Welcome To No Shame Summer

From chafing to ‘chicken skin’ arms, summer brings a whole new medley of beauty concerns into play. This year, we’re approaching the ‘summer-ready body’ narrative in a whole new way, empowering you to have your best summer yet. Today, we’re kicking off No Shame Summer – a season-long campaign breaking down the taboos surrounding summer body care and championing the concept of self-acceptance. 

Throughout the next few months, we’ll be getting real and serving you the full details on the issues that you told us you actually care about. We’ll be covering everything from how to deal with ingrown hairs to the best anti-chafing products to use when temperatures rise. Stay tuned on Edited for an insightful Agony Aunt series or head over to our No Shame Summer lister to stock your bathroom shelves with products that meet every summer-related concern from bacne to dry feet. 

It’s time to live your best life, wear the short shorts and the sleeveless tops, and feel comfortable in your own skin.