Smells Like Summer: The Best Perfumes For Summer 2023

When you think of summer, you probably think of trips abroad, warm evenings sat in the garden, beach days, weddings, and pool parties. So when it comes to choosing a summer fragrance, keep your favourite summer memories in mind. The best summer perfumes will transport you straight to the beach or to a day spent sunbathing. Citrus notes, plus coconut, musk, and warm florals like jasmine, magnolia, and rose are popular favourites in summer fragrances – they’re the perfect accompaniment to sunny days and hot weather, since they’re so fresh, vibrant, and uplifting.

If you like to switch up your scent for the season and are on the hunt for a new summer perfume, scroll down to discover out top perfume picks for summer.

1. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Bronze Goddess is the kind of scent that transports you to a tropical island in one sniff. It draws upon notes of lemon, mandarin, jasmine, frangipani, and amber – resulting in a warm, sensual fragrance.

2. Maison Matine Bain de Midi

Inspired by the nostalgia of summer and the warmth of a day spent at the beach, this is the kind of scent you’ll want to pack in your holiday bag. Coconut is an iconic summer fragrance note, and in this blend it’s accompanied by citrusy bergamot, sweet vanilla, and a blend of tropical flowers – ylang-ylang, gardenia, and tiare flower.

3. Ariana Grande Ari

If you’re drawn to fruity fragrances then you’ll love this perfume. Raspberry, pear, and grapefruit are the standout notes, accompanied by rose, lily of the valley, marshmallow and musk. 

4. Floral Street Arizona Bloom

Warm and sweet, with notes of coconut, fig, amber, pepper, and jasmine, this perfume was created to evoke feelings of freedom and happiness. It’s ideal for summer but would also make a perfect autumn fragrance since it’s so warm – and a little bit smoky.

5. Aesop Tacit

This is a relatively simple fragrance, formulated with just a few key notes – but it still makes a major impact. Bright top notes of yuzu, citrus, and basil are combined with a spicy base of vetiver and cloves. 

6. Estee Lauder Tender Light

Citrus-scented fragrances are perfect for summer, since they’re typically bright and uplifting. This one combines bold zesty bergamot with sweet, powdery notes of tea and iris. It’s the ideal scent for a warm summer’s evening.

7. Shay & Blue Blood Oranges

Another overwhelmingly citrusy fragrance, this scent draws upon fresh, juicy blood orange – resulting in a powerful pop of scent that really makes an impact. A rich, woody base of leather, musk, and amber makes this an extremely long-lasting fragrance.

8. Who Is Elijah His/Her

If you prefer woody fragrances, this is a great option for summer – but also works well for all year round. It features unusual notes like violet leaf, fir, and cardamom alongside classics such as bergamot, sandalwood, and musk.

9. Floral Street Sunflower

Floral, fruity, and gourmand, this is the kind of fragrance that makes a showstopping impact. It’s a bright, happy scent that immediately uplifts and refreshes the wearer – thanks to citrusy notes of mandarin orange, passionfruit, and bergamot.

10. Shay & Blue Sicilian Limes

Inspired by a happy hour margarita, this tangy fragrance features bold notes of lime, rosemary, and moss. It’s fresh and loud, and since herbal and citrus notes are always long-lasting, this perfume really lingers.

11. Estee Lauder Beautiful Magnolia

Floral fragrances are typically more associated with spring rather than summer, but this features notes of summer-blooming flowers like magnolia, lotus, gardenia, and rose. Spritz it and you’ll feel like you’re spending a warm summer’s evening relaxing in a flower garden.