The Best Under-Eye Concealers For Hiding Dark Circles

Nothing screams mid-week happy hours and hectic work schedules like those dreaded dark circles. We’ve been there, and we know just how heart-breaking it is to discover that even your eye bags have eye bags.

When sporting a huge pair of sunglasses isn’t acceptable in the office (why not?!) and your regular concealer just won’t cut it, it’s time to take serious action…

We’ve rounded up the best concealers around designed to make your dark circles almost non-existent. So, get another round of mojitos in and tell your boss you’ll have that report finished by Friday. Your secret is safe with us.  

Nabla Close Up Concealer

Smooth, blendable and full coverage – Trust us, Nabla Close Up Concealer has got it all. Perfect for everyday use, the coconut-scented formula keeps your dark circles covered all-day-long without drying out the skin. Burning the candle at both ends? No probs! This go-to concealer has (literally!) got you covered.  

RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover Up

Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, the RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover Up is formulated to help heal skin, whilst diminishing the appearance of dark circles and imprefections. The formula melts into the skin, meaning it won’t crease or sit on top of the skin. Designed to make skin appear healthy and more radiant, we think we might have found your new favourite concealer.

Milani Retouch and Erase Light Lifting Concealer

Perfect for rushed mornings, Milani Retouch And Erase Light Lifting Concealer comes with a mess-free cushion applicator for effortless blending. The lightweight, skin blurring formula contains yellow undertones to balance the complexion and conceal those pesky dark circles in seconds. Thanks to this miracle worker, you can binge watch an entire series in one night without it showing the next morning… yes Netflix, of course we’re still watching!

Illamasqua Skin Base Concealer Pen

Sick of the puffy eyed look? We feel you! Luckily for you (and us), Illamasqua Skin Base Concealer Pen exists. This little life-saver features a cooling metal tip that precisely applies the product whilst soothing the delicate undereye area. Infused with Vitamins, the moisturising formula also adapts to your skin tone to fake that eight-hour-fresh look no matter how many hours sleep you actually managed to grab.

Misslyn Say Hello To Bright Eyes Concealer

The best concealer for sensitive skin, Misslyn Say Hello To Bright Eyes Concealer can be layered without creasing for the ultimate customised coverage finish. Quick-drying and easy to apply, this liquid concealer covers the heaviest of eye bags without feeling weighty on the skin.

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Corrector

Designed to conceal dark circles, enhance the undereye area and neutralise uneven skin tones, Cinema Secrets Ultimate Corrector is a colour correcting champion. With eight different shades to target specific skin concerns, this high-coverage corrector can also be used to cover up red skin and birth marks. Buildable, blendable and crease-free… your new secret weapon is here, and it’s a total game changer.