The Best Too Faced Products, According To An Insider

Too Faced are the iconic beauty brand that just keeps on giving. From revolutionary primers to mascaras that really are worth the hype, Too Faced are the brains behind your most-loved beauty buys. They’re the serious makeup brand that know how to have fun, and boy, do we have serious fun playing with our Too Faced hauls. 

But we know you all love the insider tips and tricks as much as we do, so we spoke to Chris Cummins, a long-time Too Faced insider who really knows his stuff, to find out all the goss on your makeup must-haves. 

What are your top tips for getting the most out of the Better Than Sex Mascara?

‘The Too Faced pro tip for getting the most out of the Better Than Sex Mascara is to sweep the mascara from the base to the tips of the lashes, adding more layers until you get the desired effect. But the fun fact about this mascara that I love is that it contains a rewetting formula, so that means you can reapply the mascara up to seven times in a day. When the mascara touches the lashes, the formula rewets so it won’t fall or flake on to the face. So, if you’re going from coffee to cocktails, you can apply an extra layer of mascara and it won’t fall or flake on to the skin.’

What is the purpose of primer and how is the Hangover Primer different?

‘The purpose of any primer is to give you makeup longevity. I like to think that it’s like sanding a wall down before you paint or paper it, you have to make sure that you prep and primer that area. It’s exactly the same when applying a primer to the skin, you are prepping that area for makeup application. 

‘The Hangover Primer is infused with coconut water to replenish the skin’s moisture levels, hyaluronic acid for a smoother, more youthful look, and probiotic based ingredients to balance the pH level of the skin. The primer also contains skin revivers, which boost the elasticity of the skin to brighten and hydrate.

‘My Too Faced pro tip for using the Hangover Primer is to mix it with the Born This Way Foundation to create a tinted moisturiser.’ 

The Born This Way Foundation is one of Too Faced’s bestsellers, what do you think makes it so special?

‘I think what makes the Born This Way collection so special is that it blurs the line between makeup and skincare. All of the base products in the collection are infused with coconut water and hyaluronic acid to boost the skin’s moisture levels, plus an ingredient called alpine rose to boosts skin’s resilience. 

‘My Too Faced pro tip for applying the base products is to use a brush and apply to the face starting at the centre and working outwards for an even blend.’ 

Do you have any tips on styling and applying the Lip Injection Extreme? Can they be worn layered over lipstick?

‘If you apply a light coat of the Lip Injection Extreme and layer your favourite lip colour on top. So, you can wear your favourite lipstick or gloss over the top if you let the Lip Injection Extreme sit for a couple of minutes. Because it is a lip plumper, it works better on bare lips.

‘If do go outside of the lip line with the Lip Injection Extreme, you can use a nude/flesh toned lip colour to create a fuller, plumper pout.’ 

What are your favourite type looks to create?

‘I love to create fresh, glowing skin with a dewy finish where you can really see the radiance of the skin shining through. After all, great makeup starts with great skin! Creating those barely there looks can sometimes be the trickiest ones to do.’

Which Too Faced products would you say are your personal favourites?

‘I’ve got quite a few! One is the Hangover Pillow Balm. Anyone who knows me knows I’m absolutely obsessed with lip balm! I have about four of the Pillow Balms strategically placed around my house, so I always have them within arm’s reach. I love it because it has all the signature Hangover range ingredients, plus an infusion of mint which gives the lips a really nice tingling sensation. It also has a nourishing complex to hydrate the lips and help to fight lip lines, so it’s a lip treatment as well as a balm.’

What are your go-to Too Faced products that you always use in your looks?

‘The Born This Way and Hangover skin collection are a go-to for me. The ingredients are really great for giving the skin a hug and creating that perfect canvas for makeup. The other two products I love to use are the Better Than Sex Mascara and the Lip Injection Extreme, these are my must-have products that I always feature in all my looks.’ 

Do you have any tips for applying your favourite Too Faced products?

‘My favourite tip is to roll the Mr Right brush over your bronzer, tap off the excess, apply using something we like to call ‘hugging your face in a butterfly motion’. This shape perfectly captures the contours of the face to achieve that bronzed glow. If you apply your bronzer in the shape of a butterfly outline, it will always look perfect.

‘When applying the Hangover Skincare, we like to apply the formulas using a heart shaped motion. Start from the centre of your face, move through your brows, around the temples of the face, and down to the chin. That heart shaped motion will help you get the product everywhere you need it to be.’ 

Do you have any tips for creating a maximum glam look with minimal effort?

‘Prime every part of the face first! Longevity and comfort is key! But also, don’t be afraid of using brushes for what they aren’t intended for. Always set your station up ready with the products you want to use and use a palette that has all your complexion products in there, for example the Natural Face Palette. Perhaps the most important one is to always keep your station clean! If it’s chaos, your looks will be chaos!’ 

Do you think there is a correct order to apply makeup? If so, what order do you apply?

‘Yes, yes! It’s not like there is a correct way and that’s gospel. Everyone has their own way of applying makeup, but I think there is a correct order to apply. Always start with your normal skincare routine, which ideally should be to cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser, and SPF. 

‘You need to apply the primer that is right for you, including eyeshadow primer. Start with your eyeshadow so any fallout won’t ruin your base. But if you have already applied your base and you have eyeshadow fallout, apply a drop of the Hangover Primer on to a brush and use circular motions over the area. The primer will grab all fallout. 

‘After eyeshadow, apply your base products and set with a powder. Then apply your bronzer, blusher, and highlighter. Then your lips and your setting powder. Apply you mascara last! Applying it last will rectify and powder that has fallen on to the lashes and acts as the cherry on the cake of the look. 

‘Finally, finish the look with setting spray to give it a final set.’