Get The Look: Mmmmitchell

You’ve got your hands on the most anticipated eyeshadow palette of the year – congratulations! Now the hard work is done, it’s time to get down to what really matters: mastering endless looks and showcasing your creativity.

With 32 intense mattes and shimmers, we know you’re going to be feeling spoilt for choice. But, the man of the moment, @Mmmmitchell, is on hand with his favourite three looks to get your inspo flowing.

We’re so excited to see your iconic work!

“I wanted each look to be very different to show how versatile the palette is and how it can be used in so many different ways if you have a different approach to it each time.

“Each of the three looks have a unique vibe because the palette has so many vibes.”


Look One: Gee

“We created the smoke of the flames with the black eyeshadow and blended it out with Monday to give it a cool toned grungy look. 

We then cut out the shape of flames and set it in place with the Manchester and Mixer, and the red is Mmmmad

It was important for me to use the red in the palette because I wanted everyone to see how intense it is.”

Look Two: Carmen

“This is a look I do all the time. It’s very me and very Instagram! I wanted to do a dramatic cut crease and nicely pull it out. 

We started with the purples – Morgan and Myles High – and went through to Morning Glory, then used Manchester and Mixer

We cut the lid and added the blues – Mist and Moody Mitch – and then $hmoney. The same was translated underneath the eyes too. We packed Manchester on the inner corner for that yellow pop. 

On Carmen’s skin, I wanted to bring the shadow out into the blush areas, and we even did a lip with Milkshake and buffed out the edges so it wasn’t harsh.”

Look Three: Jess

“This was probably the simplest look out of the three, but I was channelling 4/20 vibes. Jess was giving me such bad gal vibes. 

We wanted to create a look for those who aren’t as confident doing crazy bright colours or crazy shapes, but a look that still incorporated colour. 

We started by adding the brown and neutral tones and defined the lash line with Mafia; then went in with Miracle underneath and blended it out with $hmoney to give it that nice limey vibe. 

We then took the shade Melted and used it as highlight and used Macaroni as a bronzer to give it a tonal look.”