7 Tips & Tricks For Dewy Skin

Whether you call it ‘glass skin’, ‘wet skin’, or even ‘dewy dumpling skin’ (yes, for real), it’s official that matte skin is out – the skin finish of our times is fresh, dewy, glowy, and bright – and we love to see it. Mostly because it’s a way easier to achieve a dewy skin finish than a matte one, it’s also much easier to maintain (no need for constant powder top-ups), and you don’t need as many steps or products – employ any one of the below techniques and you’ll notice your skin looking a whole lot dewier. Whereas once we applied multiple products to keep even a hint of shine at bay, now it’s all about keeping things simple and letting your skin’s natural radiance shine through – or faking it if you don’t feel quite dewy enough. 

Here’s a handy guide to getting dewy skin, feat. product recommendations. 

Keep your skin hydrated

If you think that the only way to achieve dewy skin is through makeup, then think again. Skincare is the foundation of any good makeup look, especially one that’s all about the glow. It’s no secret that well-hydrated skin has a natural glow of its own, so ensure that you’re liberally applying moisturiser both day and night to keep skin hydrated around the clock. Take it a step further and choose a moisturiser with a glow-boosting formula like the new Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser (the clue is in the name). The formula gives skin an instant brightness as well as keeping it hydrated all day long. 

Exfoliate regularly (but not too often)

Exfoliation is an instant way to brighten your skin, since the process involves removing dead skin cells, which give skin a rough texture and make skin appear dull. Look out for chemical exfoliants like AHAs and PHAs – both of which you’ll find in Skincare By BEAUTY BAY’s 5% Glycolic Acid + 1% PHA Toner. Just sweep the solution over skin 2-3 times a week and the acids will work hard to smoothen and brighten your skin. 

Don't use matte formulas

It goes without saying that using a matte foundation is only going to cancel out the hard work of your glow-boosting skincare. Again, look for a product that has ‘glow’ in the name, since the formula will have been specifically designed to give skin a fresh, dewy finish. Makeup Revolution’s Conceal & Glow Foundation is one such foundation – it contains skin-brightening vitamin C and light-reflecting pearl pigments which give skin an instant radiance. 

Apply your makeup using a damp sponge

Set your brushes aside and apply your base products by bouncing a damp makeup sponge over your skin instead. This clever makeup artist hack makes such a difference – it distributes product more evenly for a smooth, sheer, and more natural finish. For truly dewy skin, avoid the microfibre options and choose a smooth one (like the By BEAUTY BAY Makeup Sponges) instead. 

Choose cream-textured products over powders

Unlike powders (which are usually mattifying), cream-textured blushers and bronzers impart colour with a sheer, dewy finish that keeps skin looking bright and gives a healthy glow. For example, Florence By Mills Cheek Me Later Cream Blush has a balmy texture and oil-infused formula that blooms colour on the apples of the cheeks without compromising a dewy base.  

Apply highlighter (generously)

It goes without saying that highlighter is an essential product in creating a dewy skin finish. Again, opt for a cream or liquid formula over a powder (we love Nudestix Nudies Glow – an effortless-to-use cream highlighter in stick form). Be generous with application – focus products on the high points of your face that are naturally reflective like the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the temples and use your fingers to blend out for a naturally dewy result. 

Use ‘dewy finish’ setting sprays

Traditional setting sprays had mattifying properties which helped makeup to last longer on skin, but thanks to modern technology there’s now a whole host of glow-giving setting sprays on the market, which still help makeup to stay put, but boost radiance in the process. For the ultimate finishing touch to any dewy skin look, mist your face generously with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dewy Set Setting Spray for a glass skin effect.