We’re Obsessed With… This Overnight Lip Mask

This one’s for the lazy folk. The people who, like me, have a lip product of some description in every coat pocket and handbag but never get around to actually applying them. From now on you can forget lip balm, which needs to be constantly topped up throughout the day. Lip masks are the answer to all your dry, chapped lip woes. Apply them once (an easy extra step in your evening skincare routine), leave on overnight, and wake up in the morning to soft, smooth, plumped lips. Easy peasy. 

Of course, not all lip masks are created equally (some are just glorified lip balms). In my opinion, the sign of a good lip mask is when you can still feel it on your lips in the morning, and the sign of a really good lip mask is when it keeps your lips so well moisturised that you don’t even feel the need to apply lip balm throughout the day. 

Esho’s Seal Overnight Lip Boosting Mask ticks all of these boxes for me and is probably the first lip product I’ve finished to the literal last drop. At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on applying lip balm throughout the day – and feeling guilty when I forget to do so. Far superior to any moisturising lip product I’ve ever used before, it’s plush, rich, and supremely hydrating – occlusive enough to form a layer over the lips that prevents moisture from escaping, but not overly thick or sticky. A little goes a long way, but I enjoy slathering my parched lips in this stuff, and it’s been exactly what I needed to see my lips out of their dry winter phase.