A Guide to All The Best Sol de Janeiro Scents

Sol de Janeiro is synonymous with one of the best body moisturisers around, Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – but the brand is also becoming increasingly known for its beautiful range of scents. 

You can find Sol de Janeiro fragrances that are gourmand, sweet, and sultry – one thing they all have in common is being inspired by Brazil and creating a sense of summer-time happiness, no matter the weather outside. 

So, get to know all the Sol de Janeiro scents here as we break them down and weigh in on our favourites. You’ll find all the Sol de Janeiro products are scented with one of these, so use this guide to help you choose which range to go for, or which body mist you want to add to your summer perfume collection…

Which is The Best Sol de Janeiro Scent?

Fragrance preference is very personal. For us, the best Sol de Janeiro scent just has to be the original fragrance of the brand – Cheirosa 62. Whether we’re generously applying the 62-scented Bum Bum Cream after an everything shower, or spritzing the perfume mist every morning, it’s a scent we just keep coming back to. 

If you prefer sweet fruity fragrances, the best is Cheirosa 68. For Floral fans, we’d go for Cheirosa 40. For those who love a fragrance that smells like suncream on holiday, then the best Sol de Janeiro scent has to be Cheirosa 87 Rio Radiance

Explore all the Sol de Janeiro scents below, haul your picks and decide on your favourites too.

How Many Sol de Janeiro Perfumes Are There?

There are currently 10 Sol de Janeiro scents available, including limited edition fragrances. Four of these (Rio Radians 87, Cheirosa 62, 40, and 68) can be found fragrancing a number of the best Sol de Janeiro products. So if you fall in love with one of them, you can build your body care or haircare collections in those ranges to guarantee you always smell like your favorite Sol de Janeiro scent. 

If you want to sample a few of the Sol de Janeiro perfumes, then you’ll love the Perfume Mist Discovery Set. It features five much-loved scents – Cheirosa 62, 40, 68, 59, and 87 (the Rio Radiance scent), the perfect introduction to the world of beautiful Brazillian body mists. 

The New Sol de Janeiro Scents 

The Brazilian-inspired brand is known to release some hype-worthy limited edition scents. The much-loved Sol de Janeiro After Hours is no longer available, so if you love some of these new limited edition scents, we recommend stocking up before they’re gone for good…

The Sol de Janeiro Beijos de Sol Perfume Mist combines the gorgeous fruity aromas of peach and mango with delicious notes of coconut milk for a scent that you’ll want to eat it smells that good. Inspired by Copacabana Beach, this limited edition summer fragrance will transport you to beach days under the hot sun. 

Another new gourmand scent is the Carioca Crush Perfume Mist. Fruity and sweet thanks to pear and lychee notes, it also features warm praline and white cedarwood and soft musk for an added sense of sensual warmth. 

We love both of these joyous limited edition scents, which is your favourite? 

What Each of the Sol de Janeiro Scents Smell Like

Ready to delve into what all the best Sol de Janeiro scents smell like? Sorry in advance if you want them all after reading about how gorgeous and joyful they are. They aren’t just the perfect summer perfumes, we love these scents all year round to brighten up our days.

Cheirosa 68

If you’re wondering what Cheirosa 68 smells like, to put it simply, we’d say floral and fruity. Inspired by the Tropicana movement in Brazil, this scent celebrates Brazilian tropical flora and fruits with vibrant notes of Brazilian jasmine, pink dragonfruit, ocean air, and sheer vanilla. You’ll be uplifted by the gorgeous tropical scents of Brazil with the Cheirosa 68 Perfume Mist. If you fall in love with the smell of Cheirosa 68, explore the other products scented with this beautiful fragrance, so you can smell like summer all day long. 

Cheirosa 62

What does Cheirosa 62 smell like? It smells like your favourite Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Bum Bum Body Scrub, Brazilian 4-Play Shower Gel and many other iconic Sol de Janeiro products. The Brazilian Crush 62 Perfume Mist is often thought of as the best Sol de Janeiro scent, the one that made us all fall in love with the brand originally – it’s certainly our favourite Sol de Janeiro scent. 

Cheirosa 62 is an instant hit of summertime happiness – notes of salted caramel, pistachio, vanilla, and sandalwood create a delicately sweet and warm scent you won’t be able to get enough of. To us, it smells like summer and is a surefire way to brighten every day. 

Cheirosa 40 

Cheirosa 40 smells like a warm summer day surrounded by beautiful flowers. It’s a sultry, delicately floral scent you won’t get sick of. You’ll find other products in the Bom Dia Bright range are scented with this, so if you’ve already tried the Bom Dia Bright Body Cream, you’ve likely already fallen for this fragrance. 

The alluring Cheirosa 40 combines notes of black amber plum, vanilla woods, and jasmine blooms. Warm and floral, this scent is one you’ll want to reach for day after day. 


Cheirosa 87 Rio Radiance 

The Rio Radiance Perfume Mist, also known as Cheirosa 87, is about to become the smell of summertime now it scents the new Sol de Janeiro SPF Rio Radiance range. Hold onto the mood-boosting smell of your favourite suncream all year round when you douse yourself in Cheirosa 87. It encapsulates the feeling and smell of a beach holiday combining notes of warm sand, leite de coco, and solar tuberose. We can’t get enough. 

Cheirosa 71

Cheirosa 71 Perfume Mist is inspired by Leila Diniz, the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian muse. This scent moves away from the floral and sweetness of other Sol de Janeiro perfumes and instead leans into warm, cosy, and sultry notes. You’ll want to envelop yourself in this luxuriously indulgent scent. Find notes of caramelised vanilla, toasted macadamia, and tonka bean, and compliments will be aplenty when you wear this delicious fragrance. 

Cheirosa 59

Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist is a scent that will uplift you. It’s inspired by gorgeous evenings under a Brazilian sunset. The mist combines vanilla orchid, sandalwood, and sugar violets for a deliciously sexy and warm scent. The sweetness is subtle but enough to be reminiscent of the sweetness of summer evenings. You’ll feel good and smell even better when wearing this.