Can’t Get To The Salon? Bleach London Have Got You Covered

Hot off the press – we’ve got Bleach London to cater to all your hair needs. It’s the brand that you’ve seen all over Instagram thanks to their viral products and hyped-up, brightly coloured hair dyes that allow you to experiment with your look. Whether your hair has been every colour of the rainbow, you’re new to bleach, or you’re just looking for a great hair mask, Bleach has it all. Follow their four-step regime and get ready for your best hair yet…


First things first, we have to bleach. For the best, brightest, and boldest colours, your hair should be lightened to a pale yellow blonde. If your hair isn’t naturally this colour, you need to get your hands on one of Bleach London’s Bleach kits. There’s the Plex Bleach Kit with anti-breakage protection, the Total Bleach Kit for a salon standard bleach, and the No Bleach Bleach Kit, which lightens your hair with less damage and scalp irritation. You can of course still use Bleach London’s colours on darker hair, just be prepared for a more subtle finish.


Next, it’s time to banish any unwanted tones and level out that blonde. Bleach London’s toner kits help to minimise yellow tones, creating the perfect, even base for your colour to be applied to. Whether you’re looking for a white blonde, champagne tones, lavender hues, or a pink tinge, Bleach London have got the answer.


Now it’s time to take things up a gear. Transform your locks with any of Bleach London’s coveted Super Cool Colours. With everything from pink and red, to lilac and blue, you name it, Bleach have got it covered. Lasting from 2-30 washes, each semi-permanent colour adds a shot of colour to your hair, whether it be bright and bold or subtle and natural. Mix and match the different colours for a truly custom look or head over to their insta for some inspo.


Once you’ve found your go-to colour, you’re going to want to prolong it. Bleach London’s product offering to maintain your colour ranges from toning shampoos and conditioners to their iconic Reincarnation Mask, and Hair Elixir. Get everything you need to care for your hair.