11 Of The Best Spring Perfumes

Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but there’s something about brighter days that has us leaning towards 

1. Shay & Blue English Cherry Blossom

Fig, mandarin, bergamot, and cherry may not sound like the obvious candidates for notes in a spring perfume, but trust us, it works. If you’re drawn to fruity scents, but still want something floral for spring, this fragrance is the best of both worlds, with the rich, vibrant fruity notes layered against sweet, light florals like honeysuckle and iris. It’s warm, but not heavy, and the floral notes really reveal themselves as time wears on.

2. Florence By Mills Wildly Me

Fresh, clean, powdery, and just a little sweet, this scent delivers all the spring vibes via a blend of bergamot, sage, iris, and violet. While plenty of spring perfumes describe themselves as ‘uplifting’, this one really is. Spritz it on in the morning for a welcome energy boost.

3. Floral Street London Poppy

Instead of a the clasic floral that you might expect based on its name, this scent delivers a citrus hit when first sprayed onto skin. However, the loud notes of orange, lemon, and apricot blossom give away to softer florals—jasmine and neroli—and a warm, woody base of amber and cedar. The best part? It’s the kind of fragrance you can still smell on your skin long after you’ve showered.

4. Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59

If you’re not a fan of florals, then you’re in the right place. This is a gourmand fragrance which, in true Sol de Janeiro form, smells almost edible. It centres around a blend of vanilla, orchid, sugar, violet, and sandalwood—the result is creamy, powdery, and not too sweet.

5. Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna

A fruity top note of blackcurrant sounds almost autumnal, but narcissus and jasmine keep this fragrance balanced, fresh, and spot on for spring wear. The base notes are an interesting combination of sweet vanilla and spicy patchouli—if you’re indecisive and can’t decide what to wear, this is sure to a crowdpleaser.

6. Maison Matine Arashi No Umi

While not strictly a spring fragrance (we’ve wear this all year round), this ticks all the boxes for a clean, fresh, uplifting scent. Notes include peach, freesia, apple, rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang.

7. Karl Lagerfeld Fleur de Pêcher

This is a warm, musky floral which perfectly captures the transition from spring to summer with a cocktail of notes including peach, pear, yuzu, and tea. It’s sparkling, sweet, and impossible to dislike.

8. Floral Street Wonderland Peony

One for the floral lovers… Notes of peony and violet play a big role against a background of musky, woody base notes. The overall result is light, airy, and fresh.

9. Billie Eilish Eilish

Warm but not heavy, this amber vanilla fragrance balance sweet notes of vanilla, red berries, sugar, and tonka bean with rich and spicy notes like cacao, rose, and amber. It’s the kind of scent that will earn you compliments every time you wear it.

10. Shay & Blue Tallulah's Camellia

This fresh, green floral draws upon classic spring fragrance notes such as bluebell, gardenia, hyacinth, and lily. Delicate base notes of white tea and cashmere keep it feeling light, fresh, and airy—like a breath of fresh spring air.

11. DKNY Original

Crisp, fresh, and fruity, this classic fragrance features an unusual combination of top notes—the likes of tomato leaf, red orange juice, and vodka feature. With that said, it’s heart and base notes are much more familiar. Expect jasmine, rose, orchid, sandalwood, and amber. It’s one of the most wearable and universally appealing scents out there.