sized mitt is a safe choice if you’re just looking to tan your overall body without the risk of orange palms. If you plan on tanning your face, your base will thank you for investing in smaller mitt to use alongside your body mitt. Smaller mitts are not only a great way to reach every contour of your face but will allow you to blend the product more seamlessly over the skin while preventing clogged pores. Tanning applicators for the back are also well worth the investment if you, like most fake tan users out there, have been through the struggle of trying to tan your back alone. Eliminating the risk of pulled muscles from contorting your body to impossible angles, these applicators are designed specifically to help you reach your back with ease for an all over glow.

How to use a tanning mitt

Whether you’re a fake tan fanatic or you’re just getting started on your glowing skin journey, a tanning mitt is an essential item in your fake routine. For a streak-free, flawless finish, hold your fake tan in one hand and wear your mitt in the other. Apply your fake tan directly to the mitt and scrunch your hand into a fist to distribute the product evenly. Work the product over one body part at a time, buffing it in circular motions until sufficiently blended. To maintain the quality of your applicator and ensure an even tan every time, make sure to wash your tanning mitt after each use with warm water and soap and leave to air dry (trust us, your future self will thank you).

1. By BEAUTY BAY Application Mitt

Call us biased, but we truly believe we’ve created the answer to a flawless, tanned finish. Made from silky-soft materials, this mitt makes anyone a pro at achieving an even, streak-free glow.


‘Fantastic mitt’

Fantastic mitt, glides the tan on beautifully

Kelly T.


‘Mitt is unreal’

Mitt is unreal best I have used

Kevin. F



Absolutely amazing, so easy to use

Christiana M.


‘Great and easy for blending’

Great and easy for blending in products on the body

Sarah M.

2. Loving Tan Easy To Reach Back Applicator

Tan your hardest-to-reach areas with ease with this innovative back applicator. Made using soft foam for a seamless and comfortable application, this applicator also folds down for tanning on-the-go.



This applicator is my tanning bestie! It reaches all the tricky spots on my back with ease and evenly works the product in



‘So much easier’

I’m not an acrobat so doing my back every week was such a pain, super happy I got this it’s heaps easier



‘So useful!’

Saves you pulling muscles to try and tan those hard to reach places on your back! Genius invention!



‘Back applicator is fab!’

Much easier than having family members tan your back!


3. BPerfect X Jac Jossa Double Velvet Tanning Mitt

Double the mitts, double the flawlessness! These luxurious face and body mitts are made from a super soft, velvet material for an even, airbrushed glow. No filter needed!


‘Best mitts EVER’

Such good applicators, used with the tan it glided on like a dream




Love them!

Nicole L.

4. Brushworks Tan Applicator Set

This set of tan applicators is all you need for a tan perfect enough to turn heads. Featuring a face, back and body mitt, this kit will put the days of patchy tan far behind you.



Applies tan evenly, so handy for getting no areas you can’t reach

Natalie E.


‘Great to use’

I bought this set specifically for the back applicator and it is worth it. It makes put fake tan on your back so easy and stress free. The two different size mits are also great for different areas of your body. Would definitely recommend.

Shannon L.

5. Coco & Eve Deluxe Exfoliating Mitt

While this may not be a tanning mitt, we felt it was worthy in the list thanks to its skin-smoothing abilities. If you’re looking for an exfoliator that will give your tan a patch-free finish, this is it.


‘Amazing for ingrowns’

I have a major problem with so many ingrowns on my legs from shaving. This has been a godsend as previously only pumice helped

Eve D.


‘Amazing product’

Only mitt I’ve ever used that I can actually see lots of dead skin being removed. Can’t fault at all will buy again and again!

Danielle G.


‘Get it!’

Saw one like this on another site which was way too expensive then I came across this! Tbh there is no need to spend a silly amount when you can buy good products like this for a smaller price tag, it did the job and easily scrubs off my dead skin.




Great product

Amy B.

6. SOSU Cosmetics Dripping Gold Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt

Add a touch of luxury to your fake tan routine with this velvet tanning mitt. With an inner waterproof liner to prevent staining, this double-sided tanning mitt is a must-have.



Applies tan super well and no streaks at all



‘Cannot fault this’

The softest mitt! It glides so smoothly , makes tanning so much easier and the strap around your wrist is soooo helpful to stop the mitt slipping. The best mitt I’ve used yet!



‘Best tanning mitt’

This has got to be the best tanning mitt I have used! It applies your fake tan seamlessly and feels so smooth & soft on the skin. Such a good price which makes it even better.



‘Great mitt’

Super Blendable, Comfortable to wear and doesn’t split at the seams like previous gloves I’ve used!

Liv J.

7. St. Tropez Tan Remover Mitt

A flawless tan starts with a flawless base. This mitt will be your new bestie when it comes to creating the perfect canvas for your bronzed glow, removing any unwanted tan with ease.



No other words other than amazing! If you struggle with taking off the tan, this mitt removes it super easy!

Megan W.


‘Very handy’

Very handy for that stubborn tan that just won’t come off and especially when u want to put on a fresh coat of tan for an event.

Ava B.


‘Go-to remover mitt always’

Go to remover mitt always takes it off without peeling a hundred layers of skin with it

Reese A.


‘Excellent product’

Excellent product, very useful.

Yael F.

8. St. Tropez Double Velvet Sided Applicator Mitt

Featuring a waterproof lining, a double-sided application surface and a velvety-soft texture, this tanning mitt has everything you need to buff and blend your way to perfection.



Perfect! I won’t use anything else

Ashleigh M.



Great mitt. I used it to apply the Isle of Paradise water spray and worked really well. No streaks except on my feet.




Really nice tanning mitt! Gives a really nice even application and doesn’t absorb too much of the product. Really nice feel to it


9. Bondi Sands Exfoliating Mitt

If you’re a regular self-tanner, chances are you’re probably familiar with the name Bondi Sands. A well-known name for a reason, this brand has created the perfect exfoliating mitt for you to ace your base.


‘Great mitt’

This actually works and exfoliates better than gloves

Grace D.


‘Absolutely love’

Works so well for general exfoliation but also in combo with a tan remover to get off the build up of fake tan

Millie B.


‘Excellent product’

The Bondi Sands exfoliating mitt made my tan removal experience 10 times easier. Without being too harsh on skin it removes the tan in one shower!

Robyn L.


‘100% recommend’

Does the jobs the best out of any exfoliating out there


10. Tanologist The Mitt Duo

Double-sided and ultra soft, this tanning mitt duo is ideal if you’re looking to achieve a streak-free, airbrushed tan on your face and body.


‘Love it’

Love it, feels really nice

Naom E.


‘Both so soft, love’

Both so soft, love the little one for my face it’s amazing

Sophie M.


‘Perfect for self tanning’

I used this as a beginner and it left me with a flawless tan. Would recommend

Myriam M.


‘Perfect tanning mitt’

So soft and easy to use! Really loved the smaller one for my face and for difficult areas!

Zoe W.

11. Bondi Sands Application Mitt

Whether you’re using mists, foams, or lotions, this mitt promises to glide product over your skin effortlessly for an even, streak-free, and glowing finish.



the tanning mitt is amazing everyone who loves to tan should get this

Emily K.


‘Fab price’

Great quality and price

Lisa H.


‘Really soft’

really soft and doesn’t make tan go on patchy, better than ones i’ve tried before

Millie B.


‘The only tanning mitt I use!’

This is the only tanning mitt I use, regardless of the brand of tanning product (which for me is generally not bondi sands) but the tanning mitt is my go-to!

Rachael S.