8 Weeks Later, Carbon Theory Reviewed

When acne and breakout sufferers flooded Instagram with Carbon Theory before and after pictures, the internet was shook. There’s no doubt about it, the results looked seriously impressive, and BEAUTY BAY staff couldn’t wait to put the Carbon Theory products to the test themselves.  

Wanna know what we made of them? Scroll to discover our verdict.   

Cleansing Bar

“I’ve been dying to try the Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar ever since one of their ads popped up on my Instagram feed, instantly attracting my attention with their “miracle product” claims. I started obsessively googling their before and after pics and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this breakout banishing bar, so you can imagine my excitement finding out BEAUTY BAY would be stocking these Carbon Theory goodies. Upon first use I instantly fell in love, my skin was left feeling so clean and smooth and unlike many other facial soaps I’ve tried, it left my face feeling super hydrated. After using the cleansing bar for around four weeks I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin’s texture and the small lumps and bumps under my skin have been kept at bay. For £6 a bar I think everyone should give this skin saviour a try.” – Justyna, Paid Social Assistant

“I can’t remember the last time I held a bar of soap in my hand before using Carbon Theory’s Cleansing Bar, but I’m so glad I did! This little bar of acne clearing soap is my product of the year for so many reasons. Not only is the charcoal bar vegan (yas), it’s cruelty free, it’s packed with skin loving ingredients and it’s only £6. I wouldn’t say I’m an acne sufferer, but I definitely get my fair share of blemishes every couple of months. Since I started using Carbon Theory, not one single pimple has even attempted to break through my skin. When Carbon Theory said: ‘clear skin, clear conscience’ they were not lying! Tip: buy a soap dish for your bathroom – you’ll feel retro and keep your soap bar clean.” – Olivia, Content Assistant

“After hearing we would be stocking these highly sought-after soaps, a few of us put an order in to see if they were worth the hype. One month later and we’re all still on the hype train. It’s really easy to apply and leaves skin feeling cleaner than ever. I’m a fan of Carbon Theory’s drive to be eco-friendly. Although the packaging is plastic, it’s resealable, so you’re able to take it anywhere easily! It’s that good that I don’t even have mine to use at the moment because it’s been taken on my girlfriend’s work trip… definitely need to put another order in.” – Rob, Software Developer

“After having a particularly bad bout of adult acne for a year or so, my skin has been a lot better and more blemish free these past few months. However, after a weekend binge of sugary drinks and fast food (don’t judge me, it’s festival season), my skin got it’s revenge with a large breakout of painful lumps and whiteheads around my mouth and chin. I’d heard great things about the Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar and wanted to see what the hype was about, so this felt like the perfect time to put it into action and see if it worked. Let me tell you – I was impressed. The soap feels really nice on the skin and my face definitely felt cleansed and refreshed after using. It took about a week or so, but the soap really did help to clear and reduce my spots. I do feel like if I used it a lot for a long period of time, it could be a little drying, so make sure you match it with the Carbon Theory Moisturiser. I’m sold!” – Kate, Content Assistant

“I have severe cystic acne and oily skin and have struggled all my life for skin care which makes a difference to my skin. I have been using the Carbon Theory products for nearly three weeks now and I absolutely adore them! The products do wonders for my skin, from evening out my texture to reducing my severe inflammation. I would highly recommend them to any acne sufferer, especially the Cleansing Bar! The active ingredients within the products don’t cause me to break out and have helped my active breakouts calm down. I am so pleased to have found these products and will continue to use them!”  – @abis_acne


“Unless you’re willing to pay for extreme facials, saying bye to blackheads completely just doesn’t happen… but that doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming about poreless skin. The Carbon Theory Scrub is the product my 16-year-old self has been longing for! I wasn’t expecting much for something so cheap, but this non-abrasive micro bead exfoliator works wonders, especially around my nose. Once scrubbed in, I leave the Tea Tree treatment on for an extra few minutes as a mask, this has really helped my hormonal acne. I use it 2-3 times per week and I’ve still got loads of product left – a little goes along way!” – Liv, CRM Senior Executive

Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Mineral Breakout Control Facial Wet Mask

“Working in beauty means I’m fortunate enough to have a huge stash of products on hand for all manner of skincare emergencies, and as I’m big into masking, when a colony of spots appears on my face (usually at that time of the month) I’m often spoiled for choice. But ever since this Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Mineral Breakout Control Facial Wet Mask came home with me, the decision has been easy. The combination of charcoal and tea tree knocks out the acne causing bacteria and draws out the congestion, leaving my skin instantly calmer. Clay masks that fully dry out end up doing more harm than good, which is why I love this one. It’s a wet mask so it doesn’t go crusty after ten minutes, and because it stays creamy, it’s super easy to remove and doesn’t require any (skin-irritating) scrubbing.” – Grace, Beauty Editor

Facial Purifying Tonic

“I have combination skin that includes congestion, the occasional spot and a fairly dull complexion, so I was really hoping this product would clear everything up and give me that fresh faced glow. I’ve found I get the best results when I use the Facial Purifying Tonic 2-3 nights a week and it seems to have really cleared and brightened my skin.” – Liv, Senior Paid Social Executive


“I’ve been looking for a lightweight moisturiser to wear throughout the day and the Carbon Theory Moisturiser fits the bill perfectly. I love how easily it glides over my face and it soaks into my skin without feeling greasy or oily. It also protects against environmental pollution which is something I always look out for in my skincare now as I work and spend a lot of my time in Manchester. I’ve been using the full Carbon Theory range for the past few weeks and I can’t get over how clear and glowy my skin now looks!” – Francesca, Marketing Executive