All The Made By Mitchell Products That You Need To Get Your Hands On

If you’re as obsessed with @mmmmitchell as we are, then you’re gonna love the news that we’ve got for you… Made By Mitchell has landed at BEAUTY BAY. Made for the makeup lovers, the makeup addicts, and the self-expressionists, Made By Mitchell is a brand that started with Mitchell’s passion for makeup. After four years in the making, each product in this range is a non-negotiable must-have that you won’t be able to live without. We caught up with Mitchell to find more about his products, the thought processes and development behind them, and why you need to add everything to your haul immediately.

“Made by Mitchell is something that you haven’t seen before. I wanted something fun, extravagant, different, something that was just so Mitchell. It’s something that isn’t the average makeup brand -it’s the colourful, the bold, for the people that don’t conform to what beauty norms should be and what society tells you you should use or what you should look like. It’s about expressing yourself through the use of colour, the use of makeup, the love of blush, and that’s what I really wanted to do.” – Mitchell

Feet On The Ground Palette & Pouch

Mitchell’s take on a khaki palette, Feet On The Ground is packed full of 25 ultra-pigmented shades that allows you to create endless looks, from soft and natural, to bold and bright.

Feet On The Ground was originally meant to be released later in the collection, but when Head In The Clouds came into play, we knew we had to create them at the same time. Feet On The Ground is about keeping yourself grounded, it’s about coming back home and where you came from.”

Head In The Clouds Palette & Pouch

With a mix of pastels, neons, brights, and deep tones, Head In The Clouds features 25 pigment-packed shades for you to experiment with. This is not your usual rainbow palette.

Head In The Clouds is my dream palette really. It’s what I dream of, it’s what I think of, it’s what I pick up most of the time. It’s something that Is so easy for me to put a look together with. Head in the clouds is so me – it’s sparkly, it’s pastel, it’s neon, it’s bright, it’s blues and purples, it’s perfect for me. Created for the dreamers and the people that go to a different place when they pick up their makeup brushes. Every time I use this palette, I get transported to my own dimension where I don’t think of anything else other than my love for makeup and how it makes me feel.”


Unlike any liquid blush out there, Blursh is the multi-use liquid pigment that is going to change your makeup game. Ultra-blendable, blurring on the skin, and packed with pigment, Blursh can be used on the cheeks, eyes, face, and lips, creating a next-level look.

Blursh Has really put Made By Mitchell on the map and it’s taken my brand to the next level and separated us from other brands out there. It’s something that I felt was missing when it came to blush and I’m so proud of it. I felt like a lot of the multi-use liquid products were meant for the natural makeup wearers, which is totally cool and Blursh can definitely achieve that, but I also wanted to create something for the Instagram makeup wearers, that love the full coverage foundation, the love bright colours on the cheeks, and hat love high pigmentation that doesn’t ruin the rest of your makeup. This formula is the absolute best and I can’t wait for you to try it.”

Makeup Brushes

When it comes to makeup brushes, Mitchell knows his stuff. The collection features four eye brushes and three face brushes that have been expertly designed to match your fave Made By Mitchell products.

“These makeup brushes are truly perfect.”