Meet Earthy, Midnight, and Berries, By BEAUTY BAY’s Latest Palette Drops

And just like that, By BEAUTY BAY are back with not just one new palette drop but eight! And boy should you be excited. Ever since By BEAUTY BAY release the Book of Magic Palette in 2020, and the New Romantic Palette and Wilderness Palette in 2021, BEAUTY BAY’s social feeds have been flooded with requests to bring them back (yeah, they alllllll sold out). So, that’s exactly what By BEAUTY BAY have done. 

The eyeshadow palettes you know and adore are back, but they’ve had a makeover. Some of the shades from the original palettes remain, but they’ve brought friends. Think, bigger, better, and even more iconic than before. Keep scrolling to meet all three colour stories. 


Inspired by the twice-sold-out Wilderness Palette, the Earthy palettes feature the ultimate collection of rich, earth tones, with plenty of greens, golds, and browns. These are the autumn-inspired palettes that will create wild looks no matter what the season. 


Looking for a bit of magic? The Midnight colour story has been inspired by the much-loved Book of Magic Palette that By BEAUTY BAY dropped all the way back in October 2020. Featuring all the chic and moody tones you need to create mysterious looks; this is the colour story that will always look good.  


If you fell in love with the New Romantic Palette in February 2021, then get ready to fall harder for the Berries palettes. Packed with berry tones, pinks, and reds, this colour story is here to help you create looks of love.