Summer Floral Glam Tutorial With Beth Painter

Summer may be leaving us but if there is one thing we have learnt in 2020 it’s that there really are no rules. If you feel like you want to continue with the floral looks through September and October, 2020 is the year to do it. 

To help us embrace one last gasp of summer, Beth Painter has created the ultimate floral go-to with her Sample Beauty collaboration palette, The Painter’s Palette. A look that is sure to brighten up your dreary autumn days. 

Step One

After priming the lids, pack shade Gemini from The Painter’s Palette across the lid with a flat brush. 

Step Two

Using a fluffy brush, buff Gemini up and out. 

Step Three

Mix Canvas and Gemini together and apply to the inner corner of the eye. 

Step Four

Use shade Smokey to create a smoky liner across the lash line. Use patting motions to apply the shade. 

Step Five

Take Suva Beauty’s Hydra Liner in Space Panda and a small pencil brush to create the petals of the flowers. 

Step Six

Use Suva Beauty’s Hydra FX in shade Dance Party for the centre detail of the flowers. 

Step Seven

Use Suva Beauty’s Hydra FX in shade Fanny Pack for the leaf details. 

Step Eight

Use Suva Beauty’s Hydra Liner in Rose Gold to add the finishing details to the flowers. 

Step Nine

Apply Gemini under the bottom lash line and add your favourite lashes to finish the look. 

You'll Need: