12 Cool Looks To Try With Your @mmmmitchell Palette

When @mmmmitchell launched his palette in collab with BEAUTY BAY, we thought we had reached peak excitement. Little did we know how legendary the looks crafted from Me, Myself and Mmmmitchell would be.

Scrolling through our Insta used to be about cats, food and makeup, which was great, but these looks have brought a whole new level of mega to our feeds and we are HERE. FOR. IT. As the next drop of the palette looms, we’ve gathered our absolute favourite looks to 1) give you extra inspo and 2) if you didn’t bag it the first-time round, to show you what you’ve been missing.

2020 trend: matching your hair clips to your eyeshadow, and @raggedyroyal is leading the way. This rainbow look is a masterclass in how to take advantage of every single shade. Paired with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Malt Liquid Lipstick, this is one for the history books.

If you’re like us and you hate having to choose which shades to use, you need to be more like @eveemax. She knows odd eyes are the way to really showcase those 32 shades, and damn we wish we had three eyes for allll the colour combos.

If you’re a sucker for a smoky eye but you’ve got a 32-colour shade palette to branch out into, @hartyyy has the perfect look to ease you in the transition. Who knew colour shades could look so subtle and poppin at the same time? Teach us your ways, @hartyyy!

This look is giving our day colour! We don’t think we’ve ever seen a blend so perfect and a crease cut so killer – @itsmegama we’re really loving your work. We also know that a base that flawless could only be the work of Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation.

One thing we’re learning is Me, Myself and Mmmmitchell is the perfect palette for creating an out of this world rainbow blend. Just look at @jwmua transition of colours and that sunset hue! Yes! This look belongs on the God Tier.

Let’s just all take a minute to look to those colours. There has never been blending as perfect as this. Maybe in the history of blending. @holliee.b you have well and truly given the palette the justice it deserves and we salute you.

Woah! @kameronlester is proving Me, Myself and Mmmmitchell is so versatile. We’ve seen the iconic rainbow looks, and now we are being schooled in the pastels. If only every pastel look we saw was as fierce as this.

@kiimmiki knows clashing eyeshadow works, we know clashing eyeshadow works and you know clashing eyeshadow works. So just do it! This Instagram makeup vs smoky eye with a colour pop is so perfect we don’t think we’ll match anything ever again. Plus, you can wear a different lash on each eye! 

Not only is Me, Myself and Mmmmitchell an absolutely knock out palette, the cover can also be used as inspo! This holographic wave look from @lindamartinmua is giving us serious stand-out-at-the-party vibes. Plus, we’ll take ANY excuse to wear gemstones on our face.

We know @Mmmmitchell is a big fan of using the palette on the face as well as the eyes, and @makeupbyjaack has taken this and really ran with it. The way Mmmmad (red) meets Manchester (yellow) and Moody Mitch (blue) at the temple is making us weak.

Ok, Halloween has arrived! This neon skeleton look from @princsesh is what we needed to get our costume inspo flowing. The details of the colours are truly a work of art, and yes, we need to start practicing right this second to even get close to this level of mega by Halloween.

@rebeccacapelmakeup always makes us giddy for makeup, and this Euphoria inspired look is making us desperate to log off and copy. Plus, we’ve spied BEAUTY BAY’s Liquid Crystal Opal, another one of our absolute must-haves!