12 Everything Shower Essentials

The everything shower is something you will have heard about or seen in the past year. It’s a universally popular trend, with over 700 million views on the TikTok hashtag ‘everything shower’. If you’re new to the concept or looking for tips on how to improve your shower routine, we have everything you need to know here – including our favourite face masks, hair treatments, and body scrubs to add into your regime. Get prepped for the best everything shower you’ve ever had.


What is an Everything Shower?

If you’re wondering what an everything shower actually is, it’s just an extra long shower where you cover all the bases with a little more TLC than usual. Think of it as a weekly reset or deep clean of yourself. To be honest it’s something you’ve probably always been doing (just without the TikTok christened name) – think those extra long showers and prep sessions before a night out or special occasion. Yep, they’re everything showers. 

It’s not something you are going to do multiple times a week, but adding it into your weekly self-care routine can really give you a boost. Think of it as a luxurious long shower, some dedicated ‘me-time’ where you clean and pamper from head to toe – it’s also the perfect time to use your more luxurious products. Who knew a shower routine could be such a treat?

Our Go-To Everything Shower Routine

An everything shower routine is like your regular shower routine, just with a few more steps – including pre and post-shower too. Whilst some claim an everything shower can take up to four hours, we think you can have a perfectly lovely and effective everything routine down in way less time. Still, we recommend putting a good chunk of time aside for one – the last thing you want to do is rush an everything shower! Make sure to take your time and invest in your self-care. 

Your shower routine is personal to you and your hair and skincare needs, but we’ve outlined some everything shower routine steps below for inspiration the next time you opt for the ultimate self-care shower.

Pre-Shower Steps

With an everything shower, there’s no jumping straight in – there are essential pre-shower steps across skincare, haircare, and bodycare that will make all the difference once added into your routine.

First Cleanse: If you’re clued up on double cleansing this will come as no surprise, but before you commence your actual shower you should use a cleansing balm or cleansing oil. We love the By BEAUTY BAY Cleansing Balm. Massage it into your face to do its thing, breaking down makeup and buildup, whilst you work on your other pre-shower steps. Remove it with a flannel when you step into the shower.

Dry Body Brush: You can either dry body brush or exfoliate in the shower – two exfoliating steps aren’t necessary though (especially if you have sensitive skin). Dry body brushing exfoliates, stimulates circulation and blood flow across your body, plus it’s great for lymphatic draining – bye-bye water retention. Taking the time to go over your body with the Skin Gym Body Brush is a great way to begin your everything shower.

Pre-Shower Hair Mask: To kick off the haircare portion of your shower routine, we recommend carrying out a pre-shower hair treatment. This could be a hair oil, scalp treatment, or hair mask – any type of hair treatment that you can put on dry hair before actually stepping into the shower. For this step, we love the By BEAUTY BAY Repair and Strengthen Hair Mask. Cover your hair with product, then clip it back in a claw clip before you’re ready to step into the shower. If you have a little more time on your hands, you might want to try the Olaplex Restoration Duo (No.0 & No.3). As the product’s been made to apply to dry hair, it’s a perfect pre-shower step. Just remember that it’s a two-step application process, so you’ll need to wait a little longer before turning the hot water on.

The In-Shower Routine

Once you’re done with the pre-shower prep, it’s time to step into the shower and start working through the bulk of your everything shower steps…

Shampoo & Condition: Once your initial hair mask has had time to do its thing, it’s time to rinse it off and get washing. Use whatever shampoo and conditioner you love – if you’re fully embracing the self-care element of the everything shower, maybe reach for a super hydrating shampoo and conditioner, to really treat your locks. We love the By BEAUTY BAY Strengthen and Hydrate Duo to give our hair some extra TLC on an everything shower day.m text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Second Hair Mask: Adding in a second hair mask may seem excessive, but an everything shower is all about going above and beyond for yourself. Choose a hair mask that’s meant to be applied post-shampoo, slick your mask on, and protect it from washing off too early by wearing a shower cap as you work through the rest of your shower steps. A hair mask we always reach for at this stage is Olaplex No.8, an intense moisture mask perfect to leave on your hair whilst you carry on with your shower. You’ll be wowed by how amazing your hair feels once you rinse the product off.

Exfoliate: If you didn’t dry brush at the start, or you want to double exfoliate, now is the time to reach for your favourite body scrub. The order of the shower steps doesn’t matter too much, but if you’re planning to shave in the shower, we recommend exfoliating beforehand – it’ll help keep in-grown hairs safely at bay. For a scrub that comes with the added bonus of a gorgeous fragrance, you can’t go wrong with the Sol De Janeiro Body Scrub.

Shave: If removing body hair is your thing, now is the time. Reach for a shaving foam or gel for a silky shave and get removing wherever you like. 

Second Cleanse: For your second cleanse go for a gel cleanser or foaming cleanser. We recommend doing this towards the end of the shower, once you’ve rinsed off any remaining hair masks, so you can clear your face of any product build-up. 

Clay Face Mask: Once you’ve double cleansed your face, it’s time to apply a deep cleansing face mask whilst still in the shower. This is one of our favourite steps of an everything shower – the hot water and steam mean your pores will open up so the clay mask can penetrate your pores and deep clean like never before. The Bubble Skincare Detoxifying mask works wonders for this step, ensuring your skin will be clean and ready for your post-shower skincare steps once you’ve rinsed it off.


Body Wash: And of course, no shower would be complete without a body wash. After all the steps you’ve been through, it’s best to leave this until last to make sure no other product residue is left on your skin

Post Shower Finishing Touches

Congrats, you’ve made it through the bulk of the everything shower routine, now it’s time to step out of the shower, put on your favourite bathrobe, wrap your hair in a protective towel turban, like a Kitsch Hair towel, and indulge in the finishing touches of your routine. 

Body Moisturising: After being in the hot water for so long and scrubbing your body, adding moisture back into your skin is oh so important. It’s extra important that you don’t skip the body moisturisers, but if you’re feeling extra indulgent you could even layer on a body oil too. Your skin will feel amazing. A body moisturiser perfect for finishing off an everything shower is the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – it’s deeply moisturising and the scent will make you feel like you’re on your very own spa day.

Hair Serums & Oils: Whether you’re heat styling your hair or not after your shower, finishing off your haircare with a nourishing protective serum or oil like the By BEAUTY BAY Repair Hair Oil is a great way to ensure all the TLC you showed your hair in your shower routine lasts outside the bathroom.


Skincare: Just like after every other shower you’re going to want to complete your go-to skincare steps once you’re out of the water. As you’ve probably been in the shower longer than usual if you’re completing an everything shower routine, it’s important to show your skin some extra love. If you know about the importance of switching up your winter skincare routine, you’ll know that temperature changes can be damaging to your skin. So after being in a hot shower for a long time, we recommend applying a lovely hydrating sheet mask to calm your skin, followed by the rest of your skincare regime. A Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber Mask is exactly what your skin needs after a long hot shower.

There you have it, everything you need to know about everything showers. Stock up on all your bodycare, haircare and skincare essentials and treat yourself to one soon. We’d love to hear what your personal everything shower routine consists of too!