Everything You Need To Know About Dragun Beauty, With Tips From An Insider

Dragun Beauty, the iconic brand from Nikita Dragun, has landed at BEAUTY BAY. And we don’t know about you, but we are already obsessed! Inspired by Nikita’s ‘engaging, elevating and everyday story of growth, glamour and groundedness’, Dragun Beauty has all the beauty products to empower beauty lovers of all skin tones. From colour-correcting concealers and translucent setting powders to liquid liners and matte liquid lipsticks, Dragun Beauty is the next icon of your beauty hauls. 

To introduce the ground-breaking brand to BEAUTY BAY, we caught up with a Dragun Beauty insider to find out all the tips and tricks you need for nailing your looks. Keep scrolling for all the hacks. 


What are your top tips for applying eyeliner?

‘If you’re new to liquid eyeliner, start by making dots with DragunWing close to the lash line, moving up at an angle towards your brow bone on the top lash line. Then, connect the dots to create a wing.

‘For a fierce DragunWing start your wing at the outer corner or your eye inward towards the inner corner. Fill in the space in strokes moving towards the inner corner.’

How to get the most out of the DragunWing Liner? 

‘Before using DragunWing, make sure you shake well! The precision tip applicator has been pointed to perfection to create those ‘classic to dramatic’ looks.’


How to get the most out of the DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip?

‘Once you apply DragunGlass give it a moment to set (it’s more comfortable than your typical matte lippie, providing more hydration with ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and honeysuckle extract)! Start in the middle of your lips and work your way out and use the diamond shaped precision tip applicator for flawless and seamless blending!’

What is your favourite DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip shade?

‘The Haus of Dragun could never pick a favourite child.’

Why did you decide to make the liquid lipstick hydrating?

‘Nobody likes dry, cracked, nasty lips. Draguns obsess over the DragunGlass Liquid Lip because it’s not a traditional matte liquid lip. We added ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and honeysuckle extract to give it a creamy, smooth application… with SICKENING colour payoff and staying power!’


Do you have any application tips for the TRANSformation Face Powder?

‘Apply TRANSformation Face Powder as the last step in your routine! Use the pink opal and yellow topaz shades on their own or mix powders together for your own customized fantasy. Apply towards the center of your face and just above the cheekbones (under the eye area). Use a small brush for tighter areas and a big brush for all over brightening!’

When should you wear the TRANSformation Face Powder?

‘EVERY DAY! You don’t need to be full glam to wear it. No matter what look you’re going for, you’ll see an immediate, filtered, flawless effect right away.’

Why did you decide to include a face powder in the collection?

‘The TRANSformation Powder is one half of the iconic DragunEgg TRANSfomation Kit. This paired with DragunFire Color Corrector are Nikita’s secrets in her makeup routine. It will exceed your expectations of what a brightening powder can do!’


Could you explain colour correction and which colours cancel which skin concerns?

‘Colour correctors are used as the first step in your makeup routine to conceal and correct discoloration! Colour correcting will create a smooth, even base for your makeup application. If you’re wondering what colour corrector to use, think of a colour wheel. Whatever discoloration you see on your face, you would choose the opposite colour in a corrector. So: 

• Orange to correct appearance of dark under eye circles, dark spots, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, blemishes, and dark shadows;

• Lavender to correct yellow undertones, dark spots, sunspots, pigmentation, and discoloration; and 

• Green to correct redness caused by rosacea, acne, sunburn, and broken capillaries.

‘PRO TIP: layer orange over lavender for complete neutralisation.’

Do you have any application tips for the DragunFire Color Corrector?

‘Shake DragunFire well before use. A little goes a long way. Start light; build and blend to your desired result. Once DragunFire is applied, give the formula a moment to set. Product will stay in place and not mix in with your foundation.’