Disney Colour and BEAUTY BAY: Disney’s Jungle Book-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

So, you’ve met the Disney Colour and BEAUTY BAY Collection, but now it’s time to get to know the shades, the formula, and the looks. To help you step into a world of colour and bring the nostalgia to life, @neutraltiger has created a trio of tutorials, each showcasing one of the Disney Colour and BEAUTY BAY Mini Palettes. 

‘For the Disney Colour and BEAUTY BAY Mini Palette Jungle Book, we’re going to create a spotlight eye look to showcase the stunning green shades in this palette.’@neutraltiger

Get ready, colour is coming your way…


Start by prepping the eye with By BEAUTY BAY’s Eye Base.


This look will be a ‘spotlight eye’ meaning the inner and outer corners of the eye have the deepest colour, and the lightest shade will sit in the centre. 

To achieve this, first apply Bagheera FUR from the Disney Colour and BEAUTY BAY Mini Palette Jungle Book on a small fluffy brush to the inner and outer corner of the eye. Pat this product on rather than dragging or buffing to achieve full intensity. No need to worry about blending yet.


Next, take Jungle LEAVES and begin to blend the first shade up and out, aiming to create a seamless transition from shade Bagheera FUR in the crease, to the natural skin tone up by the brow bone.


In the centre of the lid, you should be left with a clear patch, if not take a little of the By BEAUTY BAY Eye Base on your fingertip and re-introduce that tacky base for the bright shade to stick to.


Next apply the shade Jungle TREES to the centre of the lid. Try applying this with your fingertip for the most intensity.


After applying the By BEAUTY BAY Crayon Eyeliner Ink to the waterline, smoke out the lower lash line using shades Bagheera FUR and Jungle LEAVES. Then re-introduce a touch of the By BEAUTY BAY Eye Base to the centre of the lower lash line, just like on top.


Press shade Jungle TREES onto the gap of eye base to replicate the halo effect on the lower lash line.


Finally, top off the look with mascara or false lashes and your fave Disney Colour and BEAUTY BAY Lip & Cheek Duo shade.